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Office of the Vice-Dean, Programs: What we do and what is new

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1 Office of the Vice-Dean, Programs: What we do and what is new
Liz Smyth Vice-Dean, Programs

2 Vice Dean Programs works - as part of the three person decanal team - with the four SGS directors and their staff - with graduate chairs, administrators and Vice Deans Graduate Education - with the Offices of the Vice Provosts, Academic Programs and Faculty and Academic Life 65 St George 63 St George

3 WHAT IS NEW: UTQAP Final Oral Examination
Graduate Faculty Membership appointment process

4 University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP)
Collaboration with the Office of the Vice Provost (Academic) in new program development and program review Collaboration at the divisional level for ‘minor modifications’ such as admission and program changes, including new course

5 Final Oral Examination (FOE)
Advise Chairs with respect to membership in the Graduate Faculty Approve the Composition of the Final Oral Examination Committee and Appraiser/External Examiner

6 FOE External Appraiser/ Examiner Approval Processes
Pre-approval (online system) Allows pre-approval of external appraiser Speeds up final approval for FOE committee Creates permanent & accessible record

7 FOE Online

8 FOE External Appraisers/ Examiners
Who qualifies? External to U of T (and affiliated hospitals / institutes) Demonstrated expert in field Academic appointment – Assoc. Prof. + (or qualifications for such an appointment if not an academic) What disqualifies? Collaborations w/ candidate or co/supervisor(s) Frequency of use Supervisory relationship w/ candidate or co/supervisor(s) Where to look for SGS criteria for external appraisers

9 Communication between PhD Candidate and external appraiser
“The candidate is to be instructed not to communicate with the External Appraiser/ Examiner until the examination is underway.” 2010/2011 School of Graduate Studies Calendar p. 56

10 Watch for Upcoming Changes: Graduate Faculty Membership (GFM)
Aligning Graduate Faculty Membership with current University of Toronto Appointment policies Addition of explicit category “Associate-limited” to accommodate non tenure/tenure track individuals who perform specific duties Development of an online GFM system

11 We look forward to working with you:
Liz Smyth, Vice-Dean Programs Angelique Plata, EA to Vice Deans Jeananne Robertson, EA to Vice Deans

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