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You must be connected to the internet!!

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1 You must be connected to the internet!!
Installing GSAS-II You must be connected to the internet!! You must have Administrator privilege on your computer!! This is for Windows!!

2 Finding GSAS-II – Google it
Finding GSAS-II – Google it! Pick ZipInstall - GSAS-II - Crystallography Data Analysis Software - Trac Important point here: Install EPD Free first before installing GSAS-II! Do one of these (I also have this file on a stick) - put it where you want (say C:\GSASII)

3 EPD Free Installation Get file from Enthought (I have on a stick)
(full academic version from Install file – epd_free win-x86.msi (you must have Administrative privilege on your computer) Open a console window & type python – get something like: Enter exit() to quit python

4 Install GSAS-II Open in the Windows Explorer
you should see a single folder named GSAS-II. Drag this folder to where you would like to install the software (say the C:\ drive, but could be anywhere). Open this folder in its new location Double-click on the bootstrap.bat file. A console window will open and you should see... Press Enter and the transfer of files starts. After it completes

5 GSAS-II installation cont..
you should see something like: Revision will be different!! GSAS-II will start & then immediately install pyOpenGL and stop Go to GSASII directory & find GSASII.BAT You can create shortcut & put on desktop Double click it!!

6 GSAS-II runs! Data Tree window GSAS-II plot window Data Window console
Tutorials under Help

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