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The Hutchins School ICT at Hutchins For Students– 2013.

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1 The Hutchins School ICT at Hutchins For Students– 2013

2 Housekeeping Exits | Emergency Procedure | Amenities | Wake Up & Stretch | Make Yourself Comfortable …


4 Getting Help Email for technical Mr Sam Murray – Computer Technician – x313 Mr Matt Ralph – Computer Systems Officer – x305 Mr Ian MacRae – IT Manager – x290 Student IT Leaders – find them, ask them, help them, join them. IT Knowledgebase:

5 Passwords Minimum 8 characters long Needs at least two of the following: An uppercase letter A number A wild character ~`!@#$%^&*()_-+=|\ Also, can’t use your name, partial name or previous 6 passwords All computer passwords expire every 60 days

6 Email We’re now back to Year 9 Laptops – full client of Outlook (email program) Start -> type Outlook in search box -> follow the prompts to set up, put your password in and check the box to remember it Settings on mobile devices: All taken care of by MobileIron App [NEXT]

7 App to manage Wireless Networks, Certificates (needed for secure site access, e.g.,, Email Settings Instructions on Intranet Home Page: MobileIron

8 Don’t save to the Desktop! If you want to keep your documents, don’t save to the desktop. If you have already, drag them into: SkyDrive: - link on homepage Sign in with ***NOTE***: Email is different –

9 Saving to SkyDrive TIP: Keep file names simple A couple file name restrictions: Doesn’t like wild characters in file name: &~`!@#$%^*()+=|\/?’”;: Doesn’t like double full stops.. OR double spaces in file names Size restrictions: Individual files limited to 300MB size (but 7GB quota, save as many and as much as you want)

10 Hutchins Central (SharePoint) The Hutchins School Intranet (our internal web pages) Central repository for almost everything digital at Hutchins (your files, shared files, subject/year level sites, submissions…) If accessing outside of school, sign in with: hutchins\your_computer_username your_computer_password

11 Fronter Our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) – class materials your_username.hutchins your_fronter_password

12 ID Cards, Photocopiers, Library Borrowing ID Card has your student ID number ID card used for borrowing items from the libraries It is also your photocopier access card in Nettlefold Library

13 Passwords, Crisis or Opportunity? Your chance to get creative (samples only): Blink183 $1Cheezburgrz 2$Porsche MadeA#OfIt KaPow!*#Bam RIPCobain94 @notherPWDgrrr

14 Windows 7 Find anything: documents, programs, emails… …by clicking here and typing. Right click on programs to add to Start Menu, Task Bar or send shortcut to desktop

15 Wireless Personal devices – iPhones, iPads, Android devices, student and staff owned devices use HutchinsOpen – we encourage mobile tech use Visitors from Universities may use the Eduroam network with their University computer logon details. Hutchins staff senior students can use eduroam at Universities – username: and your_hutchins_password

16 Internet at Hutchins We are a customer of AARNet (Australian Academic and Research Network) – same network all Australian Universities use, the CSIRO and some other independent schools around Australia 1GB Fibre connection (very fast) Student Quota: 500MB per day *note: we monitor download amounts, if excessive, we require justification of educational use If a site is blocked that you need to access, get your teacher to email helpdesk helpdesk

17 Internet at Hutchins We use an internet filtering product: Netbox Blue This requires a logon Hutchins username and password Choose option automatically connect Internet sites need this initial logon

18 OMG How Am I Going to Remember All This? Communication – we love you. Talk to us. Tell us if it’s broken, not working, don’t have a clue, want training - Have a go – you need to give yourself more credit, you are better with technology than you think. Have a go, use the force, get the gut feeling thing happening. Ask the next guy – if they’re right there, why not? Emergency – call us, but remember prevention is best - planning for important events that use ICT is critical

19 online video training – registration instructions on Intranet home page – Atomic Learning video training, same place

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