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Ecole TM Roberts School A little change will do us good.

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1 Ecole TM Roberts School A little change will do us good.

2 We are doing many things to help our environment. We….  Compost  Recycle juice boxes  Recycle plastic (#1-6)  Recycle/reduce and reuse paper  Have ‘Think Recycle’ boxes  Are a no idling school.  Have a nature garden.  Are a Power Smart school  Encourage environmental education in our classrooms.

3 Recycle  All juice boxes are collected to be recycled.  Plastics #1-6 are also carefully sorted and put into the correct bins.  Over 15 000 containers are collected each year.  Thank you to Encorp for helping us keep track of all our containers.

4 Compost  Since 2006 we have collected organic waste from snacks and lunches.  About 18 – 25 pounds of waste is collected each week.  Compost is put into our bins in our nature garden.

5  There are boxes in each classroom where paper is collected to be recycled.

6 Think Recycle  New this year is the Think Recycle boxes. Here anyone can return inkjet and laser cartridges as well as cell phones. For every twelve qualifying items a tree is planted.

7 No idling  We encourage parents and staff not to idle around the school or in the community. Please obey our signs and do not idle around our School while picking up and dropping off students.

8 Nature Garden  Need time to reflect on the benefits of nature, come and see our nature garden.  In 2005 a garden was built for the enjoyment of our school and neighborhood.  In 2008 the garden was extended to the front of our school. This garden includes a tree planted in memory of one of our students.



11 Education  Teaching about nature and exposing children to nature is important.  Several classes go outside regularly to teach lessons.


13 Remember to turn out the lights when you are leaving a empty classroom. Here at TM we believe in being Power Smart!!!

14 Thank you to the teachers, staff and students for making some small changes that will help TM Roberts be and stay green.

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