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Recovery available

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1 Recovery available online @

2 Slow and Steady ✦ Canada’s recovery has some major differences from the States ✦ States: Productivity rose but employment did not ✦ Canada: Employment rose> productivity was slow.

3 CRBC & Bank of Canada ✦ As mentioned previously: CRBC (radio) provided Canadians with a means to escape the GD. This helped keep morale up> just like in war; MORALE IS IMPORTANT! ✦ Thanks to the Bank of Canada, credit and currency was better managed than before the depression.

4 Bank of Canada cont. ✦ Also a private bankers bank to assist and advise the Canadian Government ✦ Helps steer the Government in right direction to get out of debt. ✦ Bank of Canada is nationalized in 1937> only increasing its power of helping Canada

5 Welcome to War (again) ✦ Despite the CBC and Bank of Canada, Canada needed something big to get the country moving again ✦ This big thing was unfortunately WWII ✦ Wars need soldiers, munitions, clothes, food, EVERYTHING ✦ This meant JOBS and BUYERS and MONEY!!

6 Class Tasks ✦ Get into groups of 4: you will be given topics, using your notes create study questions for those topics. ✦ Your group should create 5 questions plus answer key with varying degrees of difficulty (easy to hard) ✦ Each group member must contribute a question! ✦ Once finished, allow Ms. Beenen to approve them. (she will then explain next steps) ✦ TEST ON WEDNESDAY

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