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I want this list the top 5 reasons why people should come to live in Canada today. Be creative! Think about it!

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1 I want this list the top 5 reasons why people should come to live in Canada today. Be creative!
Think about it!

2 New France Nouvelle-France (1608 – 1760)
Welcome to the New World

3 Let’s Review… In Grade 5 you learned about... Jacques Cartier
Samuel de Champlain

4 What are the learning Goals
We are learning what things had to change when the First Nations and French settlers had to live together We are learning about the French community and why settlers came to New France in the 17th and 18th centuries.

5 What are we going to learn about?
Coureurs de Bois Seigneurs Filles du Roi Habitant First Nations Intendant Governor General Bishop Sovereign Council Absolute Monarchy Jesuits Seven Years’ War Colonies Capitulation Siege Ursuline Nuns

6 List the members of the seigneurial system and describe their roles.
Explain why people lived in New France. e.g. For land, For military reasons, For economic reasons, For religious reasons. Describe what happened to the First Nations when Europeans immigrated to New France. List the members of the seigneurial system and describe their roles. At the end of the unit You will be able to say I can…

7 Describe the political structure of New France and the role the Governor, Bishop and Intendant.
Identify and explain examples of conflicts and cooperation between the French and the First Nation people. e.g. Fur Trade, Military affiliation and Religion. Describe and name the parties involved in the Seven Years War, The Expulsion of Acadia and The Battle on the Plains of Abraham. At the end of the unit You will be able to say I can…

8 How is it possible that Québec has maintained their French Culture despite the wide spread use of the English culture and language in Canada? The final project you will answer the question…

9 Final Project options 4 choices 1. Newspaper Article 2. Children’s book 3.Conduct an interview 4. Create a Graphic organizer

10 Important people and events in modern day Québec
People and events René lévesque Robert Bourassa October Crisis Rocket Richard Riot

11 What inspired these people & events to occur

12 Let’s take a look at New France!

13 Where is New France?

14 We will focus on 4 areas Economics Political Religion Social

15 Why Did people colonize New France?
A colony is an area that is controlled by or belongs to a country and is usually far away from it. To gain money and land for France and King Louis XIV Jesuit Priests and Ursuline Nuns want to bring Christianity specifically Roman Catholicism to the First Nations To establish a new life and have land for themselves. To explore new land

16 Stop & Think Now that you know the main reasons why people moved to New France, do you think people immigrate to Canada for any other reasons today? &

17 Major Issue with Early New France
Mostly men lived in New France As result of a low female population two new groups were formed Métis One parent was First Nations, the other parent was of European descent Filles du Roi A young orphan woman sent to marry a settler in New France

18 The good and and Bad with France colonizing New FRANCE?
Established a trading partner where both sides benefitted Built a relationship that would help in later military battles The Europeans brought over diseases such as smallpox to North America killing thousands of the Huron Nation. The Jesuit Priests and Usuline Nuns did not respect the traditions of the First Nations Only reason why some Hurons converted to Catholicism was their fear of losing a trading partner

19 Stop & Think & How would you feel if Canada sent you somewhere to marry a total stranger?

20 Time to Create a title page
Draw a title page and include key words listed in your textbook Be Creative!

21 Figure it out? Read pages 1-9
In partners discover why France explored the New World. Answer question 1-3 on page 9. Read page 15-17 In partners discuss the role the habitant and Filles du Roi played in New France. Answer questions 1 & 2 on page 17 Figure it out?

22 Quick Review

23 Exploration of New France
Jacques Cartier Samuel de Champlain In 1534, King François I of France sent Cartier on an exploration two find two things: Gold, silver and diamonds Shipping route or path to the to allow French traders to import silk and other fine products to Europe. Travelled 1st to Newfoundland, PEI and later St. Lawrence River Did not respect the First Nation People Thought he found diamonds but instead found quartz, a rock that sparkles. Not successful in making France rich. Map Maker Found the 1st permanent settlement in Canada Québec City The “Father of New France” Partnered with the Huron people A First Nations Tribe

24 Economics & Social Besides fur trading, people were farming.
There was two groups involved in the farming system. Seigneurs and Habitants Each played an important role in the farming system Economics & Social

25 Seigneurs Were granted land by the king and were ordered to divide the land up in 10 km X 5 km plots. They would then act as landlords to the habitant. Social

26 Duties & Rights Other duties Rights
Conserve oak trees for his majesties ships Mines and minerals Make a place of residence Clear the land Roads for public use Leave sandbars open for fishing (except his own) Fish Hunt Trade with Aboriginals Payments they received were their own

27 Social Habitant Were granted land by the Seigneur.
They were able to grow their own crops To pay back to seigneur the habitant had to… Give a portion of their crops to the seigneur. Work without pay for about 10 days a year when planted the seigneur’s crops. Help maintain the roads and church. Tithe to the church and pay taxes the government. Social

28 Social Role for men and women
All men age 16 to 60 were members of the military. Men had various options for where to work and woman had very few options. However, woman played a major role in New France. Women got married at as young as 12 and were expected to have 1 child every 2 years. Had an average 6 children Life expectancy was around 35 years old during the 17th Century. Social

29 Religion New France was Roman Catholic.
Much like in political system which we will discuss later, there was a hierarchy in the Roman Catholic Church. Who is the head of the Roman Catholic Church? Religion

30 Religion The Pope is the head of the church. Who is the current Pope?
Pope Francis Pope Alexander VII appointed François de Laval to be the Bishop of Québec. A bishop is a a high-ranking Church official in charge of a district or diocese. The bishop oversaw the clergy, priests, and local parishes in New France. Lay organizations were also played an important role in New France. They are a religious organizations run by people who are not clergy. Religion

31 Let’ explore early religious organizations in New France
Stop and think! Let’ explore early religious organizations in New France Read pages and read the 2001 census information and the handout. Answer the following questions. What role did the Jesuit Priest and Ursuline Nuns play in New France? Who was Marie Martin and what did she do? Why did the French take only the Roman Catholic religion to New France and does Québec still have a strong Roman Catholic presence today and why?

32 Religion Jesuit Priests
Missionaries from France had two goals when they arrived to New France To spread Roman Catholic religion to the First Nation people To setup schools for boys Religion

33 Religion Ursuline Nuns Female version of Jesuit Priests
Provided education to girls. Although the Jesuits provided education to boys, girls often got a better education. The taught subjects like Latin, math, philosophy and of course religion Took care of the sick. Taught the First Nations Religion

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