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NDIS – What’s Important to You? NDIS Engagement Forum August 2012.

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1 NDIS – What’s Important to You? NDIS Engagement Forum August 2012

2 Who are we and why are we here? National Disability and Carer Alliance:  Australian Federation of Disability Organisations  Carers Australia  National Disability Services

3 Productivity Commission Inquiry Productivity Commission Inquiry 2010- July 2011 1062 submissions, nationwide public hearings Examined international research as well as national data

4 Productivity Commission recommendations Productivity Commission concluded: “The disability support system overall is inequitable, underfunded, fragmented and inefficient and gives people with a disability little choice”

5 Productivity Commission recommendations National Disability Insurance Scheme – provide support to 410,000 people whose disability has a significant impact on their daily life National Injury Insurance Scheme – provide support for people who suffer a catastrophic injury

6 What is the NDIS? Long-term, high quality care and support Nationally consistent Person-centred and individualised Greater choice and control

7 Funded NDIS Support People with permanent intellectual, physical, sensory or psychiatric disabilities who have significantly reduced functioning Early intervention Significant benefits from intervention Funded support for some carers

8 What support will be available? Support Options: Choose service providers Ask a Disability Support Organisation to assemble the best package of your behalf Take direct control of the funding

9 How much will the NDIS cost? Current disability system costs approx $7 billion Estimated additional $6.5 billion a year Estimated economic benefits would “significantly exceed” costs

10 Federal Government Response Select Council of State Treasurers and Disability Ministers NDIS Advisory Group

11 NDIS launch on July 1 2013 Barwon region in Victoria Hunter region in NSW ACT Children 1 – 15 years in SA Young adults 15 – 25 years in Tasmania

12 Where does information from today go? The NDIS Advisory Group Minister for Disability Reform and Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Federal)

13 What else can you do? Answer today’s questions on line at or join in on Facebook NDIS Advisory Group questions at Official NDIS website Every Australian Counts NDIS campaign

14 The National Disability and Carer Alliance would like to thank you you for taking the time to come along today.

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