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A Students Survival Guide to Computers and the Internet By: Invir Gill Tech 9 Per: 7.

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2 A Students Survival Guide to Computers and the Internet By: Invir Gill Tech 9 Per: 7

3 Top 5 Internet Safety Precautions Let me teach you five ways to keep yourself safe while your surfing the web.

4 Never share your password or username with anybody No matter how hard somebody asks you for your password, never give it to them because it has all of your private information

5 Keep Personal Info to yourself They’re many bad people out on the internet, that pretend that their age is the same as yours but they can be 30 or 40 years old. They will want to meet up somewhere so they can do something bad to you.

6 Only talk to people you know Many people fake that their age, just to get some entertainment but their age is very higher than yours.

7 Prevent Cyber Bullying Keep yourself safe and keep others safe by not talking to the bullies.

8 If It’s Too Good To Be True It Probably Isn’t True Never click on ads that pop up on your screen that say stuff like “Make $700 a Day” do not click on it, its going to be a virus.

9 Internet Safety Being safe on the internet is a very big deal because you do not know who is sitting on the other side of the screen. Try to learn as much as you can about internet safety so you can be aware of the new types of different schemes thief's use just to take your information. Just because something says “Free” doesn’t mean that it is safe, if you download a song it may be a virus that steals all of your pictures on the computer and all of your information.

10 Ergonomics Ergonomics is how efficient something is in a workplace environment. This is a very important thing because if you have a bad chair it may affect your work attitude with the other workers, which is going to result in a bad relationship. Employee’s and Employers really should worry about this because their jobs depend on their health. If health is bad then you can’t get any work done.

11 Ergonomics If you work for a long period of time in a non ergonomic workplace it can really affect you because they’re many different medical conditions that can happen to you.

12 Non Ergonomic Chair A chair like this is what people call “bad chair” and nobody likes to sit in a chair like this. I would only give this chair a 2/10, 10 being the best and 0 being the worst. Because the chair itself is something that you can sit on but it only gets the jobs done, that’s why I gave this a 2. In order to achieve anywhere near a 10, it would need a comfy headrest, nice well crafted armrest and a good suspension not a stiff one like this has.

13 Fully Ergonomic Chair This is a chair that deserves a 10/10 because the suspension is great, when you jump the chair jumps with you. No need to manually change the height and angle of the chair it self adjusts to your posture. With a sleek design this will only cost you about $600, but its worth the money.

14 Intellectual Property Intellectual Property is when rights are created to someone's artistic work, music, or other things such as books. They can be copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade dress. These are the types of “locks” you can have on your work.

15 File Sharing in Canada File sharing in Canada is illegal which means that if you download any music or video’s off the internet illegally can go to prison. The person that has made the music or video can sue you for a lot of money. There are many internet websites that have music and video’s for you to download for free but they’re usually illegal.

16 My Opinion I believe that file sharing should be legal because the artist has made their work to present to the world and if people aren’t allowed to download that art there is really no point of it even being on a website. The world still downloads music illegally but its not that big of a threat.

17 Big Words

18 Easy Bib This amazing website helps you make a bibliography without any hassle. Just copy paste the url and add in the details

19 Rate My Professors This amazing website can give you hundreds of rating on millions of different professors.

20 Study Mode This unique website help you learn how to write an essay on a certain topic. Just type in your topic in the search box and you can get hundreds of essays on that topic.

21 Youtube This website help you in every single topic there is. You can watch documentaries, lessons, TV shows and much more.

22 Google A very reliable search engine that has all of the world’s knowledge in one search bar.

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