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A TEACHING CAREER in Catholic Schools Jo Coonan Senior Education Adviser - Personnel Catholic Education Office, Adelaide 2011.

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1 A TEACHING CAREER in Catholic Schools Jo Coonan Senior Education Adviser - Personnel Catholic Education Office, Adelaide 2011

2 CHARTER FOR TEACHERS IN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS SA Founded in the tradition and strengthened by their ethos Catholic schools in SA are committed to providing excellent education for students from a broad cross section of society. The identity and success of Catholic education is linked inseparably to the witness of life given by the teaching staff. (John Paul II, Ecclesia in Oceania, 2001) In partnership with parents Catholic schools educate young people for participation in the Church and world communities today. Nurturing student growth depends upon teachers who are expert in their profession and who respect the uniqueness and dignity of each student.

3 CHARTER FOR TEACHERS IN CATHOLIC SCHOOL IN SA Developed in conjunction with the IEU, the Charter addresses the teacher’s role in relation to: Students Employers Colleagues School Community The Profession

4 Catholic Education in S A  104 schools (33 with secondary)  Over 48,500 students  Approximately 6000 staff (all staff)  Links with parish  Systemic schools  Religious order schools – CBC, St Ignatius, SAC, St Dominic’s, Blackfriars, etc

5 THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL Commitment to:  Catholic tradition and ethos  Contemporary understanding of church teaching  Excellence in education  Pastoral care of students, staff and families  Professional learning and development

6 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES  Horizons - Positions Vacant (on website)  Types of employment  Casual – includes relief or less than 1 term  Replacement - covers teachers on leave  Permanent – part or full time  Some positions are sometimes difficult to fill due to location of school (country), or subjects e.g. LOTE, Maths, Science, Technology Studies, Home Economics

7 RECRUITMENT Each Catholic school is an employing authority - Positions are advertised on CEO website Select Vacancies - or in The Advertiser Application is addressed to school principal (including applications for TRT)

8 EARLY CAREER TEACHERS CONSULTANTS Two consultants: Michelle Rawady In process of appointing second consultant support early career teachers appointed to Catholic schools for two years

9 COUNTRY INCENTIVES  Removal costs  Establishment grant (1 week’s additional pay for each term worked in first year - max 4 wks)  Additional non-contact time for beginning graduates (0.1 FTE)  Remote allowance (Roxby Downs $4,000 first year, increasing to max $12,000 for 5 yrs service, indexed)  Assistance to return to metro after 4 years  Study Incentive Program (SIP) - priority  Country teacher scholarships ($2,500 pa)

10 TEACHING CONDITIONS  Governing conditions SA Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2010  Salaries* (1 Oct 2010) Step 3= $57,451 (B Ed)Step 10 = $79,814 POR 1= $2,559 POR 4 = $16,562 Catholic Professional Formation CPF1-CPF3 = $500-$1,250 pa TRT= $262.21 / day – up to 5 days – then own step  Increased by 4% on 1/10/11  Superannuation Employer & Super Guarantee (9%) Salary Sacrifice (Super, Laptop & other FBT free items)

11 Other Teaching Conditions  Contact time –  24 hrs/week Primary  22.5 hrs/week Secondary  Position Of Responsibility – salary + time allowance  POR 1 = 1 hr - POR 4 = 6.5 hrs / week  Class size benchmarks  R – 1 = 25 2 – 7 = 29  8 – 10 = 30 11 – 12 = 25

12 TYPES OF LEAVE (Existing)  Long Service Leave - after 8 years  Parental (maternity), Extended parental, Child rearing & Unpaid Carer’s Leave  up to 52 weeks each leave without pay – may work if agreed  Paid parental (maternity & adoption): 14 weeks paid allowance  Paternity leave: 1 week with pay  Personal/Carers leave - self or immediate family: 10 days pa  Compassionate leave: 2 days paid/permissible occasion

13 OTHER INFORMATION  Registration  Teacher Registration Board  Child Protection  Responding to Abuse and Neglect (formerly Mandatory Notification Training) (Required by TRB + NP Check)  Catholic Police check (additional - must arrange through school before you commence teaching duties)  Other: First Aid  Basic Emergency Life Support  Union  IEU (Independent Education Union)

14 APPLICATIONS  Covering Letter (one page)  Addressed to the Principal - Name position  Brief highlights relevant to position  C V (2 pages - relevant and recent)  Brief & to the point  Referees (relevant and recent)  Response to Criteria (4 pages)  Knowledge/beliefs  Successful experience  Vision for the position

15 ST JOSEPH’S SCHOOL ADELAIDE Primary Years Class Teacher Permanent, Full time Position from 19 July 2010 St Joseph’s is a co-educational, R – 7 school with an enrolment of 250. Criteria:  Actively support and contribute to the Catholic identity and ethos of our school and the knowledge and skills to teach Religious Education.  Demonstrate sound knowledge of contemporary and inclusive pedagogies which promote independent learning and cater for the individual needs of all students  Demonstrate an ability to apply and integrate emerging ICT technologies into student learning programs  Skills to support the development of students’ personal responsibility and in their pastoral care  Demonstrate a commitment to plan and work collaboratively in a team and the development of positive partnerships with students, staff and families  Demonstrate a commitment to on-going professional learning and a willingness to participate fully in all aspects of school life Applications in writing, (maximum of 6 pages), together with the names and contact details of three (3) referees to: The Principal, St Joseph’s School1 Church Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000 Applications close at 4pm on 24 th May 2010

16 RESPONSE TO CRITERIA  Suggested Approach  List each criterion in the advertisement as a heading.  Demonstrate your understanding of each criterion (knowledge).  Illustrate how you fulfil each criterion (successful experience ).  State how you would meet the expectations of each criterion for this position (vision)  Example  Demonstrate a commitment to work collaboratively…. I understand that… I currently demonstrate this by … As a teacher at(school) I would …

17 CESA Website Website: Contains a lot of information about our sector and schools including employment Find a School Find a CESA school by location or keyword to obtain contact information Vacancies Search for current leadership, teaching and administrative vacancies in CESA schools News Find out what's going on at CESA

18 Contact Details Jo Coonan Senior Education Adviser - Personnel Catholic Education SA website: (Vacancies, School Directory etc) CESA Online: ( Documents, Policies, Guidelines etc for staff)

19 THANK YOU Thank you for your attention We wish you well in your final year studies and in your teaching career

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