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Report on the NT Emergency Measures: An Aboriginal Perspective Olga Havnen NT Combined Aboriginal Organisations.

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1 Report on the NT Emergency Measures: An Aboriginal Perspective Olga Havnen NT Combined Aboriginal Organisations

2 Overview Legislation What does it do Where it will apply NT context issues impacts Concerns

3 Legislation Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act, 2007 Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Welfare Payment Reform) Act 2007 Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and Other Legislation Amendment (Northern Territory National Emergency Response and Other Measures) Act 2007 Appropriation (Northern Territory National Emergency Response) Act (Nos. 1 & 2) 2007-2008

4 What does it do? Suspension of RDA, territories powers Compulsory acquisition Changes to permit system Management of communities Welfare & other income support community stores Sentencing in Criminal law and bail Alcohol and pornography Ministerial powers, directions, seizure of assets

5 What does it do?... 725 new positions Attorney-Generals 16 DEWR 140 IBA 10 DEST 17 Health Ageing 42 FACSIA 150 Human services 350 (Centrelink – 300) $88m for income quarantining for approx. 25,000 people

6 Where will it apply? to all Aboriginal people living in prescribed areas including: ALRA communities – 47 Community living areas – 16 Town Camps - 36

7 NT Context disadvantage Demographic trends geography needs

8 Socio-economic disadvantage across ATSIC regions

9 NT age distributions Note also that 72% are resident on Aboriginal land Non - Indigenous Indigenous

10 9 towns of 1,000-2,000 50 localities of 200-999 570 places <200 80% Aboriginal people live outside urban centres 40% growth over past 2 decades

11 Source: Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key Indicators 2007

12 Housing needs Estimates by Territory Housing to meet current unmet need is 5,000 dwellings over the next 3-5 years Total unmet housing and housing related infrastructure costs is estimated to be $2.3b. Fed commitment $800M over 4 years Approx. $200m is new / additional $

13 Childcare and family safety facilities in NT Aboriginal communities Source: 2006 ABS Census Communities with 50+ people Per centAll Communities Per cent Childcare centre3913%396% Women’ refuge or safe house 155%152% Single men’s housing103%102% Single women’s housing 237%234%

14 Issues Child safety Confusion, fear Displacement / urban drift Strengthening community policing Suspension of RDA 5 year leases Permits Income quarantining v’s Centrepay deductions Lack of external review / right of appeal Govt Business Managers

15 Issues… Overwhelming influx of public servants, meetings e.g. over 160 visitors over 10 weeks New housing – Govt Business Managers No additional child protection workers no additional services for victims or perpetrators

16 Issues …. Health checks Approx 17,000 children under 16 yrs est. vary but approx. 3,400 checks completed At best 67% screened, some larger communities less than 50% not revealing anything new No new referrals of child abuse are known to be reported

17 Getting it right Compliance with international obligations, procedural fairness and natural justice Non-discrimination Development approach

18 Getting it right resources for child protection and family support services Need to address underlying causes of child abuse and neglect Better alignment with recommendations of Anderson/Wild report

19 Getting it right Development of a long term plan to address needs Needs-based funding for infrastructure, housing and services – especially early childhood, pre-school and education; health; community policing Improved cooperation and collaboration – both governments and Aboriginal people and communities Coherent and consistent policy approach by both governments re investing in remote communities and outstations

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