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1 Changing the World through Prout  2007 Proutist Universal.

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1 1 Changing the World through Prout  2007 Proutist Universal

2 2 “Our Prout is Progressive Socialism ” P.R. Sarkar, “Dialectical Materialism and Democracy” Prout is the abbreviation for the Progressive Utilization Theory, a new socio-economic model based on: economic self-reliance; cooperatives; environmental balance; and universal spiritual values.

3 3 Ideal Leaders in Venezuela P. R. Sarkar, founder of Prout, visited Venezuela in 1979. He said: “Venezuela needs good spiritual political leaders. If Venezuela can produce spiritual political leaders, it will be not only the leader of Latin America, but also the leader of the planet.”

4 4 What we doWhy we do itHow we do it Raise consciousness Strengthen cooperatives Promote economic democracy Transform lives Empower communities Welfare of all Publishing Education Research Prout Research Institute of Venezuela Started Sept. 2006 Full-time staff: 8

5 5 International Advisory Board A “Dream Team” of 27 lifetime Proutists Offering valuable suggestions and wisdom

6 6 MISSION To empower all people to improve their quality of life and live in a more just society by fostering the development of worker cooperatives, self- reliant communities, environmental protection, universal ethics and spiritual values.

7 7 Peace Conference Organized by General Raúl Baduel, Minister of Defense and Chief of the Armed Forces of Venezuela (shown with PRI-V Board members)

8 8 Co-op Survey Advisor Prof. Carlos José Molina Camacho of the Central Venezuela University. Interviewing 50 co-ops in the Barlovento district. 80+ questions to diagnose co-op problems and needs. Determining how closely they resemble a “model” cooperative. Atideva (Hungary)

9 9 Documentary “Another Life is Possible” Dada Narada Muni from Australia with Venezuelan film makers Producing 30-minute film Venezuelan cooperatives and how Prout can empower them In Spanish and English

10 10 Cooperative leadership training Basic, intermediate, advanced and intensive courses. Utilizing practical exercises, discussion, cooperative games. Teach planning, effective decision making, overcoming stress, achieving goals, moral and spiritual values, and economic democracy.

11 11 Prout Resources: PRI-V site becoming valuable source. Original articles and useful download tools. To implement Prout anywhere - in English and Spanish.

12 12 Proutist Forum Theater for Children and Adults Actors present a real experience of exploitation. Spectators invited to try responding in different ways. Together create a better ending. Discuss transforming our social reality. Actively create alternative futures. Developed by Augusto Boal (Brazil) “Theater of the Oppressed”.

13 13 Prout in Practice: Master Unit Community Center, 2 hr from Caracas Didi Ananda Sadhana

14 14 Sewing Cooperative and Sustainable Agriculture

15 15 25 beehives produce 300 kg/year of honey

16 16 Reading/ Writing Program Lending a children’s book each week to mothers to read to their children.

17 17 Financially supporting teenage mothers to complete their high school studies

18 18 Strength of the project: volunteers!

19 19 New Headquarters Now buying this house in Caracas Office space for 20 Residence for 12

20 20 Visit Venezuela! Flights to Caracas from: Miami: $510 NYC: $552 LA: $622 Dallas: $709 Chicago: $724 Planning commercial Prout Youth Hostel Safe, healthy, inspiring With guided reality tours LFT Dharmapala (Hungary)

21 21 Be an Intern! Join a dynamic research/action team. Benefits include: Learn Prout, Spanish, experience Latin America. Work in a global community, where every idea counts. Food, accommodation, local transport. (Free health and dental care by government). A respectful and spiritual working environment to inspire your personal development.

22 22 If you can’t come to Venezuela, there are many other ways to help! Do research or translation from home Set up radio interviews by telephone Do writing and editing Assist in web design Contribute to the campaign …?

23 23 Arundhati Roy (Recipient of Booker Prize for The God of Small Things ) “Another world is not only possible, she’s on her way. Maybe many of us won’t be here to greet her, but on a quiet day, if I listen carefully, I can hear her breathing.”

24 24 We are building something unique and amazing here! Come on board and help change the world through Prout for the happiness and welfare of all! Tel. 58-212-578-4587 cell 58-412-601-6572 E-mail:

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