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TBC Sport Fishing Marketing Support BCFROA AGM November 16, 2012 Kamloops, BC.

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1 TBC Sport Fishing Marketing Support BCFROA AGM November 16, 2012 Kamloops, BC

2 Tourism BC Update Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training (JTST) formerly JTI Role & Mandate remain unchanged Minister: Honorable Pat Bell Hiring Freeze Impacts Program Impacts

3 PDMO: “Destination BC” Transition April 1, 2013 Crown Corporation Formula-Funded Industry-Led – 9 person board of directors – 18 person marketing advisory committee (3 representatives from each tourism region)

4 TBC Divisions Tourism Marketing Tourism Partnerships Research & Evaluation Strategy & Policy Industry Relations North America Overseas E-Marketing Regions Visitor Services Communities & Sport Tourism Sectors Aboriginal Partnerships World Host BC Magazine Product Management

5 BC Tourism Strategy “Gaining The Edge” Five Year Tourism Strategy: 2012-2016 – Increase Visitor Volume – Increase Visitor Revenue – Increase Employment – Achieve Revenue Target of $18 B by 2016 Goals to be achieved through action in 4 areas 1.Leadership through partnership & Coordination 2.Focused marketing 3.World Class visitor experience 4.Remove barriers to growth

6 BC’s Product Focus Touring Vacations City Experiences Outdoor Adventure/Eco-Tourism Aboriginal Tourism Conventions & Meetings Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding Note: Regionally important products (i.e. golf, wine, fishing, guest ranch) will be promoted primarily by regional, community and product sector organizations

7 BC’s Market Focus Top Priority Markets Lead: Provincial High Revenue/High Spend Per Visitor Ontario California UK Australia Germany Japan South Korea

8 BC’s Market Focus Emerging Markets - with Long-Term Potential Lead: Provincial China India Mexico

9 BC’s Market Focus Nearby Markets Lead: Regions, Communities and/or Sectors British Columbia Alberta Washington State

10 Travel Trade -Key Markets: Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, India, Mexico -Marketing Activities (varies by market) Consumer Direct Campaigns Tour Operators – Marketing Coops – Education/Training – FAM Trips Media – key journalists (online & print), broadcasters Overseas websites - Regional DMO’s Important to update them on your product First point of contact for us in coordinating fams/media trips Learn about travel trade (tour operators/receptive tour operators)

11 North America Consumer Marketing Consumer Direct activities – Spring Campaign : 100 BC Moments – Electronic Direct Mail – Online ( – Field Reporter Videos – Media Relations

12 100 BC Moments

13 Bay Area Media Coverage FOX TV

14 Bay Area Media ABC TV

15 100 BC Moments Web Site


17 Consumer Database Information 37,000 consumers with primary or other interest in Fishing (with or without permission for future contact) Where are they from? – US Long Haul – 34% – Canada Long Haul – 24% – British Columbia – 21% – Canada Short Haul – 12% (exc. BC) – US Short Haul – 6% – International – 2%

18 Fishing-related EDM Consumers identify activities of interest on 100 BC Moments web site 2,300 identified freshwater fishing as primary interest (between April 15 & Oct 31) All 2,300 received this EDM Click Discover More....

19 Discover more button takes consumers to fishing page on 72 pages of editorial content dedicated exclusively to fishing at BC, regional and community levels; In 2011, Fishing was the fifth most popular “Things To Do” category on (out of more than 60 categories), receiving more than 184,000 page views.

20 HelloBC Special Offers Program

21 Media Relations Fresh Story Ideas – Monthly Distribution – 8,000 Media in Canada, USA and Overseas – Fishing featured in January, March & August of 2011, also January, March of 2012 Publication-Ready Stories – Currently preparing fishing story for Spring 2013 – 8,000 Media in Canada, USA and Overseas

22 Media Relations – Visiting Journalist Program Program Guidelines: Promote BC as a travel destination in print, online or broadcast media Represent more than one travel/hospitality industry partner Reflect a confirmed assignment by the journalist and editor Provide unpaid editorial coverage in our key geographic and sector/vertical markets and support our key strategies Represent a publication with a minimum monthly readership of 50,000 (may be higher in some markets Three weeks advance notice is required Operator must make an equal investment to TBC in the press trip TBC primary support is air or ground transportation. Industry expected to provide accommodation, meals and activities

23 Marketing Check List Connect with Regional DMO and keep them up to date. Work with your Regional Media Specialists as well as sending story ideas to our Media Team in Vancouver Participate in Special Offers Program on Hellobc. Contact Kathleen Harvey (604) Share unique story ideas with Regional and TBC Media reps. TBC – Carla Mont (604) Support the BCFROA!

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