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Common Usage Problems Grammar with Mr. Steven Van Zoost.

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1 Common Usage Problems Grammar with Mr. Steven Van Zoost

2 Affect - Effect The word affect is a verb, meaning “to influence.” Example: Einstein’s work has affected the course of civilization. The word effect can function as a noun and a verb. The verb means “to make, to bring about.” Example: The commission was set up by the government to effect a reconciliation. But effect is more commonly a noun, meaning “consequence” or “result.” Example: The effects of radiation are frightening.

3 Among - Between Among is generally used to refer to more than two items. Example: The six thieves divided the loot among themselves. Generally, between refers to only two items. Examples: between you and me; between Canada and Cuba

4 Bad - Badly Standard usage is bad after the copula (linking ) verb (to be, to become, to remain, to feel, to seem, to appear, to look, to taste, and to smell) Examples: He felt bad when he hit the child; The fruit smelled bad. The adverb is badly. Example: He played badly last night.

5 Farther - Further Farther is reserved for distance. Example: Let’s drive farther today. Further is used for extension. Examples: We shall speak further on this matter. Tempt me no further.

6 Lie - Lay Lie (lay, have lain) means to recline Examples: I must lie down. Yesterday I lay in bed until ten. I have lain in bed all day. Lay (laid, have laid) means to put down, to set down. Examples: I will lay it here. The hens laid two eggs. I have laid the table.

7 Rise - Raise Something rises by itself. Examples: The moon rises. I rose at noon. The sun has risen. Something raises something else. Examples: I raise vegetables. They raised the chicken. The store has raised my wages.

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