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Learning Intentions identify some key themes around innovative schooling Consider what impacts on school culture by looking at an example of school values.

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1 Learning Intentions identify some key themes around innovative schooling Consider what impacts on school culture by looking at an example of school values and how these can be articulated and embedded Examine the key elements of curriculum design by examining the Unlimited Secondary School Model Explore strategies to encourage student voice and student choice Planning for change management Consider our moral responsibilities as educators




5 Students First from ‘one size fits all’ to each student at the centre of their learning, based around their passions and interests

6 Inspiring Teachers from ‘knowledge transfer’ to mentor, guide, facilitator

7 Social Effects each student achieving within their social cotext –. who they are. where they have come from

8 Community Connectedness harnessing the resources and opportunities from the wider community

9 Technolgy The increasing role of technology to support learning and create new learning

10 School Culture: Our values and beliefs We believe: We are a high trust community, treating each other with mutual respect and kindness We do this by: Saying ‘yes’ first Recognising that students will make mistakes and that we need to support them to make change Focusing on the behaviour, not the person Taking time to get to know, and understand each other Remaining calm and supportive regardless of the circumstances (no anger, yelling, blame)

11 Embedding our values We embed this by: Displaying the VALUE and the BEHAVIOURS that support it in every teaching space Regular classroom walk-throughs (classroom visits) by school leaders, and by all staff over time, where feedback (usually email) is given to staff on what is observed

12 Embedding our values We believe: In giving students voice and choice What might this look like?

13 1:1 teacher and student small group ILP, group activity large group class community of interest school, organisation wider community city, country international communities alliances, virtual communities decreasing level of influence Influence on decisions

14 popular groups ‘good’ kids – teacher’s pets hear every voice weekly morning tea with Principal survey tools Survey Monkey, Quizdom captured voices diary rooms, cellphone, learning stories Interest groups passionate, shared interest focus groups random unfocused representative groups School/Class Council

15 Student centred learning. The school’s responsibility to have a planned, coherent curriculum. The teacher’s responsibility to meet the needs of the students in their class – e5

16 Unlimited - curriculum Based on 5 week (half term) cycle Allows for student movement between teachers Encourages teaching precision Students retain interest and motivation when they know that the timeframe is limited ADVERTISEMENT

17 teacher directed learning co-constructed learning student directed learning teacher directed learning student directed learning co-constructed learning The tools for independent learning The student’s passions and interests UNLIMITED style of learning Just in case learning Just in time learning

18 Term 1 Jan Dennis Robyn English Term 2 Term 3 Term 4



21 Confidence Intervals Ino Kelderman Here we use the concepts from the two previous modules to introduce a method of comparing populations, deciding on the best sample size for a survey and calculating the error in sample statistics. These are one method of helping make decisions in science and industry. L3.

22 ASPIRE Blair Sheat and Duncan Woods ASPIRE is a program of transformation. It is dedicated to enabling optimal physical, mental and emotional health. It allows individuals to function effectively on a daily basis providing them with the skills to make good decisions and carry out appropriate actions towards the achievement of significant goals. This course is 10 weeks long and is all day every day.

23 ‘The Dark Knight’: ‘Batman Begins’ Here Andre Prichard This class will examine the evolution of the superhero film by looking at the cinematic development of dark uber-hero Batman. First appearing on screen in a 1943 movie serial, Batman has grown from a questionable camp clown in 1966’s ‘Batman’ TV show, to a flaccid movie megastar in four flimsy films from 1989 onwards. More recently, however, Batman’s edgy and sinister side has reemerged. In 2005’s ‘Batman Begins’ and 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’ Batman is once again a complex character with a troubled and haunted past. We will examine this evolution, as well as view ‘The Dark Knight’ closely, preparing the film for the end of year exam. If you loved ‘The Dark Knight’, or want to know more about Batman generally, then this is the class for you!

24 Damon’s Story WMV

25 descriptor VELS levels resources Curriculum objectives Learning Intentions The knowledge, skills and behaviours towards achieving each VELS level Focus Areas literacy numeracy ICT/Ultranet e5

26 Learning Outcomes Expectations I can….. (written from a student’s perspective) Range to reflect personalisation of learning Learning Sequence What will be taught during the 5 weeks broken down week by week Assessment Profile Observations, conversations, products OF – diagnostic AS – formative OF - summative Differentiation of the learning Individual students named with appropriate modifications eg gifted, learning needs, Koorie


28 Jamie’s reflection Jamie Video

29 2020 curriculum past present future communication analysis interpretation society, culture, humanity creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship

30 Have a plan


32 Ko te pae tawhiti Whaia kia tata Ko te pae tata Whakamaua kia tina Seek out distant horizons And cherish those that you attain Australia’s got talented youth Australia’s got talented youth

33 Every child Every opportunity

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