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“Seizing the opportunities” SLIP Enabler 13/02/08 Chris Tweedie – Senior Geospatial Specialist WALIS Conference March, 2008.

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1 “Seizing the opportunities” SLIP Enabler 13/02/08 Chris Tweedie – Senior Geospatial Specialist WALIS Conference March, 2008

2 Agenda What is SLIP enabler Seizing the opportunities –What is possible? –Business opportunities Future development of SLIP

3 Provides the foundation on which all SLIP initiatives operate, allowing land information to be shared SLIP Enabler …. the program of initiatives connecting WA Government spatial information SLIP is …. Definitions

4 SLIP-Enabler Data Download Services User & Information Services OGC Web Services WA Atlas (Map Viewer) Interragator+ (Catalogue) User Services Core Services /ows/waatlas/interragatorplus /datadownload /slip DPI DIA DAFWA DEC FESA DoW DOIR MRWA Western PTA WC LGA SWDC Power Node Spatial Data Providers SLIP-Enabler Middleware VPN over Internet Web Browser Users Business Solution Application Users GIS Application Users SLIP-Enabler Service Users Landgate Authentication & Authorisation Services Agency Dissemination Services System Mgt Services Security Services Portal Services Spatial Data Services Virtual Agency Payment Services SLIP Enabler Services

5 Current usage > 1000 registered users 500,000 hits per month 80% Web Mapping Services –60% Vector based –40% Imagery 20% Web Feature Services –Cadastre

6 Native Vegetation Extent Native Vegetation Extent by Type Pre-European Vegetation Intensive Land-use Zones NRM Regions Soil Landscape Zones Geomorphic Wetlands, Swan Coastal Plain Forest Disease Risk Areas Bush Forever Sites Bush Forever – Boundaries Acid Sulphate Soil Risk Map – Swan Coastal Plain Regolith of WA – 500m grid Regolith of WA – 1300m grid Geological Map of WA Interpreted Bedrock Geology of WA Clearing Regulations – Schedule One Areas Forest Blocks Minedex Mineral Drill Holes Mining Tenements Mineral Field Boundaries WA Petroleum Pipelines WA Petroleum Special Prospecting Authorities WA Petroleum Releases WA Petroleum Applications Swan River Trust Act, Management Areas DEC Managed Lands and Water DEC Region Boundaries DEC District Boundaries Local Government Authority Boundaries Ward Boundaries Bush Fire Service Districts Emergency Services Levy Boundary FESA Regions Fire and Rescue Services District Fire and Rescue Service Stations Ramsar Sites Public Drinking Water Source Areas NOAA Fire Affected Areas Apiary Sites Aboriginal Heritage Sites Aboriginal Communities Cultural landscape Heritage Council Sites – WA Cadastre Cadastre Lodged Native Title (NNTT) Native Title (Fed Court) Townsites Localities Districts Native Title (Determination) Native Title (ILUA) Metropolitan Region Scheme – Zones and Reserves Metropolitan Region Scheme – Water Catchment Reservation Metropolitan Region Scheme – Redevelopment Scheme and Casino Peel Region Scheme Peel Region Scheme – Special Control Areas Overview Coastline Mapsheets Overview Roads Overview Rivers Overview Towns Coastline Roads Landing Grounds Railway Lines Misc. Transport Points Transport/Railway Stations Bridges / Tunnels WA Road Structures Control of Access on State Roads Geographic Names Points of Interest Dual Registered Stations Bush Fire Service Stations FESA Offices Spot Heights Contours Hydrology Wastewater Water Distribution Gravity Drainage Datasets

7 Why SLIP Enabler? Significant $$ savings across industry Standards compliant Temporal accuracy (best available) Custodian retains ownership Not a warehousing model One-stop-shop for state govt. spatial data Full metadata catalogue Driven by WALIS community

8 Seizing the Opportunities Move beyond just map creation. The power has always been in data integration.

9 NAME NAME M* Feature Searching Simple attribute based, searching Zooming to feature Where are all the LGA’s starting with “M”? 116.11402135,-34.27349917 116.17878657,-34.22193127 152 MANJIMUP 23

10 Notification service Where change is critically important Data frequently updated Tenements or Tenure ideal candidates Alert me when anything in area X changes WFS MON TUES } Change detected. Alerting subscribers WED

11 Location Based Services Portable devices converging with positioning LBS built on SLIP information Addressing Tenure Points of Interest Locality/LGA Road network Public Transport Aerial Photography

12 Future roadmap “Crowdsourcing” KML service Web Coverage Services Catalogue Services Web Virtual mosaic Time series CityGML LandXML High performance, tile cached WMS Demographics

13 Issues Register No standard compliance suite for clients consuming services –Idiosyncrasies vendor to vendor –Some features not accessible at all to the end user –Occasionally vendors do it completely backward OGC support needs addressing in desktop GIS applications Developers program to assist in best practices to improve SLIP access and other services

14 Contact Details Too many interesting topics, too little time... Come see a SLIP team member on the booth! or or


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