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A.V. Systems Video Distribution And I.R. Integration.

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1 A.V. Systems Video Distribution And I.R. Integration

2 External Sources Cable T.V. and Satellite signals are considered External Sources These are wide spectrum, broadband External signals should be distributed via structured cabling using a distribution panel High quality amplifiers should be used Splitters should be avoided


4 Internal Sources Video generated within the home or building is called “Internal” Examples are VCR, DVD or demodulated satellite signals as well as closed circuit video camera signals These should be modulated and mixed with the external signals for distribution




8 A.V. Systems Infrared Control Universal Remote Programming Systems Integration

9 Characteristics of I.R. Infra Red is light that is invisible to the naked eye because it is beyond the normal wavelength that we can see It is generated by an I.R. L.E.D. It is detected by I.R. receiver Serial digital signals are modulated onto the L.E.D. and demodulated after the detector

10 I.R. Signals The signal is serial data. I.R. works on line of sight. I.R. cannot go through objects I.R. can reflect as normal light

11 Distribution It is sometimes useful to have I.R. transferred between rooms It is sometimes useful to have I.R. generated in or behind a cabinet and control a device not in “line of sight” It is sometimes useful to have I.R. control equipment in a cabinet not visible to the handheld remote control

12 Wireless I.R. distribution


14 In Cabinet Solution

15 Wired I.R. Distribution




19 Universal Remote Control and Systems Integration Pre-Programmed Learning Usually only for A.V. Equipment X-10 R.F. provides “system integration” I.R. to X-10 converter can be used X-10 to I.R. can provide programmed I.R. integration

20 Advanced Remotes Touch Screen + Hard Buttons Touch Screen programmable

21 X-10 and A.V. Systems Integration

22 Complete Control Systems The high-end Complete systems integration including theatre, lighting, security.

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