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Splash page. 2013 National ICT Careers Week 29 July – 4 August Start Here Go Anywhere

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1 Splash page

2 2013 National ICT Careers Week 29 July – 4 August Start Here Go Anywhere

3 What is the National ICT Careers Week During one week from 29 July – 4 August 2013 and across Australia, we want to show the opportunities available to young people in information and communications technology. We want to encourage young people to consider studying ICT after their schooling and to consider a career in ICT. We want them to see studying computing and communications is the start to a rewarding, interesting and social career anywhere in the world.

4 Our reason for National ICT Careers Week ICT people are in demand Young people may not know that ICT people are in demand The Australian ICT industry (and its customers) require people with the appropriate ICT qualifications and training in the short and long term. Australian governments need people with ICT skills to add to the nations capabilities.

5 ICT - impacts everything, everywhere In Australia, the application of technology helps drive significant upswings in economic productivity. Technology impacts every part of our economy – from health, education, environment and security to research & development, oil & gas exploration, manufacturing, tourism and transport.

6 ICT connects with state and national priorities Our nation and state face many challenges in: Climate change & energy Global economic climate Investment in technologies Employment constraints Education Health Security An ageing population The application of ICT is vital for enabling the solutions to these pressing, key issues.

7 ICT - driving the Australian economy ICT is the fundamental driver of employment in both the ICT industry and across other industries, employing over 500,000 Australians. ICT accounts for around 7.74% of Australias total GDP (about the same as mining). Australias ICT revenue is currently around $82 billion pa. ICT contributes AUD$4.5 billion in export. ICT R&D is AUD$5.2 billion ICT jobs will increase by 14,000 & 21,000 in next two years The Australian ICT industry comprises over 25,000 companies.

8 Our messages to young people ICT is about working with people, solving problems, finding solutions and making a difference to peoples lives ICT is a truly global career – your work in ICT can take you round the world ICT offers cool jobs, earning awesome money with a great lifestyle ICT creates opportunities for entertainment for everyone

9 Participating organisations Industry and business associations ICT industry ICT professional associations Women in ICT Groups Science, ICT school teachers groups Tertiary educators VET educators Federal Government State Government agencies Careers advisers Other groups and organisations

10 Types of activities and functions These include: having State Premier or Territory Chief Minister release a supportive media release re-branding an existing career activity happening in that week school ICT student visits demonstrations of ICT in use visits to ICT companies and ICT faculties and schools briefing of journalists ICT study information on company web sites briefing to ICT school teachers promoting ICT study on the front page on university and TAFE web sites

11 Keynote events Keynote events will be arranged to have the campaign endorsed by key people/organisations such as Premiers and Chief Ministers, relevant Federal and State Ministers of education and innovation, heads of peak organisations, influential young celebrities. These keynote events/stunts will help draw attention to the campaign for parents, teachers and other influencers. If possible, these keynote events will draw TV coverage. Participating organisations will be asked to either suggest keynote events, or to arrange a keynote activity.

12 Media engagement Journalists with interests in ICT careers and studies will be identified and contacted about the National ICT Careers Week. Participating organisations will be encouraged to use their existing media relationships. Journalists will be encouraged to contact the participating organisations to allow for individual media relationships for the National ICT Careers Week. Journalists will be briefed about the campaign, the participating organisations, and the collection portal. In addition, information and data on ICT employment etc will be provided so they have a common set of data points.

13 A single brand Participating organisations are encouraged to use the National ICT Careers Week banners to be recognised as a participating organisation. The immediate advantages of having single and national brand to market ICT study and careers to young people are that: the clutter of images associated with ICT marketing is reduced, and various groups can use the brand within a relaxed and distributed regime of deployment while achieving an overall integrated marketing appearance.

14 Coordination and support The Careers Week is managed under the auspices of a small steering committee. This committee is providing the coordination and back office functions to support the National ICT Careers Week. Australian Computer Society (ACS), Australian Computer Society Foundation (ACSF), Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), Australian Council of ICT Deans (ACICTD), TAFE Directors Association (TDA), and the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO)

15 More information

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