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Are you interested in a career that involves: making a difference to young peoples lives your favourite subjects and interests being active and creative.

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2 Are you interested in a career that involves: making a difference to young peoples lives your favourite subjects and interests being active and creative ongoing career pathways and opportunities coaching your favourite sports opportunities to study and work overseas starting on an above average graduate salary having more holiday leave than average

3 Love your work motivating others every day is different helping students reach personal goals helping students recognise their strengths playing and coaching sports the creativity working in a dynamic environment being active all the time making a positive difference in the lives of young people What do teachers enjoy about their career?

4 Turn your passion into your profession Secondary school teachers specialise in one or more subjects, and teach students in Years 7 to 12. What you teach is generally dependent on your areas of study at university Primary school teachers are trained to teach across six key learning areas

5 Where the jobs are mathematics science, particularly physics English, especially with drama or history special education (primary or secondary) school counselling western and south western Sydney non-coastal rural NSW

6 Job security Each year high performing teacher graduates are appointed to permanent teaching jobs across NSW Permanent employment is also guaranteed for recipients of teacher education scholarships Stay your whole career or come and go Your teaching career will be as secure as you want it to be

7 Have a career and a life Annual leave entitlements are generous Flexible working conditions give you the choice to work on a casual or part-time basis School holidays mean you get up to 12 weeks vacation each year Teaching in our public schools gives you great flexibility to balance work with lifestyle and family responsibilities

8 A great starting salary As at January 2011, four year trained teachers start on a salary of $56,829 plus employer superannuation contributions and leave loading This is above the average starting salary of most university graduates There is additional pay and a range of incentives and benefits for teachers who choose to teach in many non-coastal rural areas

9 Pathways after a teaching degree Retraining is available in other curriculum areas or in specialist areas such as English as a second language, special education, vocational education, teacher librarianship, careers education, mathematics and school counselling. Promotional positions in schools include head teacher, assistant principal, deputy principal and principal. Specialist and management positions exist at local, regional and state offices and in government organisations such as zoos, museums, environmental education centres and universities.

10 Work, study, travel overseas The Deferred Salary Scheme could give you a year off to teach or study overseas Overseas exchange programs for teachers in NSW public schools There are university overseas exchange opportunities for students studying teacher education Short and long term overseas employment opportunities are possible

11 Get qualified to take on anything Flexibility Planning and organising Negotiating and influencing Using initiative and drive Assessing and managing risks Problem solving Managing and recruiting resources Communicating ideas and information Managing projects and teams Monitoring and evaluating Using creative ideas and processes Leadership The skills you gain after becoming a teacher are highly sought across business and industry

12 Where to now? 4 year Bachelor of Education (where you nominate your desired area of expertise) 3 year Bachelor degree in an area suited to teaching followed by a 1 year Diploma of Education or a 2 year Master of Teaching 4 or 5 year combined degree (Bachelor of Teaching combined with another degree of your choice - to be negotiated with your university) Training generally involves four years of study at university Check our website for HSC prerequisites for admission into teacher education courses

13 Teacher education scholarships are available for talented students to train in secondary education in the areas of mathematics, science and English and in special education (K-12) Scholarships can be for up to five years A scholarship to help you on your way

14 up to $5000 annual allowance a guaranteed job when you graduate a $3000 one-off grant when you begin teaching Over four years, the duration of most education degrees, you will receive $23,000 to spend as you wish. As a teacher, you will also be eligible for the HECS-HELP benefit from the Commonwealth Government worth up to $1,558.50 per annum following graduation. Charge up your future with a teaching scholarship

15 We need more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers are great role models for their students There are scholarship places specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students can apply for teaching scholarships in primary or any secondary subject

16 ENERGISE YOUR FUTURE To obtain a scholarship information and application package go to

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