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FI-WARE Exploitation Business Value.

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1 FI-WARE Exploitation Business Value

2 FI-WARE Strategy Definition  Technical Platform Interoperable architecture Unified Service Description Language (USDL) The ability to combine offerings from different FI- WARE Instance Providers  Business Platform Open, Royalty-free and standardized access points A Marketplace-Catalogue Sustainable business models around FI-WARE Instances  Ecosystem Management Testbed and Open Innovation Lab Integrated Collaborative Development Environment Usability and discovery towards end users (FI PPP Use Cases) For being successful, all sides must be tackled simultaneously.

3 How FI-WARE could help to innovate?

4 Third party enablement Open platform Long tail of customers: cities, business, manufacturing -Solve fragmentation avoiding lock-in -Possibility to easily aggregate services and applications, -System support and well-tested platform (Open Innovation Lab) -3rd parties become part of the FI-WARE ecosystem following FIWARE standards but without being forced to use all defined FI- WARE GEs. -FI-WARE Instance providers get the chance to choose different market approaches developing sustainable business models around FI-WARE Instances - Foster Sectorial Innovation - Useful tool to get knowledge on requirements of the market - Reduced complexity of ICT provisioning, scaling, global availability and meeting security requirements from customers and legal authorities Benefits for customers Benefits for developers FI-WARE directly addresses a number of the fundamental strategic concerns in the application and service provider domain

5 FI-WARE ecosystem…. FI-WARE Catalogue FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab Instruction for creation of dedicated GE instances using a GE Instance Factory Instructions for using Multi-tenant GE instance Shared FI-WARE Instance (Capacity Building) Trial 1 Trial 2 Commercial FI-WARE Instance Specific FI-WARE Instances

6 …through FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab Network of FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab Backend Datacenters ID providers Location platform SMART Home LabSMART City LabSMART Biz Lab Experimental Facilities

7 FI WARE BUSINESS CANVAS Key partners Telco Operators Software providers Software vendors IT Solution Providers System Integrators Network equipment providers Mobile terminal manufacturers Key activities Application development - Solve fragmentation avoiding lock-in - Possibility to easily aggregate services and applications, A single set of Open APIs, Open specifications comprehensive service description (USDL) Value proposition A an innovative, open and interoperable platform that offers a complete solution for cost-effective creation and delivery of versatile digital Services: A integrated solution validated and tested in different environments and sectors Customer relationship Attracting end users Usability and discovery towards end users (FI PPP use cases) Management of developer community Attractive revenue sharing scheme Benefit from Open Innovation Customer segments A two sided market  Developers that build apps on top of FI WARE SMEs  Traditional customers Users Enterprises Smart Cities Cost Structure Infrastructure to be determined in Test-lab Customer Care /System support Promotion and Community Management Revenue Streams Licensing: As software component provider to build Generic Enables Smart Cities as a service and revenue sharing (taxes, fees, fines…) Smart City platform use: apps, cloud, traffic, etc. Revenues for development tools, and professional services for customization and solution consulting Channels Developers Offered Catalogue of Generic Enablers Dedicated workshops (f2f and virtual) Open Source communities (Eclipse and OW2). Support community-enabling channels, National funding bodies Other business service ecosystem activities from partners (Bluevia, Movilforum,, SAP Net Weaver ) National Platforms which have their own SMEs ecosystems End Users Use partner´s existing customer relationships, plus new channels gained through the usage of the FI-WARE Platform by potential customers Inclusion in the portfolio, (M2M market, Smart City) Key resources Cloud hosting and Data Management services The IoT Communication function An appropriate Interface to the Network and to the Devices Access information in a safe way, preserving confidentiality of data and privacy of the user

8 7 Smart city opportunity….. From a traditional vertical solution…  One ICT (device-network-IT) solution for each service  No synergies  Non re-usable or scalable solutions  Traditional ICT business model …to holistic horizontal solutions: the smart city Service N Service 1 Service 2 Network N Network 1 Network 2 Intelligence layer 1 Intelligence layer 2 Intelligence layer N Device N Device 1 Device 2  Open participation to new services and users  New ICT business model enabled  New services based on synergies  Scalable, normalized and modular technological model Smart Devices Smart Connectivity Smart City Platform Service N Service 1 Service 2 Enabled horizontal services

9 City Council Service Operator Business & entrepreneurs  Smart City as a service  Revenue sharing in new taxes, tickets, fees or fines  Up front investment  IT as part of PPP for Smart Cities  Up front investment  Smart City as a service  Revenue sharing  Smart City platform use: apps, cloud, trafic, etc. Target customers ….with different business models for Smart Cities depending on final user Monetization schemeSegments  Villages, rural & mini Smart Cities  Mega-polis (> 5 MM citizens)  Big cities (> 1MM citizens)  Cities (> 100k citizens) Product strategy  Multinational operator  National operator  Local operator  End user / customer owners (B2B2C, Endesa, Zara, etc.)  Entrepreneurs (apps. developers, etc.)  Local merchants and retailers  Project solution based on partnerships, platforms and app. integration  IT integration  Smart City Platform  E2E standardized solutions  Small IT integration  Project solution, platforms and app. integration  IT integration  E2E standardized solutions  Access to Smart City info  E2E solutions  Access to Smart City info  Smart City Platform 8

10 Some intial contacts Telefonica / Atos The city of Málaga has offered its sensors networks Presentation of FI-WARE at Green Cities event Malaga Ericsson Stockholm Royal Seaport, Smart Energy, Electro Mobility, Healthcare and other use cases. Dublin, Ireland Stockholm Intel The Intel Energy and Sustainability Lab is engaged with Dublin City Council and other partnersNice Cöte d'Azur – France Dublin France Telecom Nice Cote d'Azur is a group of 37 cities with various smart initiatives. a sensors network (France Telecom trial) Nice France Telecom France Telecom is involved in some national smart energy projects which are under evaluation by French Authorities Lyon Telefonica Explained to Seville the possibilities offered by installing the Testbed there. Good reaction from SMEs Seville Telefonica Santander is a major test bed for the smart city Santander Telefonica Capital of Olympic Games of the Mediterraneo Tarragona

11 Thanks !! 10

12 GEs Propitization Matrix Validation Process GE & Instances -Long list- Final Initiative List Validation and Prioritization criteria definition Validation Process Disruptive ICT Potential Speed of Uptake GE & Instances - Individual Description-  The Generic Enablers are exploitable, by: The project partners; External third parties The use cases of the FI- PPP  The Individual description is completed by WP11 and reviewed by WPLs Focus on delivery/Implementation Identify Interdependence areas (IPRS) Standards/Legacy Barriers  The main indicators definition and final ranking composition by WP11  Final initiative list approved by Industrial Partners  Tested with the Use Cases (Matrix and next Call)  Open Innovation Lab release M 12 M 24 M 36

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