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Learning Strategies Courses: 2 Approaches

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1 Learning Strategies Courses: 2 Approaches
Darla Benton Kearney Learning Strategist Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

2 Agenda Introduction PLA ALS Through the Hoop Best Tips Questions
Hoops and Solutions ALS Through the Hoop Best Tips Questions


4 Introduction Will discuss the hoops involved in creating and delivering learning strategies courses Assuming you all have course content. Will give course outlines and learning plans for each course at the end of the workshop to give you some more specific details on each course.

5 Prior Learning Assessment Course
Introduction Wanted to give credits to students who had already spent time working with a Learning Strategist. Wanted a flexible option for students to receive a General Education Credit. Wanted to give fair and equal access to a General Education Credit for all students with disabilities that see a Learning Strategist.

6 Prior Learning Assessment Course
Hoop 1 Program Area Needed to ensure Associate Dean of General Education was on board. Solution Met with Associate Dean and provided numbers of students registered with Disability Services who were currently working with a Learning Strategist (LS) Discussed the benefit of gaining a credit for learning strategies work

7 Prior Learning Assessment Course
Hoop 2 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Model Offering a PLA course that does not actually exist as a current course. Solution Met with PLA office and discussed course. Determined that course could be given a course code specifically for a PLA At that time did not specify a course equivalent We would later add the Alternative Learning Strategies course as an equivalent course.

8 Prior Learning Assessment Course
Hoop 3 Course Structure to Meet PLA Requirements Needed to be under a PLA theme In this case Personal Understanding Students needed to demonstrate personal understanding Solution Series of reflective assignments to be completed with portfolio

9 Prior Learning Assessment Course

10 Prior Learning Assessment Course
Results Students more likely to keep and reflect on their learning strategies Improves motivation and attendance Not many students have started the PLA Have a small number of students hoping to start and complete this summer. Recommendation that it continues in pilot status.

11 Alternative Learning Strategies Course
Introduction Wanted students to be able to access an LS earlier in the semester. Wanted students who did not want to register with DS to have access to an LS. Wanted increased instructional time for each student with an LD. Wanted to focus on broader LD issues and needed time to do so.

12 Alternative Learning Strategies Course
Hoop 1 Delivery Through General Arts and Science (GAS) Special Authorization into the course Solution Decided to deliver through GAS as high proportion of students with LD Discussed numbers and needs with Associate Dean Banded course with GAS optional course Discussed registration process with Coordinator and determined that Coordinator would special authorize students who were referred to take the course

13 Alternative Learning Strategies Course
Hoop 2 Payment Development Delivery Solution Academic area paid for development Service area (DS) pays for delivery As I am teaching students who would have come to see me individually

14 Alternative Learning Strategies Course
Hoop 3 Academic/Service Area Integration Expectations of each area Expectations of each person Communication cycle Solution Still working on this one… Clarify expectations Set timelines and provide reminders Identify the differences in timelines between academic and services areas early

15 Alternative Learning Strategies Course

16 Alternative Learning Strategies Course
Results Student benefits Improved self-advocacy skills Pleased to have a credit towards their diploma Academic area benefits Variety of other programs trying to have the course delivered to meet the needs of their students Great deal of support from faculty Good example of UDI principles in practice Service area benefits More efficient use of LS time Dramatically increased instruction time

17 Through the Hoops

18 Best Tips For anyone wishing to set up courses around learning strategies, here is a heads up: Get Deans and Coordinators on board early Develop a plan/process for communication Discuss expectations of each area up front Develop a suitable timeline for the service area and academic program Promote course early If funding is available at your college to research the students accessing the course, take it. (Duh!)

19 Questions Is there anything that I have not covered that you would like to discuss? For those of you who have started courses similar to this one, how have they been going?


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