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Business Card Design.

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1 Business Card Design

2 Four Design Principles
Contrast Repetition Alignment Proximity

3 CONTRAST Contrast is one of the most effective ways to add visual interest to your business card. Contrast is created when two elements are different. It also helps organize your information. For contrast to be effective the elements should be very different.



6 Repetition Repetition is repeating some aspect of your design throughout the entire piece. The purpose of repetition is to unify and add visual interest. Avoid repeating the element too much.

7 Repetition

8 Alignment Nothing should be placed on the card or letterhead arbitrarily. Every element should have a visual connection with one another. Alignment helps unify and organize. Pay attention to where you place items.

9 Alignment

10 Alignment

11 Proximity When items are in close proximity to each other they become one visual unit. Items related to each other should be grouped together. If the information is organized it is more likely to be read and remembered.

12 Proximity

13 Proximity

14 Proximity Try this~ Squint your eyes and count the number of visual elements on the card by counting the number of times that your eyes stop. If there are more than four separate elements try and group some together.

15 Lets Review Contrast- create interest on the card and organize
Repetition- Unify and add visual interest Alignment- Visual connection Proximity- organize visual units




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