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Healthy Communities Partnership: Lanark Leeds and Grenville.

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1 Healthy Communities Partnership: Lanark Leeds and Grenville

2 HCP: Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Who Are We? Priorities Physical Activity Injury Prevention priorities Mental Health Tobacco Use/Exposure priorities Healthy Eating Alcohol and Substance Misuse Organizations, networks & individuals promoting health in 6 priority areas:

3 HCP Vision: Healthy people in Lanark, Leeds & Grenville, who live, learn, work and play in healthy communities.

4 Major Initiatives Community consultation Three initiatives –Healthy Community Vision Project –School Travel Planning –Accessibility and Inclusion

5 Healthy Community Vision All community members have the opportunity to make the choices that allow them to live a healthy life, regardless of income, education, ethnic background or ability. Healthy community environments promote well being and quality of life and contribute to integrated community sustainability.

6 Healthy Community Vision Specific vision for each of the six topic areas –Each one has an Individual and Community focus Everyone can contribute For endorsement by: Board of Health, Municipalities, CHCs, School Boards, organizations, individuals

7 Why Endorse? Support healthy choices Respond to interest of residents Economic benefits – less absenteeism, innovation, less use of health are system Working together makes change happen Recognition of Contributions e.g. Cycling, FoodCore, Municipal Drug Strategy, Safe Communities, Smoking Bylaws

8 For Municipalities Presentation at UCLG and LC Presentations to municipalities –Endorse Healthy Communities Vision –Complete Healthy Communities Asset Inventory Tool (Physical Activity and Healthy Eating) –Report to Municipal Council Resources to support municipal initiatives

9 Municipal Asset Inventory Identify strengths and assets Spark ideas for low/no cost activities Report suitable to apply for funding Opportunity to compare with ‘like’ municipalities Sharing/mentoring

10 Thank you for your Time! Questions?

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