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Cloud Business Intelligence Vendor Research Supervisor - Gary Lau Presented by Dujin Choi.

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1 Cloud Business Intelligence Vendor Research Supervisor - Gary Lau Presented by Dujin Choi

2 Contents Introduction o Understanding BI(Business Intelligence) o Issues with Traditional BI o Cloud BI for SMB(Small to Medium Size Business) o Project Background and Goal Approach o Build Evaluation Framework o Research Cloud BI vendors o Select top 3 Cloud BI vendors Conclusion & Future Work 2

3 Understanding Business Intelligence 3 Query Report Analysis Extract Transform Load Operational System (ERP, CRM, Flat files etc) Main Frame Data Warehouse System Unix / RDBMS End Users Management Unix DBMS Report Server From my experience, we called this EIS/DSS EIS: Executive Information System DSS: Decision Support System

4 Traditional BI and Its problem Expensive to implement and maintain (3 cost centres) Long time to implement (17 months) but likely to fail Not handle unstructured data Focus on large enterprises 4 3 cost centres : Software, Hardware and Consulting/Development Project Success Rate : 31%

5 Cloud BI for SMB Issues with SMB o Rely more on “guesswork” o No data-driven decision making process o Business environment is changing quickly Cloud BI can be a solution for SMB o Pay as you use - BI solution as a service (No initial cost) o Focus on SMB market o Designed for easy implementation or quick delivery (Cost saving) 5

6 Project Background and Goal Project Background o MQ uses a BI solution installed on its premises o IT staff in MQ maintains hardware, software o MQ looks for a new BI solution in Cloud as alternative Project Goal o Create a framework to evaluate Cloud BI vendors and their solutions o Identify top 3 Cloud BI vendors for SMB 6

7 Approach 1.Extract evaluation items 2.Research Cloud BI vendors currently on the market 3.Choose important items on each category 4.Select the top 3 vendors for SMB 7

8 Extract Evaluation Items Data integration/ETL (Data loading, Performance, Design …) Data storage (Data control, OLAP, Data quality …) Reporting/Analysis (Security, Report generation, Report Consumption) Cloud service (Cost, Service) Company (Financial stability, Reputation, Reference) 8

9 Vendor Research Research vendors who focus on Cloud BI business Review technical documents, video demos and questionnaire Research Other Cloud BI vendors 9

10 Choose Items to Evaluate Choose important items on each category (4-5 items each) o ETL functions – Database connectivity, Scheduling/Auto update o Database/OLAP functions – Real time update, Drill-down o Reporting – Report Template or wizard o Cloud service – Cost per month o Company – Reference in Australia Are they responsive to our inquiry? 10 OLAP – OnLine Analytical Processing Drill-down - Moving from summary information to detailed data

11 Vendor Selection 5 vendors meet basic requirements o Bime, Birst, KPILibrary, Gooddata and Birt on-demand Bime - has limited ETL functionality, focuses on small business only Gooddata – is not responsive, needs extra effort to develop APIs 11 API – Application Programing Interface

12 Top 3 Vendors Birst o Responsive, Good reputation in Cloud BI, Large number of Clients KPI Library o Many users in Australia, KPI based approach, Strong at Reporting Birt on-demand o Open source based – Price advantage with full functionality 12

13 Business to Vendor Matrix Business / EnvironmentVendor or Solution (Cloud BI business only) Small company (affordable cost)BIME, Zoho Report, Birt on demand usersExpress and QlikView, Indicee Report only purposeZoho Report Bigdata analysis1010data Focus on Finance or procurementRosslyn Analytics For MS solutions -MS SQL etcPanorama – Novaview Complex ETL process requiredBirt on demand with Talend 13

14 Conclusion and Future work What we have achieved o Understood of current Cloud BI market, Technology o Understood of method to evaluate Cloud BI vendors o Selected top 3 Cloud BI vendors Future work o Simulate more details with real 3-5 set of business data o Look more into “PivotLink” who has recently been added and seems to be a good solution 14

15 Thank You !!! Any Questions or Comments? 15

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