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Transitioning to On-Line Field Testing for the PATs and the Diploma Exams.

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1 Transitioning to On-Line Field Testing for the PATs and the Diploma Exams

2 A Digital Future… Inspiring Education contemplates a future where “provincial assessment could also be made available on-demand” Realizing this vision is only possible through digitally-based examination administrations

3 Digital-Format Field Tests A first step towards digitally-based examination administrations is digital-format field testing Starting in September 2013, all grades 6, 9 and diploma math and science field tests will be exclusively administered in a digital format

4 Quest A+ Quest A+ is used to administer digital-format assessments The Quest A+ Locked Browser is a requirement This software can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS computers, including student-owned computers Assessment is working on a solution to enable Chromebooks to be used with Quest A+

5 “Adding Value” – Field Test Requests A new field test request system should be in place for September 2013 Instead of emailing forms to Assessment, the online interface will allow for teacher field test requests and updates of pertinent information (eg. Field test request times) The ability to alter field test times after the request allows teachers greater flexibility This field test request system will be used for both paper and digital format field test requests. In real-time, teachers will be able to see the status of field test requests.

6 “Adding Value” – Meaningful Reports Currently, teachers that administer both paper and machine-scored field tests receive the raw score for each student. An enhancement to Quest A+ will allow for reports to be requested by the teacher that will provide additional information, such as adding the P of S reporting category for each question with the % of students in the class correct.

7 “Adding Value” – Teacher Access Digital field tests are proctored by the teacher. One common complaint from teachers is that the digital field test is only accessible during the field test administration. This leaves little or no time for the teacher to meaningfully comment on the field test itself. Asides from the student response data itself, Exam Managers heavily rely on high- quality teacher feedback from field tests. Starting in September 2013, digital format field tests will allow for a “window” of opportunity for a teacher to peruse the field test. This “window” will allow teachers to determine individual student strengths and weakness relative to P of S outcomes Combined with the “added value” report, these changes provides a great formative assessment opportunity for teachers, while contributing to the further development of provincial assessments.

8 “Adding Value” – Accessability Quest A+ allows for any school that meets the technical requirements to administer a digital format field test. Small classes, even in remote locations will have the same access to field testing opportunities as larges classes in urban areas

9 “Adding Value” – Technical Support Assessment will provide technical support and advice through a variety of initiatives

10 Questions? Comments? For more information contact: Tim Coates Director, Diploma Program Branch email: Dan Karas Director, Examination Administration Branch email:

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