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By Jess De Mercurio and L.A McGannon. What is a cluster show? FReeZA groups teaming up LGA’s pooling funds together.

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1 By Jess De Mercurio and L.A McGannon

2 What is a cluster show? FReeZA groups teaming up LGA’s pooling funds together

3 What are the benefits? Bigger event, targeting more people Working with local community festival Meets requirements of FReeZA groups Positive experience for young people Promotion to new audience Increase public profile for festival Fuse Productions experiences…

4 Background What is St Kilda Festival? - Free annual community celebration - One of the biggest street festivals in Southern Hemisphere - Summer landmark for Melbourne - For people of all ages

5 Background - Showcases St Kilda as a suburb - Activities / events spread over 9 days - 3 components to the festival - Push Stage is on the last day

6 Background How long has it been running? -3-32 years - Over 1000 bands have played - First stage for FReeZA 2001 in Cavell Street

7 Sunday Live and Local – Push Stage Four Local Government’s $ Contribution Prior to festival preparation and Pre event meeting and induction

8 What’s in it for FReeZA groups Choosing a band Recommending headliners Pre event site visit Roles for young people on the day Stage Manager Signage Coordinator Backline Coordintor Rider Coordinator Security Liaison and crowd spotter Artist Liaison and Backstage Event Manager Assistant

9 What happens on the day? 10am briefing Roles start at 11am Event starts at 12pm Roles finish at 6pm = free to explore

10 Challenges and Strengths on the day by Fuse Productions SWOT analysis Send feedback to the Push

11 Challenges and Strengths on the day by Fuse Productions StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats Nice, manageable stageHot dog van was too close to pit. Awkward positioning. Monash Freeza crew “Soundslike Productions” used St.Kilda fest to advertise group by handing out cards Weather. It did rain but only for short time which did not effect any of the staging. Good bands, good weatherNetworking opportunities Intoxicated crowd. Good to hang out with other Freeza groups Opportunity to hang Fuse Productions banner All the bands were on time. Run smoothly

12 Challenges and Strengths on the day What do The Push do with our evaluations we provide to them? The Push compile the evaluation feedback from the four FReeZA groups to help with continuous improvement. The feedback helps identify any troubleshooting and solutions that were put into place on the day which can then be reviewed as to whether they were effective. Do The Push do their own of the day? The Push are working closely with the Festival Director, Festival staff, FReeZA Workers, FReeZA Committees members, Office For Youth, Artists and production suppliers. The Push take feedback from all parties and manage the communication with the Festival staff and the Office For Youth to ensure the stage meets the project needs of the FReeZA groups and the artists.

13 Committee Experience by Anais Corimbelly On Saturday the 11th of February a member from another Freeza group and myself were asked to attend a briefing at the Novotel at St.Kilda. Starting from 11am we were introduced to the Stage Manager Alycia Stanley and went through the responsibilities for the festival as well as the documentation we had to fill out before, during and after the event, a majority of it was OH&S related. Afterwards we went to visit the site, we then had to complete a Risk Assessment with the Festival Safety Administrator. At 2pm we attended a Safety Briefing with all the staff from the festival. We went through all the OH&S issues that would arise on the day as well as a contingency plan for the weather. The day of the festival we started at 10am, with a safety briefing filling out the Risk Assessment as we went. We help set up the stage area till 11:45am where we had to get the first band together from there we briefed the band on the signals to tell them how long they had as well as they’re agreement for on the stage conduct. From then on 12pm-5pm we changed from band to band and half way through the event it started to rain but that didn’t cause too many problems as we implemented cleaning the stage from the water and cautioning people who were entering and exiting the stage. The actual stage manager didn’t have to do as much since the other trainee and I took over the roles. By the end of the day there wasn’t any huge issues that affected the event and all was left was cleaning up, bumping out the stage and packing up what we could, followed by a debrief by the stage manager. It was a different experience that was a great learning opportunity.

14 Summary Great opportunity for LGA’s Supported process for young people Collaboration with other FReeZA groups $$$ Pooling funds to create a bigger show Good experience

15 Questions? Comments?

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