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Proficiency Testing Report AGM 2001 Debbie Macey May 25, 2001.

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1 Proficiency Testing Report AGM 2001 Debbie Macey May 25, 2001

2 Accomplishments in 2000 Addition of 18 new PT parameters: »C-1A: Dissolved Strontium, Hardness »C-1B: Ammonia, Orthophosphate, DOC »C-1C: Bromide, Nitrite »C-2: Dissolved Aluminum, Barium, Beryllium, Molybdenum, Boron, Thallium, Silver, Tin, Titanium and Uranium »C-4C: Turbidity Introduction of proficiency testing for Asbestos analysts Fee reductions for: »C-11, trout »C-12, daphnia »C-13, microtox »C-14, cyanide »C-16, BTEX/THM

3 Accomplishments continued Web Data Entry System introduced »Eventually eliminate need for Preliminary Reports »Improve Report turnaround “Measurement Uncertainty for Environmental Laboratories” Historical Precision Function data »PT data analysis Membership surveys »New PT offerings »Concentration ranges Available on CAEAL website ( »Standard Operating Procedure for PT Program »Instruction sheets and Report forms »Program Committee Minutes

4 Web Data Entry: Update General Observances > 50% participation since December launch long standing members and bigger labs are early adopters Some functionality and operational issues ----> post-study meetings with 3rd party

5 Goals for 2001/2002 Achieve SCC Accreditation as a Proficiency Testing Provider (CAN-P-1593) Increase frequency of testing for Occupational Health parameters (4x per year): »C-20 asbestos »C-21 metals in air »C-28 organics in air Full implementation of Web Data Entry System Introduce Remedial Action policy: »Require labs to submit Corrective Action Plan following a PT failure Program Committee: »Continue to review concentration ranges and parameters in existing test groups »Review of PT Reports

6 Future Directions Divide C-2 (metals in water) into multiple test groups? »high vs. low concentrations »drinking water vs. waste water Addition of new microbiology tests? »E. coli »HPC »Presence/absence (E. coli; coliforms) Offer asbestos for accreditation? Addition of new Occupational Health parameters? »C-28/29: organics in air Pilot studies? »PHC in soil »TLCP leachates Addition of new volatiles to C-16? Continue to reduce PT fees? Increase PT sample frequency? »Use Precision Function data

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