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Financial and Procurement Shared Services Comptrollers Conference November 2010.

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1 Financial and Procurement Shared Services Comptrollers Conference November 2010

2 Agenda What you heard last year Project background and benefits refresher Lessons Learned Where are we now… ◦ Governance ◦ Service Partnership Agreements ◦ Functional Design Key Milestones Client Expectations Breakout activities 2

3 What you heard last year… Originally planned to proceed with the SAM project, however the project was deferred Financial Shared Services Centre (FSSC) implementation was approved for implementation in 2011 A Procurement Shared Services Centre (PSSC) be coordinated with the FSSC planning Information on the purpose, benefits, scope, timeline and planned activities as originally planned in November 2009 Service centres in place April 1, 2011 3

4 What you heard last year…. Original work had been completed in 2007 (pre-SAM) which will be used as a starting point ◦ Which we will leverage later this afternoon Recognize that we operate differently now post SAM ◦ All detailed work was done in the FIS world and while much should still be relevant we need to vet that and identify new and changed activities. 4

5 Background- Benefits Retention and development of a skilled staff with consistent experience and training  Team of experts  Clear progression path  Involved in continuous improvement of daily activities  Backup support 5

6 Background- Benefits Improving the quality of internal service delivery to managers and employees  Enable departments to focus on delivering programs and services  Service focus  Leverage specialist skills 6

7 Background- Benefits Improve Government-wide information and reporting Improved technology leverage Standardize practices and processes Leverage best practices 7

8 Background – A Shared Service Model 8

9 The focus of shared service centres: ◦ Customer Service ◦ Employee development and retention ◦ Partnership  Joint Accountability and Responsibilities ◦ Performance Measurement ◦ Continuous Improvement 9

10 Background – Scope * No decisions have been made on the Scope as the function design has yet to be finalized or discussed Financial Shared Services could…  Provide common financial processing functions  Include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Expenses, and some aspects of revenue and collections, asset management, general ledger and project costing support Financial Shared Services probably won’t provide…  Departmental budgeting  Program financial analysis and variance reporting  AP and AR for program specific applications 10

11 Background – Scope * No decisions have been made on the Scope as the function design has yet to be finalized or discussed Procurement Shared Services could…  Be responsible for procurement of goods and services  Responsible for developing/maintaining procurement policy and purchasing directive  Contract administration for goods purchasing Procurement Shared Services probably won’t provide…  Development of technical requirements 11

12 Lessons Learned Previous GNWT Initiatives ◦ Technology Service Centre ◦ Human Resources Departments will be left with residual resources ◦ Residual resources will remain with departments for responsibilities not moved to service centres 12

13 Where we are now… Project Management Teams ◦ Financial Shared ServicesProcurement Shared Services ◦ Warren St. Germaine – Executive Project LeadMike Burns – Executive Project Lead ◦ Jamie Koe – Project ManagerJohn Vandenberg – Project Manager ◦ Louise Lavoie – Assistant Comptroller General Advisory Committees ◦ Joint Senior Management Steering Committee 13

14 Where we are now… Advisory Committees ◦ Financial Business Advisory Committee  Jamie Koe (Chair)Finance  Nancy MagrumITI/ENR  Jim MartinDOT  Kim SchofieldJustice  Sheldon GraystonNWTHC  Blair ChapmanHR  Anne MouldJustice  Sheila WhiteFinance – Regional Rep 14

15 Where are we now… Advisory Committees ◦ Procurement Business Advisory Committee  John Vandenberg (Chair)PWS  Daniel AugeDOT  Colin GordonJustice  David JarvisITI/ENR  Martina SimonsDOT  Joe TkachukH&SS  Art DurkeePWS  Steve LewisPWS  Michelle BeardHR 15

16 Where are we now… Communications Plan (ongoing) ◦ Bear Facts announcement on August 20 th, 2010 ◦ SharePoint site activated on August 20 th ◦ Standing agenda item on RMC’s and DFA meetings SharePoint Site Address (http://finportal/shared- services/default.aspx)http://finportal/shared- services/default.aspx 16

17 Where we are now… Governance Structure ◦ Discussion paper provided to all Departments and the NWTHC ◦ Governance options presented  Executive Governance Committee  Advisory Committees  User Committees ◦ Milestone is to finalize the Governance Structure in December 2010 17

18 Where are we now… Service Partnership Agreements ◦ Discussion paper provided to all Departments and the NWTHC ◦ Presented a potential template for Shared Services Service Partnership Agreements  Goals  Principles  Proposed Template  Detailed Services to be incorporated into template once agreed to ◦ Focus group consultations held in Yellowknife November 8-10 ◦ Finalize Service Partnership Agreement template in December 2010 18

19 Key Milestones *No final decisions have been made on timeframes. Project team staffing April 2010Complete Communications PlanJune 2010Ongoing Change Management PlanJune 2010Ongoing Define FSSC governance modelDec. 2010 Service Level Agreements - DraftDec. 2010 Finalize FSSC scope/Departmental ScopeMarch 2011 Develop organizational & staffing requirementsMay 2011 Determine infrastructure requirementsMay 2011 Determine staff impacts May 2011 Finalize Service Level AgreementsJune 2011 Staffing activitiesMay-June 2011Phased? ImplementationJuly 2011Phased? 19

20 Next Steps Finalize governance structure Finalize Service Partnership Agreement template Develop and consult on functional design ◦ No decisions have been made on final services to be provided ◦ Will be developed in consultation with departments Design service centres ◦ No decisions have been made on organizational design ◦ No office planning decisions have been made ◦ No decisions have been made on staffing impacts 20

21 Questions? 21

22 Client Expectations Discussion ◦ Imagine that you are the client of a Financial or Procurement Shared Service Centre ◦ Ask yourself the following questions:  What will I expect from shared services?  How will these expectations change over the next few years? 22

23 Activity Breakout Group Activity ◦ Functional Design  Group 1 - Functional Design for Financial Shared Services  Directors of Finance, Controllers, Finance Managers  Group 2 - Functional Design for Procurement Shared Services  Procurement Focused Employees ◦ Time Collection Trial  Groups of 6-8 people 23

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