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Meadowbank Project Inuit Impact & Benefit Agreement KIA – NIRB Presentation xS3t8N6gu5 WoExaJ6 wkw5 x4g6bsiq8k5 x7m wv`Jt`b3iq8k5 xqD5 r?9o3u wkw45 vg0pct`Q5.

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1 Meadowbank Project Inuit Impact & Benefit Agreement KIA – NIRB Presentation xS3t8N6gu5 WoExaJ6 wkw5 x4g6bsiq8k5 x7m wv`Jt`b3iq8k5 xqD5 r?9o3u wkw45 vg0pct`Q5 x7m kNK5 g1z=4f5 net5yiq5

2 IIBA General An IIBA was negotiated between KIA and Cumberland Resources for the Meadowbank Project. KIA, as the responsible DIO, believes that the IIBA addresses all matters appropriate for an IIBA, as outlined in Article 26 of the NLCA. A summary of the IIBA is available for distribution to the public. The following presentation highlights some of the significant provisions of the IIBA. x`pDtcMs6g5 b7N WQx6bs2li b2fkz r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q8k5 x7m v7XM1f8k5 b7N xS6t8`N6g6 W0JtQ2lA r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`q5 to/symK5 wm8N wk1k5 vg0pct`Qa2lt4 xw?0Jppsix6mb bmw8i5 NlNw6bsymJ5 ttC3bsymJ5 w`M4f5 @^ ttC3ymiq8i5 xqDti5 mo4LQ5 Nw`N6ymJ6 xpD`t5 xgw8NsK5 giscsbs/Exc3Lt4 wkl4`b8k5. bm4fx netbsJ5 NlNw6ymiq5 ttC3bsymJ5 netbsK5 b2fN`z3gi5 xw?0JbsJi5.

3 Implementation Establishment of Implementation Committee to oversee and monitor IIBA implementation 2 KIA members, including a member from Baker Lake; 2 Cumberland members Cumberland will prepare an Annual IIBA Implementation Report containing information on Inuit training, employment, contracts and economic benefits WQx6t5yi6 wi9M4tE`p5 vtmpx`Mq8i5 euDN4tsix6gk5 x7m cspnwi6j5 wi9M4t6bs?9oxJk5 m3`D4 vg0pct`Q5 vtmpq5, wMscbs2lQ5 vtmp cmi5gx3u; m3`D4 v7S3M8u`z3g5 v7S3M8f5 xe4hwix6g5 x3`Cab`m6ysti5 xw?`p5 wi9M4tEiq8k5 si2`v8i5 gnDbsix6gk5 wkw5 wo8ix6tbsJ1N3iq8k5, nN/4n6`b3tbsiq8k5, `v8g`CaJk5 x7m W?9oxi4nsJk5 wv`Jt4f5

4 Meadowbank IIBA Coordinator Cumberland will employ an IIBA Coordinator for the full, effective, cooperative implementation of the IIBA The IIBA Coordinator will be located in Baker Lake and will assist Cumberland with it’s obligations under the IIBA v7S3M8f5 WoEt5yix3g5 xw?psJ5 xsM5ypzi5 b7N WoEctc3ix6Li wi9M4nwi6j5 xw?isJ5 u4`n8k5 Xw?`p5 xsM5tpz bwv`i8ix3Li cmi5gx3u wvJExc5b3ix6Li v7S3M8f8i5 b2fx mo5yxClx3m`zb xgxZ4nsJi5 ttC3bsymJi5 b2fNi xw?isJ5 wv`Jtq8i5.

5 KIA IIBA Coordinator KIA will employ an IIBA Coordinator for the full, effective and cooperative implementation of the IIBA The KIA IIBA Coordinator will assist KIA to ensure it’s obligations are observed r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q5 WoEpc3ix6g5 xw?`p5 xsM5ypzi5 xgw8Nst5ypsix6Li x7m WoEctc3ix3Li wi9M4n6bsJk5 xgx3LQ5 b2fx xw?isJ5 W0JtQ2lQ5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q5 xw?pz5b xsM5ypz wbvJ6yExc5b3ix6g5 vg0pct`Q4f8i5 bm4fx xgxZ4nsJ5 mo4bs5yxClx3m`zb cspn6tsix6li.

6 Training and Education Cumberland will develop an on-going Labour Force Development Plan that includes: –Job listing for upcoming year –Labour supply information from KIA –Strategies to enhance Inuit employment including barriers to be removed or minimized and a description of training programs developed by Cumberland and other agencies v7S3M8f5 xe4yix6g5 vJyt5`y8N6bsd2lA nN}=4nc3t5yi6u5 X3Nsbsix6gu5 b2fxa2lt4: –nN/4n5 srsk5 cwJk5 –nN/4n3k5 gnD`t5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f8iz3g5 –X3Ns`t5 W`Junsbsd2lQ5 wk1k5 nN/4n3k5 wMscbs2lQ5 bm4fx gl6bsbsN/3g5 xy?6bsymd2lQ5 wo8ixDbsix6gk5 netbsJk5 b2fkz v7XM1f8k5 x7ml xyq8k5 tusJk5

7 Training and Education - Continued Post commissioning training opportunities will include: –8 entry level trainee positions –8 apprenticeship positions –44 other positions where training and experience will be made available Post construction decision training opportunities include orientation, career pathing and on-going skills, supervisory and management training bm0/ wo8ixDbsJ`m6g5 W`J7uns`t5 b[?sK5: –* wtcbsJ1N3i6j5 wo8ix6tbsi6j5 –* nNpsi6j5 wo8ix6`i5 –$$_aJ5 xyq8k5 wo8ix6tbs`i5 x7m xJq8ic3gk5 bm4fx xgw8NstbsJ`m6g5 nNJ1N3i6j5 whmosD`t5 W`J7uns`t5 wlxicbsix3g5 x7m vJytbsymw8N3ix6Lt4 d5y1i6nk5 wo8ixD`tn5 xgw8ND6tbsymJ`mE2lt4

8 Training and Education - Continued Education opportunities will include: –$14,000 in Scholarship funds annually –Cumberland and KIA will work with government agencies to encourage and implement off-site training and education in mine related fields –Student visits to the mine site –Job fair participation by Cumberland wo8ix6tbsi6j5 W`J7uns`t5 wlxicbsix3S5 : –R!$,))) wo8ix4v8iDt4n6k5 `r8Ns/5 x3`Cab`m5 WQx3ix6Li Wqx6=zb s2lq8i5 –v7XM1f5 x7m r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f5 WoEctc3ix6g5 Z?m4f8i5 x/sEi6j5 x7m wi9M4tEi6j5 wo8ix6t5yi6u5 s/C4bExoEi6j5 –wo8ix6g5 SMC6tbsix3Lt4 s/C4bExc3=sJj5 –WoE}`=5 wMw8`N6h6bst5yixqM5 wMst5yi6u

9 Employment Inuit Recruitment: –All Meadowbank positions will be open to Inuit –Education, skills and experience equivalencies shall be identified for all positions –Inuit will be given preference over all other applicants – Inuit from Baker Lake have priority –Inuit applicants will be given 10 days advance notice of job opportunities wkw5 wMstbsiq5 nNo3tbsiq5: –bm6u4 xS6t8N6gu nN=4nw5 s4fw6ymtbsix3S5 wk1k5 –wo8ix6`i5, WoE8`i5 x7m xJq8i5 NlNw6bsix6S5 bmw8k5 WoE}=1k5 –wkw5 yK9ostbsix6S5 bmw8k5 WoE}=1k5_cmi5gx3us5 yK9ostbsc5b3ix6Lt4 –wkw5 `s4g6g5 s2lk5 dok5 gn6tbsym?Qc5b3ix6g5 nN`=5 s4fw6ymiq8i5.

10 Employment - Continued Contractors shall adopt policies consistent with Cumberland’s requirements under the IIBA) Inuit Employment Target must reflect the demographics of the work force in Nunavut by the 5 th year of production, and thereafter. v8g`Cc3g5 xgo6tbsJi5 xgxZ3i5 mo5yxExc3ix6g5 NlNw6bsymJk5 v7S3M8 xgxZq8i5 GwMostcbs2lQ5 xw?`p5 WQ/q8i5H wkw5 nNo3tbsiq8k5 netbsK6 x4gwic3ix3li WoE=sJ5 kNK7u xesmtbsd2lA srs5 b9omQo6bzi WQx6ymo6t5lQ5, x7m raixA5.

11 Employment - Continued The Implementation Committee will establish an annual Minimum Inuit Employment Goal (MIEG) MIEG will take into account the Labour Force Development Plan and Inuit achievement in similar projects; impacts of other projects on Inuit labour supply Cumberland must develop a MIEG plan: Cumberland must report employment results twice annually If Cumberland fails to meet the MIEG for two years they may have to pay KIA compensation to be applied to training and employment programs KIA will collect information on Kivalliq Inuit labour supply (e.g. establish data-base) wi9M4tE`p5 vtmpq5 net5yix3S5 x3`Cab`m5 xu`hJi5 wk1i5 WoEt5yi6j5 g`C6Exc3bq8k5 –v7S3M8f5 wm8Nw5bExc3S5 net5ylt4 X3Nsbsix6gi5 x3`Cab`m5 NlNw6yymJu5 ck6 b2fx v7S3M8f5 WoEix6iq8k5 –x4g6bsisJ5 xyq8k5 W?9oxisJk5 wkw5 WoEtbsiq8k5 Wbcw8NExc3izi5 v7S3M8f5 wm8Nw5bExc3S5 si`v8i5 net5ylt4 nNisJ5 u4n8k5 srs2 wlxi m3Dw6g6lt4. –v7S3M9f5 moqXb wk1i5 nNo6t5yi6j5 g`C6bq8i5 srsk5 m3`D1k5 bm8N g`C6tbsoD1N6g6 w3oZ6`t5 WdpKzDtoEpq8k5 –r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f5 vt5yix3g5 gnDti5 r?9o6 wkw5 nNJoEp4fq8i5 Gvt5ylt4 gnDti5H r?9o3u wkw5 vgpctQ5 vt6hwix6g5 gnDti5 nN/4nw5 u4nk5 G`s4gtQ2lQ5 netbsJ5 cEbs/4f5 NlNw/st5H

12 Employment - Continued Points of Hire –Include all Kivalliq communities and Thompson –Cumberland will pay for Inuit transportation –KIA and Cumberland agree to work with airlines, government, etc. to improve transportation for Inuit employees WoEp`b3i6j5 wMscbs2lQ5 bm6u4 kN`o5 r?9o3u x7m `b7n8u v7S3M8f5 xro6gwix3S5 wkw5 wqC0Jtq8i5 wqCJoEi6 netbsix6S6 xg6bslt4 x[/3gw`p5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q5 x7m v7S3M8f5 xqct`Q8i4f5 WoEctc3ix6g5 t1u`hoEp4f8i5, Z?m4f8i5, xyq8i5l x=/3gwc5b6i6j5 wk1i5 nN/6g6ix3gi5

13 Employment - Continued Language –Inuit who lack fluency in English will be given opportunities where fluency does not compromise safety –Cumberland will translate policies, procedures, etc –Cumberland will employ translators –Inuit will not be terminated due to lack of fluency in English, but may be transferred to another position for safety reasons scs`y5 _ wkw5 c2l`Ntg5 gryxJ1Nq5g5 gi/six6S5 bm4fiz5 WJ1N6bq8i5 WoEx4ni5 _ v7S3M8f5 wk4t`g9o6t5tymc5b3ix6S5 xgxZ3i5, mo4bsJ4n53i5 xyq8i5l _ v7S3M8f5 gnp4n6i5 WoEp`bc5b3ix6S5 _ wkw5 kc3tbsuxc5b3ixqM5 gryxqiq5 W0Jbslt4, ryxi4 xyxk5 xJqbq8k5 WoE=k5 wo/sc5b3ix6S5

14 Employment - Continued Employment Support System includes: –Cross-cultural orientation –Financial management workshops –Counseling program to address personal and social work-related problems of employees and their legal dependents –Serve country foods at least once per week and freezer space for personal country foods brought to site –Communication including internet, phone, HF nNt5yi6j5 wvJ6gwi6 wm8Nw8izk5 b[?: –wody6tA5 wo8ix6i6 –`r8Ns/3k5 xsM5yi6j5 wo8ix6tbsi6 –scctQ/sc5b3i6j5 bm4fkz wvJ6bs/Exo1k5 whm4f5 wody4f5 xesmJ1N3i6j5 WoE=q8i5 x7m xyq5tA5 –wkw5 ieq5 xgw8Nstbslt4 WNhxDy2 wlxi xbsy6g6lt4 wkw5 dx3`y=c3tbslt4 –kNo1k5 scMA1Nst5 xgw8Nstbsix6S5 cEbs/4f5, sc`lt4f5 x7m s?Exo4tA5

15 Employment - Continued Inuit students from the Kivalliq region will be given preference for summer employment but priority will be given to Baker Lake students wkw5 wo8ix6g5 r?9o3u`z3g5 gi/sc5b3ix6S5 xs/sizi nN=4n6i5 ryxi4 cmi5gx3us5 wo8ix6gdtq5 yK9ost/sc5b3ix6S5

16 Contracting Multi-component contracts will be broken down to smaller contracts to attract greater Inuit involvement Notice period of 20 days for Inuit firms to bid on large (more than 500k) contracts and Inuit firms will be evaluated first. Only if suitable firm is not found will others be considered Sole sourcing of smaller (less than 500k) contracts permitted to Inuit firms when available and capable xu`hJ5 `v8gCaJ5 x=4g6bsc5b3ix6g5 uri6n5 `v8g`CaJ5 xu`h8i6nk5 wk1k5 bwm8N wMstbsi6nsc5b3ix6mb NlNw6y=sc5b3ix6g5 s2lk5 x?tk5 wkw5 N1uic3g5 gnsmi6nsJ1Nd2lQ5 `v8gCaJ5 x7m wkw5 N1uic3g5 yK9ostbsNhxc5b3ix6Lt4. bm8N ryxi4 xJ3N3i6X5 yM`1b8iz3gu5 whmQ/cC/3g5. bm4fx uri6nsJ5 `v8gCaJ5 WJ1N3bsix6Lt4 gi/slt4 wk1k5 N1uic3gk5 x7m xJq5yx3gk5.

17 Contracting - Continued Inuit Content –All contracts will be evaluated for Inuit Content: head office in Kivalliq; degree of Inuit ownership; degree of Inuit employment; proportion of wages accruing to Inuit; and total purchases from Inuit firms –Based on Inuit Content all contracts receive a ‘bid adjustment’ – the more Inuit content, the greater the bid adjustment wkw5 `N7mQ/q5 –bm6u4 `v8g`CaJ5 cspn3bsc5b6ix3g5 wkw5 `N7mQ/q5tA5 ttC3=1u b`m8i r?9o3u; WJ1N3iq5 wkw5 WoEtbsiq5, `r8Ns/oxaJ5 wk1k5 g`Czi6nstbsd2lQ5 x7ml is=3=sc5b3i6nslt4 wkw5 N1uic3g5 –mo4LQ5 wkw5 W`J7uQ/q5 bm3u4 `v8g`CaJ5 bf/s?9oxJ5 xeQx6bsc5b3ix6g5 _ wkw5 WJm/q5 mo4bsi6nslt4 bwmwozic3ix6g5.

18 Contracting - Continued Contract Evaluation criteria includes: –Cost competitiveness (per the bid adjustment for Inuit content); –Continuity of supply; –Quality of work; –Contract schedule –Inuit content ` v8g`CaJ5 cspn3bsiq5 wm8Nw5`g8ix3g5: –xrQ/sJ5 bfN6bslt4 Gxgi ck6 xr`lMaJ5 xrg`MaJ5 bfN6bslt4 wkw5 WJm/q5tA5H –v`Jy8N6iq5 WoE0J`t5 –WJ1N3iq5 WoEi6j5 –v8g`CaJ5 ckwosDt4nq5 –wkw5 WJ7uQ/q5

19 Contracting - Continued Awarding of Contracts –The contractor with the highest points will be awarded the contract –If an Inuit firm bids and is not successful, Cumberland must give them an explanation –KIA may request written results of evaluations for all contractors from Cumberland, including reasons for not choosing an Inuit firm gi/sc5b6iq5 `v8g`CaJ5 _ `v8g`C4`bChx3g5 d5y`MaJu5 Nnstc3Xb gi/six6g5 `v8g`CaJi5 _ wk1i5 `s4ggc3X5 gi/sqlil, b2fx v7XM1f5 NlNw6y5yxExc3ix6g5 `h6 gi/sqJtzi5 sc5yx3lt4 ttctA5 NlNw6y/Ex`o5 _ r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q5 g4yC3ix6S5 ttC3ymJu5 ckwosDbsJ5 u4n8k5 b2fNz5 g4yC3lt4 ttcu5 v7XM1f8i5 `h6 iDxqm`zb wk1i5 N1uic3i6nsJi5.

20 Contracting - Continued Maintaining Inuit Content –Inuit content set out in contractor proposals shall become contract commitments to be maintained Contractor’s Inuit Content Plan –Contractors will be required to develop and maintain CICPs detailing how they will maintain and optimize Inuit content vmQ/siq5 wkw5 W`J7uQ/q5 _ wkw5 W`J7uQ/q5 xe4bsymix3g5 `v8g`CaJk5 g4yCstk5 bm4fx xg6bs5tx3ix3Lt4l xsMbs5yx3lt4l `v8g`Cc3i6j5 wkw5 W`J7uQ/q5tA5 X3Ns`t5 _ ` v8g`Cc3g5 wm8Nwc5bExc3ix6g5 xe4ylt4 x7m Ns5y6g3lt4 NlNw6ymJi5 wkw5 W`J7uQ/q5tA5

21 Contracting - Continued Contract with Inuit Firm –Cumberland must make all reasonable effort to negotiate a contract with Sakku for provision of catering services, including: Life of mine project (commencement of construction not including the road) Housekeeping and meal services Provision of a CICP ` v8g`Cc3t5yi6 wk1i5 N1uic3gi5 _ ` v7S3M8f5 xgD1N3il4`bD1N3iq8i5 xgExc3gix3g5 n4f4f8i5 Wp5yCwt5yi6u5 bm4fiz5: xs`M3il4`bq8i5 b2fx s/C4bEx5GWQx3=c3lt4 nN/s?9oxizi5 b7N x2dys3i6 wMscbsqLAH w[l3Jxi5 vmQ/c3i6 nl7m6nwi6 x7m ie4nk5 xe4hwi6 ttC32bsymJl4`b5 xgxl4`b6LQ5

22 Access to Facilities Cumberland shall provide KIA access to those parts of the project on IOL Cumberland will not unreasonably withhold requests for assistance for search and rescue efforts in the project area or requests for emergency shelter, gas and food v7S3M8f5 net5yix3S5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f8k5 wtD1Nstl4`baJi5 W?9oxic3t5lA wkw5 N1ui6 kNdtq8i5 v7XM1f5 ta7uux3ixqM5 g4yCsbsJi5 wvJ6bs0Jm0Jti5 b2fNz5 ei6ti`z3gi5 g4yCDbsJk5 gx=3N6gcoC/3X5, s6h3k9`l8i5 wvJ6bsJmJc3X5 iek5l

23 Research and Development Should any research and development be undertaken at the project, Cumberland will provide opportunities to KIA to participate. Examples include: –Snow fencing –Air strip design –Ice road construction –Wind power technologies ckgw8N6 cspn3i6j5 x7m W?9oxi6j5 WQx6gco3X5 bwvi WoE=sJu, v7XM1f5 W`J7unsti5 nesmt5yix3S5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f8k5 `s4gtQ2lQ5 bm4fx: _ xW5bwo0JbsJk5 x?l`Jk5 _ u5b3=5 xe4h6bsi4nq5b ttCs/3ymiq8k5 _ yf4f5 nNQx3i6 x2d7u5 _xi`C6gk5 csmdt4n6k5

24 Option to Acquire Project Assets KIA has the right to acquire Project assets, including: –Equipment, Buildings and Materials on IOL at fair market value –Assets located off IOL at fair market value subject to any rights held prior to IIBA signing Where practicable, construction of buildings and facilities will be done in a manner so they are easily moved after closure. r?9o3u wkw5 vg0ct`Q4f5 WJ1N6ic5yx3S5 tAyi6u5 W?9oxisJ5 Wdtq8i5 bm4fiz5: –nNDbsJi5, w[l3Jx3i5 x7m hNgw8NsJi5 wkw5 N1ui6 kNdtq8`i5gi5 is=x4nsoC/3Xb xrl4`glQ5 is=D1N4ic3S5 –Wd`t5 wkw5 N1ui6 kNdtq5b nixi5gi5 b7N xw?isJ5 x`pDbsMs6g6 xtos6bs`C8i4ymo6t5lA xJ3NqX5, w[l3Jx5 nN/sJ5 x7m WoE=5 xesmtbs5yxExc3ix6g5 Njgw8N6 `k5bs/Exco3Xb xJ3Nq8i6nsix6mb

25 Wildlife v7S3M8 Wcw8N3ix6g5 `s7mJ3k5 bf8NDtk5 x7m ckw5gc3g=is4X5 ttcu5 ttC3ymJi5 NlNw6g6ymJi5 ttcstc3ix6S5 gnsm4vwlt4 vg0pct`Q4f8i5 x7m `s7mJoEpx`M8i5 bwvi cmi5gx3u bm4fx i3`J`t5 gdbsJ5 hN4f`bq5 x[/6bsc5b3ix6S5 cmi5gx2 `s7mJoEpx`M4fq8k5 GmoZw5 ttC3ymJ5 mo4LQ5H Nkw5 gdbsJ5 wkw5 N1ui6 kNdtq8i st6if`bDbsix6S5 wm8N xqtQJu5 R%,))).)) g`CzlA r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f8k5 Cumberland will have a wildlife sighting and incident program that includes reporting to the KIA and Baker Lake HTO Valuable parts of killed wildlife are to be delivered to the Baker Lake HTO (subject to law) Kills of bears on IOL results in compensation of $5,000 minimum to KIA

26 Wildlife - Continued v7S3M8f5 wm8Nw5bExc3ix6S5 net5ylt4 si`voxaJu5 x3`Cab`m5 NlNw6yJu5 `s7mJ5 ckw5g=isiq8i5 v7XM1f5 wm8Nw5bExc3S5 wi9M4nwlt4, bm4fiz5 yM`jozJ5 xsM5yi6j5 X3NsbsJu5GnetbsMs6gk5 x?toEp4f8k5H bf4nD6t5yi4f5 ck6 b2fx v7XM1f5 cspnwicc5b3ix6m`zb hNgw8Nw5 wh`mlbsJ5 W0Jtq2lQ5 x?toEi6j5 Cumberland is required to submit an annual report detailing all wildlife incidents Cumberland is required to implement, at minimum, its Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Plan (as submitted to NIRB showing how Cumberland will monitor and address on-going issues related to the environment.

27 Economic, Social and Cultural Wellness cmi5gx3u wkw5 W?9ox5yx3iq8k5 si`v5 x7m wi9M4tD`t5 X3Nstq8k5: –X3`Cab`m5 si2`v6 x7m X3Ns`t5 netbs/Exc3S5 wMstbslt4 wkw5 vcmi5gx3us5, r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q5 x7m Z?>m4f5 WoEpq5 –gnD`t5 vtbsJ5 xW6hwi4f5, cspn6i4f5, wo8ixDbsJ4f5, vtc5bsti4f5l Baker Lake Inuit Wellness Report & Implementation Plan: –Annual report and plan to be developed with Inuit of Baker Lake, KIA and government agencies –Information to be gathered through interviews, surveys, studies, group sessions

28 Economic, Social and Cultural Wellness - Continued –Will address physical and mental health, alcohol and drug abuse, relationships, family issues, migration, loss of Inuktitut language and culture, job satisfaction, finances, effect of long distance employment on employees and their families and other impacts of the project –Must include recommendations of the Implementation Committee to mitigate negative impacts wvJ6bs/Ex`o5 tuuA5 whmuA5 xJDt`o5 wuxl1l5 `xz/3N6gk5l, wMQ5, egzE5 wh`mlbsJ5, wkw5 wodyq5tA5 xyspisJ5 scsy6tA5 ckgw8N6 bm8N W0Jbst5lA bm4fx x4gwicogw8NExc3mb egzEaJk5 s?`l8i5 x4gwicgw8NExc3mb nNiq8k5 bm4fx ckwosDbsd/sJ5 wi9M4tEp vtmpx`Mq8k5 ckgw8N6 x4gwicD1NDbsJ5 W0JtQ2lQ5

29 Economic, Social and Cultural Wellness - Continued –Report and Plan must be incorporated into Cumberland’s annual IIBA Implementation Report and submitted to the Implementation Committee –Cumberland must implement plans to mitigate negative impacts on Inuit of Baker Lake as agreed by the Implementation Committee –Cumberland and KIA will work together to find additional sources of funding for implementation of wellness plans si2`v5 x7m X3Ns`t5 xgo3tbsJ5 xg6bsJ4n5 b2fkz v7XM1f8k5 x3`Cab`m5 x`pDbsJ5 wi9M4t6bsiq8k5 si`v5 netbsK5 wi9M4tE`p5 vtmpx`Mq8k5 _ v7XM1f5 wi9M4nw5yxExc3S5 X3Nsbsix6gu5 x4gwic3ixqvlx3m`zb wkw5 cmi5gx3us5 xqDtQMs6bq8k5 wi8M4tE`p5 vtmpx`Mq8k5 _ v7XM1f5 x7ml r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q5WoEct`Q8ix6S5 eict`Qc5b6lt4 WoE0Jt4n3i5 `r8Ns/i5 wi9M4nw5yx3i6j5 X3NsbsJk5

30 Economic, Social and Cultural Wellness - Continued Post-Closure Inuit Wellness Strategy: –Starting in year 3 of production Cumberland will develop an annual Post-Closure Inuit Wellness Strategy in consultation with Inuit organizations, KIA and government agencies –Strategy will be region wide and address anticipated effects of closure of the mine on Inuit and the Kivalliq Region s4fx6X9oxo3t5lA wkw5 W`?9oDt4nq8k5 X3Nst4n6 –WQx3iq8i5 srs5 Wz`ho3gi wqCic3ymo6t5lA v7XM1f5 xe4yix6S5 s4fxD`mo3t5lA wkw5 W`?9ost4nq5b X3Nstzi5 scctcc5b3lt4 wkw5 vg0pct`Q4fq8i5 x7m vg0pct`Q4f8i5 x7m Z?m4f8i5 –X3NsbsJ5 bm8N gnsm/s5yx3ix6S6 r4fo`m8k5 wMscbsJk5 x4g6bsymJk5 s4fx6bsJ`mo3i4nzk5 x7ml r?9o3usk5

31 Economic, Social and Cultural Wellness - Continued –Cumberland and KIA agree to work together on finding sources and partners for the Post-Closure Strategy –Cumberland will provide funding to the KIA for a Post-Closure Inuit Wellness Implementation Fund, to be used by KIA to develop or augment third party programs aimed at post- closure mitigation on Inuit and the Kivalliq Region _ v7XM1f5 x7m r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f5 xqct`Q4S5 WoEct`Q8ix3i6u5 bs6`yct`Q8i6u5 bm8N sfx6X9oxJ`m8iz W0Jtq2lA X3NsbsJ6 _ v7XM1f5 net5yix6g5 `r8Ns/i5 g`CzlQ5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`q4f8k5 s4fx6X9oxJ`m3izk5 wkw5 W`?9ost4nc5yxD1Nd2lQ5 wi9M45nwi6j5 `r8Ns/c6tbslt4 bm4fx hN4f`b5 xesmtbsJ1Nd2lQ5 bmw8k5 r?9o3usl4`b8k5.

32 Economic, Social and Cultural Wellness - Continued Cumberland will provide KIA with annual funding to establish an Inuit Initiatives Program to support local and regional initiatives including: –Education and training in various sectors –Cultural, social and wellness activities/programs –Employment activities in various sectors –Other programs or projects of similar nature ` v7XM1f5 net5yic3ix6g5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f8k5 x3`Cab`m5 `r8Ns/c6t5yi6u5 net5yd2lQ5 wkw5 g`C6bq9k5 W?9oxi4nq8k5 g`C6bsJ5 bm0/: –wo8ix6t5yi6 x7m wonwt5yi6u5 x0p`Q4qg4f5 W?9oxi6k5 –wody6tA5, w`k8Nhx3i6, x7ml ckw5bwomtbsiq8k5 W?9oxi6k5 bmw8k5 –WoE=sJk5 x0pQq5gk5 –xyq5 W?9oxisJ5 s?`l8i5 W?9ox/sJk5 bwmw5gZMsJk5

33 Economic, Social and Cultural Wellness - Continued Cumberland will provide KIA with funding to provide business development workshops including topics such as: –Developing funding proposals –Developing business plans –Maintaining records and accounts, etc. The business development workshops may be done by KIA or in partnership with other agencies v7S3M1f5 net5yix6g5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f8k5 `r8Ns/i5 xg6bsJ4n6i5 N1uic3gk5 wo8ixDt4nsix6gk5 bm4fNi: –W?9oxi6j5 `r8Ns/5 g4yCs`t5 –W?9oxt5yi6j5 N1uic3i6j5 X3sbsJu5 –xsM5yi6 ttci5 x7m `r8Ns/oE0Jtk5 xyq8k5l N1ui6k5 W?9oxisJ5 wo8ix6`i5 WQx6bsJ1N6g5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4ff8k5 s?`l8i5 WoEctc3lt4 xyq8i5 vmpsJi5

34 In Closing KIA is proud of this IIBA. KIA has determined that this IIBA satisfies the requirements of Article 26 of the NLCA and that it meets the spirit and intent of Article 12.5.5 of the NLCA respecting socio- economic impacts. r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q4f5 nEm`htc3S5 bmguz5 x`pDbsMs6gu5 r?9o3u wkw5 vg0pct`Q5 NlNw6yK5 bmguz5 x`pDbsMs6gu5 `N7mAh1mb bmfiz5 xg6bs/ExcMs6gi5 w`M4f5 @^ ttC3ymJi5 kNK5 kNK`bDtsJ2 xqDtq8i5 x7m ckwQ/sqLi b7N WoExaMs6g6 xqD`t5 w`M4f5 xgx3bs2li !@.%.% w`kyoEi6 W?9ox0JbsJk5l g`CzJk5 !@.%.%

Download ppt "Meadowbank Project Inuit Impact & Benefit Agreement KIA – NIRB Presentation xS3t8N6gu5 WoExaJ6 wkw5 x4g6bsiq8k5 x7m wv`Jt`b3iq8k5 xqD5 r?9o3u wkw45 vg0pct`Q5."

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