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Outcomes Assessment- Full Implementation Meeting Fall 2009.

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1 Outcomes Assessment- Full Implementation Meeting Fall 2009

2 Goals By the end of today, participants will be able to: Identify and complete the next steps to prepare for the full implementation of their discipline/course assessment projects. Complete the assessment project to reach effective recommendations

3 Ultimate Goal Of Outcomes Assessment Develop a series of recommendations that lead to the improved student learning. Recommendations should be: Action orientated Related to student learning Based on data and OA process

4 Reaching Meaningful Recommendations Ask important, meaningful questions Create an authentic, realistic assessment Have meaningful, honest discussions among faculty to analyze instructional practices, performance expectations, student preparation and grading practices. Use OA to make positive changes happen for students.

5 Example Recommendations Strength noted: Students in adjunct sections performed equally with students in sections taught by full time faculty. Continue to offer, and enhance, College-wide adjunct orientation and materials. Concern Noted: Students performed below expectations on paragraph development. Research, develop and implement strategies to give students additional support in paragraph development such as online tutorials, faculty workshops on instructional ideas, and sample instructional activities.

6 Example Recommendations Concern Noted: Discipline faculty felt that the assessment reflected SLOs that were not covered by all faculty or not essential to the course. (Any one or more of the following recommendations could address this concern.) Review, and, if needed, revise, Collegwide Common Course Outcomes Ensure all faculty have access to and are using established Collegewide Common Course Outcomes As a discipline, determine the required content of the course by researching similar courses at other institutions, reviewing national discipline standards and discipline discussions.

7 Recommendations Based on Assessment Tool These types of recommendations are generally only concern based and should focus on reassessment in the next semester.

8 Next Steps Finalize Assessment Instrument and Scoring Tool- Send to Cadre by 9/18/09 Establish Communication Plan Make sure faculty teaching the course are aware of assessment and have materials. Make sure Department Admins, Coordinators and Chairs have the assessment information Confirm CRNS and Instructors- Due Date 9/18/09

9 Next Steps (Cont.) Confirm Data Collection Pages- 10/09/09 Remind faculty to administer the assessment- As appropriate Remind Faculty to submit data- As Appropriate All data due by the day grades are due, by midnight.

10 THANKS FOR COMING Questions? or your cadre

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