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Infected Premises Operations Induction Avian Influenza.

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1 Infected Premises Operations Induction Avian Influenza

2 What do we do? Deliver a clean site to the owner/manager efficiently and safely while maintaining bio-security.

3 Field Activities

4 Valuation 1.Use farm records for numbers & ages 2.Take photos of exotic/rare species 3.Record likely materials eg feed, packaging All birds and materials likely to be destroyed are valued for compensation.

5 Destruction 1.Method – eg use of CO 2 – see SOP 2.Maintain feed, water & environment 3.Risk assessment to be reviewed at start 4.Maintain records Birds are culled using a method that maintains animal welfare & reduces exposure of personnel

6 Disposal 1.Method – eg composting in shed, disposal off site, disposal on site, burning 2.Limit numbers of people on site 3.Risk assessment to be reviewed at start 4.Maintain records Carcasses & materials are disposed of using a method that maintains bio-security & reduces exposure of personnel

7 Decontamination 1.Use an approved method & chemical 2.Use PPE 3.Risk assessment to be reviewed at start 4.Avoid environmental damage 5.Maintain records Buildings & equipment are decontaminated twice prior to stock introduction

8 Pest Control 1.Identify relevant pests 2.Use baits in sheds prior to lock up 3.Co-ordinate eradication (destruction or trapping) of larger wild animals Control pests that could transfer virus away from contaminated areas. eg rodents, insects, wild dogs

9 Auditing 1.Check tasks are completed 2.Check records are completed 3.Improve effectiveness & efficiency 4.Improve induction & training programs 5.Check compliance to risk assessment & regulations 6.Maintain health & safety Audits check what we say we are doing against what is actually happening.

10 Structure & Roles

11 IP Operations Roles - LDCC IP Operations Manager  Coordinators Valuation Destruction Disposal Decontamination Pest Control Audits Gate Control Induction & Training  Administration Officer Clerical Officers Responsibilities are listed in Ausvetplan

12 IP Operations Roles - Field Sector Leader (for every 5-7 SS)  Site Supervisor (SS) Team Leader (s) Team Members Contractors Owners & managers Site workers & families All visitors to the site eg. auditors, vets, safety officers  Gate Control

13 What do you do?

14 Considerations 1.Community – schools, businesses, sport 2.Environment – run off, dust, air pollution 3.Political – impact of decisions 4.Technical – approval required 5.Social – families, public health, visitors, animal welfare 6.Economic – local expenditure, trade Will these impact on how you do your job?

15 Bio-Security Operations are to be performed to ensure the virus is not spread to, from or within the site. 1.Follow entry/exit procedure – see SOP 2.Minimal entry of authorised people & equipment 3.Adherence to ‘no contact’ period with specified livestock after the operations

16 Health & Safety of People Operations must be performed to maintain the safety of all personnel involved. 1.Follow OH&S AI field operations procedure – see SOP 2.Manage risk using risk assessments 3.Perform audits to check compliance

17 Personal Disinfection AI can be spread to humans resulting in illness and sometimes death. To reduce the possibility of infection: 1.Know the virus transfer mechanism 2.High risk areas – restrict access 3.Wear and maintain your PPE 4.Wash hands & face thoroughly 5.Comply with SOPs & risk assessments

18 Risk Assessments Risk assessments are conducted by Site Supervisors and Team Leaders for each activity & updated regularly. 1. Maintain health & safety 2. Improve work processes 3. Maintain bio-security 4. Reduce environmental damage 5. Minimise impact on community 6. Maintain animal welfare

19 Conducting Risk Assessments Use standard form – see form Completed or reviewed by Site Supervisor on initial entry to site Updated when: activities change accident or near miss occurs new issues identified on site or on other sites Consult owner/manager, team leaders etc. Notify Sector Leader or LDCC when required

20 Communication 1.Report to your supervisor only 2.Brief & debrief personnel daily - SMEAC 3.SS to complete SITREP (situation report) daily by 2pm 4.Use an EVENT LOG 5.If you don’t know – ASK! Personnel must communicate clearly & concisely using standard formats to maintain safe & efficient operation.

21 Tracking Personnel & Equipment 1.Each resource (person, team or equipment) to have 2 cards – LDCC & at site 2.Records Name & contact details Induction Training Relevant skills Daily work location Daily duties 3.Timesheets to be initialed daily by supervisor Personnel & equipment will be tracked using T-cards.

22 Rules of Engagement 1.Know your job & stick to it 2.Report to your supervisor 3.Complete your records 4.Keep people safe 5.Follow SOP’s and risk assessments 6.Finish tasks you start

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