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Henry Ford Ford Model-T & The Cycle of Prosperity.

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2 Henry Ford Ford Model-T & The Cycle of Prosperity

3 Ford Model-T In 1908, Henry Ford built a car which everyone could afford to buy. It was slow, ugly and difficult to drive, and was nicknamed “Tin Lizzie” by the American people.

4 The Ford Model-T The attraction of the Ford Model-T was that its price never increased. Costing $1200 in 1909, the price in 1928 was only $295. By 1929 Ford was producing more than one car per minute.

5 Mass Production Ford was able to sell cars at a low cost because they were mass-produced and every part was Standardized (only one colour and one engine size were available). By producing a large number of cars on an Assembly Line Ford needed fewer skilled workers, and that cut the cost of salary.

6 Mass Production In 1913, Ford invented the Assembly Line to speed up production.

7 Key Quote – Henry Ford How would this have helped to cut production costs? «A customer can have any colour he likes for his car as long as it's black.»

8 Assembly Lines ‘… each man and each machine do only one thing... the thing is to keep everything in motion and take the work to the man, not the man to the work’ Henry Ford 1925 The way an assembly line works is: a car frame is put on a conveyer belt and each person puts one piece on every car that comes down the line.

9 Car Industry Mass productions & Standardization lead to increased car sales. More Standardized parts are needed More jobs are created in other industries. SteelGlassRubberLeather More people with jobs means that they can afford to buy a car! Jobs in Diners, Motels & Gas Stations. More oil is used More roads are built The Cycle of Prosperity!

10 Aerial view of the Rouge Plant in 1930 In 1929, there were men working in this factory.

11 Henry Ford July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947 Henry Ford was definitely a great inventor and made a huge effect on our world. Just imagine what our world would be like without cars! Henry Ford also made an effect on our lives by creating the assembly line. His assembly line helped bring down prices which helped people because cars were cheaper. His idea was used in other factories and also helped the prices of other items go down." "Another great thing he did for society was to create jobs for people. It took lots of people to build a car and they were well paid, which helped their families live better lives."

12 Let’s Roll Away! Instructions Answer the questions on page 3 of your Student Booklet Pair up to discuss and to compare your answers. You will be evaluated for Competency 1 here so let’s speak English Teacher: press PAUSE!!

13 ROLL AWAY ! Question 1 : When did Henry Ford make his first Model-T? Question 2: What was its selling price? (before the assembly line) In $

14 Question 3 : How many Model-T cars were built? Question 4 : When did Henry Ford start the assembly line? ROLL AWAY ! One per minute In 1913 Question 5 : Why did Henry Ford start the assembly line? Ford invented the idea of using an Assembly Line to speed up production.

15 Question 6 : How does an assembly line work? Question 7 : What are some things Henry Ford did that helped society? ALMOST THERE ! A car frame is put on a conveyer belt and as the car moves, each person adds a part. He invented the assembly line which helped lower the prices, he created jobs, he made cars more accessible.

16 Question 8 : How can we use Henry Ford's idea in our lives? HERE, WE ARE ! If we work together, we can get the job done more quickly.

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