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1 HSRO, Thailand National Health System Reform : toward healthy Thailand.

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1 1 HSRO, Thailand National Health System Reform : toward healthy Thailand

2 2 The Old Health Paradigm HSRO, Thailand Focus on biomedic al cure diseases

3 3 HSRO, Thailand

4 4 Changing of the Pattern & of Health Problems HSRO, Thailand CD. NCD. & new emerging dis.

5 5 Increasing of Social pathology Biosocial related HSRO, Thailand

6 6 More problems in Health Care Systems Equity HSRO, Thailand Quality Efficiency

7 7 Philosophy & Directions & Strategies of NHS : not clear No National mechanism to oversee NHS. HSRO, Thailand

8 8 (Biosocial Health Systems) (Biomedical Health Systems) HSRO, Thailand

9 9 Dynamics IndividualEnvironment Health Care systems Security Economic/political Physical/biological Cultural/religious Technological Genetic Behavior Health Spiritual Communication and transportation Population/ educational Quality/efficiency Public/private Equity/coverage Types and levels of services Health and Relating / Contributing Factors Wibulpolprasert, S. Belief system Life style HSRO, Thailand

10 10 HSRO, Thailand *HSRO was set up under HSRI HSRO* Partnership building Knowledge generation Drafting The NH Act Public communication NHSRC HSRI Board Technical Advices HSRI MoPH

11 11 Prawase Wasi HSRO, Thailand Political linkage Knowledge generationSocial movement The that moves the mountain

12 12 Framework for National Health System Reform  Building Health  EQE/Holistic/Evidence-based  Participatory/Transparency  Consumer Focused  Legislative framework  National Health Committee  Knowledge Management  Panership Building  Public Communication  Management  Chair by PM  3 years mandate Civic involvement  Wisdom  Partnership  Public hearing/education/ relation NHSRC Strategies National Health Act Desirable Health System HSRO, Thailand

13 13 The New Strategy of New Health Systems focus on ill - health (disease oriented) focus on good - health (well being oriented) Shift to HSRO, Thailand

14 14 HSRO, Thailand Health: A complete, holistic and balanced state of physical, mental, spiritual and social being. Spiritual : A thorough understanding of the root causes of all worldly tribulations, which lead to total empathy and tolerance to all. (Draft of the National Health Bill)

15 15 National Health Bill drafting Process = Social movement (interactive learning through action) Result = Direction of NHS. + Dynamic mechanism to oversee NHS. Health Constitution HSRO, Thailand

16 16 Goals of NHSR “ To achieve a desirable national HS in which ‘ health promotion takes a more precedent role than its curative counterpart ’, and is based on the concept of “ sufficient health ”, inviting the people to take part in being an active partner in their HS for sustainable health ” HSRO, Thailand

17 17 Good health/well- being approach Right, Duty and Health Security National H. Commission, Health Assembly Policy & Strategy Consumer Protection Health Promotion Knowledge Creativity and KM. Health Threatening Prevention & Control Information & Communication Health Care System & QC. HRH. Local Wisdom in Health Health Financing Contents of NH.Bill HSRO, Thailand

18 18 Health Assembly (HA) (local area specific HA, issue specific HA, national HA) to create participatory healthy public policy to encourage social interactive learning through action to generate knowledge related to health & well - being

19 19 Success of Health Systems Reform in Thailand HFA AFH National Health Bill (draft) As the principle decree for Health Systems (Health Constitution) As a mechanism for participatory public policy formulation National Health Security Act (2002) Reform of health care financing system to achieve universal coverage Thai Health Promotion Foundation Act (2001) Utilization of the 2% “sin tax” to facilitate sustainable health promotion in all dimensions (physical, mental, social and spiritual) 1 3 2 MoPH People & Social Academics & Professional Sectors Other gov. sectors HSRO, Thailand

20 20 Lessons learned 1. Health paradigm shift Health as absence of disease Health as well-being HSRO, Thailand

21 21 Total health systems Public health systems Health Care systems

22 22 Lessons learned (cont.) 2. Provide opportunity and means for all sectors to participate All for Health (interactive learning through action) Health for All HSRO, Thailand

23 23 Lessons learned (cont.) 3. An essential mechanism Strategic management Create collaboration Encourage participatory learning process through collaborative practice Knowledge management HSRO, Thailand

24 24 P.O. Box 9, Talad Kwan, Nonthaburi 11002, Thailand Tel. 66-2-590-2304 Fax. 66-2-5902311 e-mail: home page: National Health System Reform Office

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