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Health & Safety Representative (OHSR)

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1 Health & Safety Representative (OHSR)
NPF Occupational Health & Safety Representative (OHSR) OHS Accountability HS4_

2 Agenda OHS Team SLER Responsibilities Criteria Election/Appointment
Your responsibilities Things you should know Since you completed the training module covering “Employees OHS Accountabilities”, that content is not repeated here.

3 OHS Team National Occupational Health and Safety Policy Committee (NOHSPC) Senior Local Employer Representative (SLER) Managers and employees Yourself as OHSR Important to be familiar with associated partners of the OHS Team. Let’s review each one in the next slides. Good communication is the key to an effective health and safety system. Your input will provide a link between the people doing the work and the SLER. Your expertise and experience will assist to identify hazards and finding solutions.

4 National Occupational Health and Safety Policy Committee (NOHSPC)
Principal forum for joint labour-management consultation Review policy and health and safety programs Review strategic, longer term and emerging OHS issues having a national impact Make recommendations to the CEO on OHS issues and their implications on operations and employees NOHSPC includes Division Heads or their Delegates as well as representatives of the Bargaining Agents will meet on a quarterly basis. Should you come across an unresolved issue locally, your SLER may refer that issue through your divisional chain of command.

5 SLER Responsibilities
OHSR MUST RECOGNIZE SLER Responsibilities Appoint OHSC members or an OHSR Ensure compliance with OHS training Respond to OHS complaints/concerns Conduct workplace inspection Investigate accidents or illnesses Share copies of hazard reports Manage changes in workplace Maintain an OHS bulletin board Keep OHS records Liaison with Base General Safety Officer Bring unresolved issue to your chain of command SLER is responsible for OHS of employees as well as any persons present in the designated work places. Most of the SLER’s OHS tasks are achieved with your assistance as an onsite OHS team. OHS Website provides Toolbox with elements of the program in order to comply with CLC Part II, as it applies to Staff of NPF, CF.

Union elect the employee If no union, the employees without managerial duties elect among themselves an employee SLER appoints the elected employee to assume the duties of OHSR Staff of NPF, CF eligibility, employee not assuming managerial duty. Commonly a CAT 1 employee. CAT II employees without supervisory duties may be elected. If union present, union proposes an employee to SLER. If no union, employees without managerial duties will elect an employee. Non union employees are also consulted for election of an OHSR. SLER appoints the OHSR.

7 OHSR Two years, renewable
Not be personally liable for anything done or omitted to be done in good faith OHSR’s appointment may be renewed at the end of a term for another term. Your are encouraged to select an alternate employee to serve as replacement when you are unable to assume your functions. OHSR has to request permission from immediate manager prior to assuming/performing associated OHS duties.

8 Your Responsibilities as OHSR
Report directly to SLER Inspect workplace monthly, preferably with SLER Participate with SLER with investigation of accidents/illnesses Respond to complaint from employees only if unresolved by immediate supervisors Make recommendations for improvements to SLER Participate with Hazard Prevention Program Review ESDC Annual Employer Report (Lab1009b) Retain OHS files, as per next slide You act as an on-site partner to help management maintain good OHS conditions in the workplace. You assist SLER to prevent or reduce the incidence of occupational injuries, illnesses, accidents and damages to the properties assigned to NPF. You participate in the assessment of training, observe content/delivery and provide recommendations to local SLER.

9 Developing a Recommendation to SLER
Discuss issue That Requires Action Can the local employer make a decision? What is the fix? Move on to another issue No Yes Develop Recommendation to LSER Basic Issue (e.g. Fix it) Complex Issue Describe OHS Issue What, Why, Who, When Are there specific H&S Legislation or applicable standards? Describe OHS Issue What, Why, Who, Where, When Explain Recommended Option What steps are required? How well will this option fix the problem? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Who will be affected (type/ # employees)? Why did OHSC/OHSR decide to recommend this option? When you decides action should be taken on an OHS issue, this flow chart will assist you to develop your recommendations. Provide Recommendation and Suggested Timeline Provide Recommendation and Suggested Timeline (for each step if necessary)

10 Record Keeping Titles SLER OHSC OHSR HR Office Retention Period
Minutes Meetings Yes 2 yrs  ESDC OHSC Activities Schedule 10 10 yrs  ESDC Annual Employer HOIR Lab1009b 10 yrs ESDC Hazardous Occurrence Incidence Report Lab1070b Ergonomic Assessment  While employed Accident Investigation Inspection Report  2 yrs  Personal Protective Equipment 2 yrs after cease to be used First Aid Register 2 yrs beginning on date of an entry Record Completed H&S Trg While employed  Refusal to Work Yes  Violence in Workplace The OHSR keeps and maintains the OHS records, as listed on this slide, to be readily available for examination by ESDC Labour Program, Health and Safety Officer. Notes: OHSC Secretary maintains files on behalf of the Committee HR Office registers completed OHS Trg in HRIS Data Base

11 REMEMBER SLER is responsible to LIAISE WITH BGSOs
SLER addresses structural issues Accident investigation and Inspection First Aid, CPR & Fire Warden training Anything dealing with structural issues should be shared both ways, e.g. air quality, temperature, relative humidity, structural defects). Accident investigation should be conducted jointly when a member of the CF or the public service is injured in facilities, or during activities, under NPF management. Base General Workplace inspections should be conducted in presence of SLER, or representative and a member of OHSC or OHSR. First Aid, CPR & Fire Warden training could be sought from Base resources.

Improve working conditions Ensure continued productivity Reduce the risks of accident/illness Advise SLER of necessary measures in case of dangerous situations Difference between an effective OHSR, and an ineffective one lies with: Your commitment and sincerity. Understanding your role and functions. Your acceptance of responsibilities.

13 OHS Things You Should Know as the OHSR
To whom you report issues Where to find compliance training in the OHS Toolbox Where to find support tools (OHS Toolbox) If you have any questions/comments, consult your senior local employer representative.

14 NPF OHS Representative
Conclusion You’ve been introduced to the responsibilities As an NPF OHS Representative SLERs – please report this completed HS trg module to your local HR Office for recording into Accero. 14

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