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Presenter: Name here Business Title here. Welcome to South Australia 2.

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1 Presenter: Name here Business Title here

2 Welcome to South Australia 2

3 Welcome to South Australia Enjoy the South Australian way of life shopping sports friends 3 culture

4 Settling In your local area homesickness transport 4

5 International Education Services International Education Services (IES) manages your: homestay accommodation ongoing support and welfare tuition fees 5

6 Your student visa Your student visa is issued by DIBP Level 3 55 Currie Street Adelaide SA 5000 131 881 6

7 Your student visa issues your visa grant notice It includes your visa conditions and entitlements 7

8 Your student visa Attendance You need to be enrolled full time in a registered course maintain satisfactory attendance get a medical certificate from a doctor if you are sick Attend all classes 8

9 Your student visa 9 Course Progress achieve satisfactory results achieve satisfactory results each term’s school report sent to each term’s school report sent to parents/agent parents/agent

10 Your student visa Behaviour You are an ambassador * at school * in your homestay * in the Australian community 10

11 Your student visa Behaviour At all times follow the laws of Australia Talk to your International Student Program (ISP) Manager if you think you are being encouraged to behave unlawfully. 11

12 Your student visa Changing education provider only after: 6 months in your principal course in a South Australian government school. 12

13 Your student visa Changing homestay family: IES approval is needed A change of homestay fee may apply 13

14 Your student visa 14 Work: For students in the Graduate Program You can work in Australia after you have begun your course 40 hours max! each fortnight during school term

15 Your student visa 15 It’s important! You have agreed to follow the conditions of your visa

16 Your student visa 16 If you break your visa conditions you will be notified. IES is required to report to DIBP. Student visas can be cancelled by the Federal Government if conditions are broken. To extend your program contact IES on 8226 3402

17 Your health cover 17 1800 888 942 BUPA OVERSEAS STUDENT HEALTH COVER Let us help with your health insurance needs so that you can focus on your studies

18 Your health cover 18 If you need to see a doctor Ø Ø ask your homestay to help you choose one Ø Ø take your OSHC Card Ø Ø there may be a ‘gap’ payment Ø Ø further information is available on their website

19 Your student visa 19 CoveredNot Covered doctor’s visit hospital dental physio optical

20 Your safety 20 Your safety & well being is the highest priority Students in Australia are taught that : we all have the right to be safe we all have a responsibility to behave appropriately towards and with other people (adults and children) we can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust.

21 Your safety 21 Abusive behaviour, bullying and harassment are against the law. Inappropriate and illegal behaviour in any form, including via social media will not be tolerated Please read - IES ‘Keeping you Safe’ (Child Protection Legislation) - SA Police Personal Safety

22 Your safety 22 Emergencies that need attention NOW serious injury or health problem victim or witness to crime serious homestay issues serious environmental dangers ie fire, flood abuse

23 Your safety 23 In an Emergency Police Ambulance Fire 000 Mobile 112

24 Your safety 24 Police Patrol attendance no immediate danger For Police Assistance 131 444

25 Your safety 25 Think Before: A Student Safety Initiative A Student Safety Initiative

26 Your safety 26 Speak with your ISP Manager International Education Services offers a 24 hour emergency contact 0401 123 205

27 Your safety 27 Money Safety Look after your money - bank accounts - small amounts of cash - keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to yourself **** - avoid borrowing or lending money

28 Your safety 28 Money Safety IES Money Matters In orientation pack

29 29 Internet Safety Protect yourself on the Internet And in Chat Rooms Your safety

30 30 Mobile Phone Safety Sharing your phone number Only with friends/homestay/school Protect yourself and your phone Don’t lend your phone

31 Homestay 31 Some tips talk with your family respect your family's routines offer to help treat property with care ask permission to invite friends home pay for your personal expenses:-phone calls, internet, personal products save water – have short showers stay in touch with your homestay

32 Homestay 32 Your homestay needs to know your whereabouts and how to contact you ask permission before going out let your homestay know where you are going when you will return who you are going with return by the agreed time always ring if you think you will be late

33 Homestay 33 Overnight stays permission your homestay friend’s homestay

34 Homestay Payments 34 Homestay payments for Study Abroad students are managed by IES. If you are a High School Graduate student, Please remember to: pay 2 weeks homestay fees on arrival pay your homestay fees on time, every fortnight write the due dates in your diary keep a receipt of your payments You are still required to pay part homestay fees if you go away on holidays. Ask your homestay about the Room Holding fees.

35 Travel 35 Want to travel in the school holidays?? Speak with your ISP manager Must get approval from parents and homestay, your school & IES Complete travel form and return to school / IES Don’t forget to check your visa expiry

36 Australian Culture 36 society family structure family life customs manners

37 Australian Culture 37 In Australia, our shopping habits may be different to what you are used to. supermarkets specialty food shops weekly shopping Central Market frozen food food packaging meal times making breakfast & lunch weekend eating habits

38 Australian Culture 38 four seasons dry climate Slip, Slop, Slap, Sunglasses & Shade avoid dehydration conserve water

39 Grievances/ Complaints/ Appeals 39 Grievances or complaints are to be handled promptly You have the right to involve an independent advocate or nominee Please discuss any grievance/complaints with your ISP Manager You have the right to appeal a decision

40 Care and Support 40 People who are here to help and support you Homestay parent/s Your School ISP Manager Home Group Teacher School Counsellor International Education Services

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