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By Olivia Bast and Rebecca Bertrand The Dirty Thirties.

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1 By Olivia Bast and Rebecca Bertrand The Dirty Thirties

2 Introduction The Dirty Thirties happened from It was a time of relentless dust storms, caused by drought and poor farming methods. The dust storms transformed the Great Plains into a desert and lengthened the Great Depression.

3 Causes of the Dirty Thirties Poor agricultural practices were the cause of the dust storms. They were made worse by a seven year drought and a heat wave which happened at the same time. Farming had removed the grasses which covered the prairies, allowing the soil to be blown up into huge dust clouds. Sometimes the dust storms were big enough to blot out the sun.

4 Area The dust storms covered over 100 million acres of land. They centered on Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and parts of Colorado and New Mexico. More than 500,000 people were displaced due to the storms. There was a total of 27 states affected.

5 Effects of the Dust Storms The dust storms prevented people from being able to grow their crops. People tried to keep the dust out, but even the best sealed houses had layers of dust in them. The dust was also a major health hazard.

6 People Affected by the Dirty Thirties Because the dust storms lasted for several years, the people were breathing dust constantly. This caused a disease called dust pneumonia, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. Preparation was also impossible, as no one knew when the dust storms were coming.

7 People Displaced by the Dust Storms The largest migration in American history was caused by the dust storms. Most people migrated to California, but found that the economy was just as poor.

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