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Digital Rights Management © Knowledge Books & Software, 2012.

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1 Digital Rights Management © Knowledge Books & Software, 2012

2 Introduction DRM of digital content is now the difference between being in library services or not! If you don’t want to be paying impossibly high margins to I-Tunes, Adobe DRM or Amazon – consider your options! We have the inexpensive and effective solution for school and academic libraries! Annual service fee or user pays – whatever you want! Authentik™ patented solutions that works like an ‘app’ – it is a stand-alone program with a viewer and database. It is central server controlled and can be distributed by your email, fixed media or library circulation software.

3 Contents Webstore – 1, 2 Who Uses DRM? How Does It Work? 1-2 Publishers Business Government Security? Process Technology

4 Library content setup 1

5 Library Lending 2

6 Who Uses DRM? Student texts and libraries Lecturers, educators, trainers and teachers Publishers to secure distribution of digital content Libraries to circulate their digital content securely Government departments wanting limited time usage and ability to release edition changes rapidly Businesses for securing the transfer of confidential information Legal entities and the Courts for document distribution

7 How Does It Work? How many users? How many views? Which users? How long can they access content?

8 How Does It Work? 2

9 user Content Website DRM RAW Content DRM Content Borrow Purchase process

10 How Does It Work? 2 user DRM Check license every view Library DRM Content Viewing process user Check license every view

11 Digital Libraries – Licence Controls Defined distribution of digital content:- Control the number of views! Control the time from one day to unlimited Control the number of users Control which users Report on the specific device used Files can be updated – read edition and edit controls

12 OOOOPs! OMG! Typos!!!! 1 “This contract shall be effective as of the singing of this agreement.” “He used his wench to pull his truck out of the ditch.” “I know judo, karate, jujitsu and other forms of marital arts.” “Sign up now for our Beauty and Fitness Curse.” “We practice an esoteric form of transcendental medication.” Source: In the case of a publisher – there can be small edits or new editions – this can be managed via Authentik! In the case of discussion papers/draft policies/ research papers with new additions – the convenor may want to update the information often resulting in the master document changing rapidly – to keep all reviewers current! Read on about Edition Management = PTO

13 Edition Management Version/Edition updates via the web server Version updates can be made ‘voluntary’ ie. ‘please click to update your edition!’ OR Version updates can be made ‘compulsory’ in that the file opens and is updated otherwise it does not open. No limit to updates and works similar to Windows updates – background without downtime.

14 Library Services Legal and Court entities distributing secure documents Teachers and Academics sending DRAFT information for discussion with a time limit to view Secure use by specific users = students for a specific subject Intellectual property being transferred to a nominated user – plans, documents, and images = student usage Secret and confidential reports = named users

15 School Document Management Draft ‘Green’ papers – time limit on usage Editing of distributed documents on the fly – so files can be updated continually Distributing ‘White’ papers Lending content and licensing intellectual property in the form of documents and images Stop information theft and misuse! Whole of school reporting on document usage and controls

16 Is It Secure from Piracy?

17 Everything is Hackable! It is possible to hack into a bank, the FBI, the Pentagon and so on! Time and the content reward are inextricably linked-hacker’s glory! Achieving celebrity by hacking a text? OCR and screen grabs copying -our proprietary technologies have taken care of this with ‘watermarking’! See figure!

18 Security Layers Content and code encrypted with AES/256 Polymorphic code generation, code is randomly generated prohibiting signature matching – patented Obfuscation technologies – patented Adaptive code generation changes over time - patented If one executable is reverse engineered the rest are still protected All usage continually monitored Licenses can be revoked or modified anytime at the central server

19 Secure for libraries Digital distribution via web, cd rom, portal etc. Instant usage reporting Live ‘on the fly’ edits and changes to a million users or more! ‘App type updates’ Network Educational Australia or Knowledge Books & Software at Contact person: Rob Watts p.+61-7-55680288 f +61-7-55680277 Conclusion

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