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UNIQUE PATIENT ID Use of National IDs to identify patients.

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1 UNIQUE PATIENT ID Use of National IDs to identify patients

2 Background of National ID An identifier should be unique and not a derivative of other identification from colonial background CRD, NRB, IPRS, Refugees dept and Immigration department are all under Ministry of Immigration and Registration of Persons Link the issuance of IDs from birth

3 Purpose Identify any Kenyan who is above 18 years

4 PROS Already captures the majority of adult citizens linked to finger print identification (AFIS) Good infrastructure Not easy to duplicate. Easy to acquire within short a period. Issued within a legislation

5 CONS Can only be used at country level but not regional Underserved age groups -only targets above 18 years Low coverage since approximately18 million people have been covered Could be a barrier to accessing care due to stigma Period of acquisition of ID in some areas in long e.g Garissa

6 Modification Expand the IDs to cover children Community education on importance of ID’s Value should be attached to the card

7 Implementation Institutional changes and Legislative requirements Develop policies to ensure security and confidentiality Extend the coverage of ID’S – register the approximately 22 million Change the existing laws to include under 18 Infrastructure and human resource Available Timeline We are not in control of the timelines as we have to lobby for the change of the law.

8 Viability Not viable

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