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Taking Part in Office Tasks Answering phones & taking messages… Sending E-mails… Photocopying/Faxing… Filing & Organising… Researching other companies/marketing/

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2 Taking Part in Office Tasks Answering phones & taking messages… Sending E-mails… Photocopying/Faxing… Filing & Organising… Researching other companies/marketing/ projects… Shadowing Team Members Understanding the different roles in the office… Have an insight on what they actually do… Taking part in tasks for them… Visiting Other Schools Observing visits & interacting

3 Work Based Learning – an on-going process focusing on finding the work experience placements. Specialise in visiting companies and doing Health & Safety checks. Organising different schools and producing their work placement forms. Curriculum Based Learning – focus on creating projects for schools. Split into four categories; working with primary schools, overall schools, special-needs schools and, children with difficulty in learning. School projects = ‘Healthy Snacks’, ‘Max the cash’, ‘Money4Life’, ‘Skills4Life’ Central Team – focusing on the financial and ICT side of the company and also the office admin.

4 MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAY 9.00 WEX interviews at Arbour Vale School 9.30 Work Experience Team Shadowing Curriculum Based Learning Shadowing Overview of Primary and shadowing 10.00 Induction 10.30 Read Policies & sign forms Design “Healthy Snacks” Flyer 11.30 Health& Safety video Office Tasks 12.00 Lunch 1.00 FilingOffice TasksAttend “Money For Life” at Wexham School Office Tasks – PowerPoint on WEX Office Tasks 4.00 End of the Day 4.30 End of the Day

5 LUNCH 1/ Induction with Verena: in the induction with Verena, I learnt about how the company is structured and the basic risk assessments within the company. 2/ Reading Policies & signing forms: I started by signing an emergency contact form in case of any emergencies. I also began to read the companies policies, which stated various information, for example; the dress code, health and safety and tips to deal with bullying. 3/ Health & Safety Video: by watching the H&S video and filling in a Q&A form, I was able to understand the health and safety procedures in the building and also how to prevent hazards. 4/ Filing: this was my first proper office task. I had filed away the work experience company forms in alphabetical order and learnt the importance of organisation.

6 1/ Work Experience shadowing (Anne): the first thing I had done for the WBL team was coming up with several images for the new cover of their SKILLS FOR LIFE leaflets. This allowed me to show the company my creative skills. I was then given an insight on what the WBL do. I learnt that they had an on-going process of finding work placements, ringing the company, sending company forms out, visiting companies for health and safety checks, confirm work placements and, issuing out work experience forms to the students. LUNCH 2/ Office Tasks: to finish off the day with, I was given another creative task which allowed me to make the EBP’s introductory work experience PowerPoint look more interesting and appealing to the students.

7 1/ Curriculum Based Learning Shadowing (Vinisha): Vinisha had taken me through the different aspects of her job and the rest of the CBL teams jobs. She had shown me different examples of the projects she runs throughout the schools and the structure of the job. Before lunch, she gave me a task of creating another flyer for her school project “Healthy Snacks” and making it appealing to teenagers. She was impressed with the flyer which I was happy with! LUNCH 2/ Attending “Money For Life” at Wexham School (Vinisha): by having the opportunity of being able to attend an enterprise talk by the EBP and a special guest from Nationwide, I was very interested to see how important it is to save money and to be more responsible with it. Even though I was observing the talk, I found it beneficial for both me and the Post-16 students and Wexham.

8 1/ WEX interviews at Arbour Vale schools (Jeanette): in these interviews with Arbour Vale year 11 students, it was interesting to see their reactions to their work placements and how Jeanette sorts them out. 2/ Office Tasks: the first office task I had to do before lunch was to photocopy a number of work experience company forms and make up EBP information packs that would then be given to selected companies. I had also learnt how to use a photocopier machine properly. LUNCH 3/ Office Tasks: My final task of the day was to create a PowerPoint of my week at the EBP. Before the week is over, this gave me a chance to reflect over my achievements this week and all the new skills I have learnt, e.g. communicating with people, increasing my confidence with a large group of people.

9 1/ Overview of Primary Schools and shadowing (Lucy): here I had got the opportunity to get to know another member of the CBL team (LUCY) and understood what she did for the Primary Schools in terms of furthering their education. 2/ Office Tasks: My first office task was to help Lucy by finding another fun activity for the primary schools to use, relating to Geology, which she could use for her visit to a primary school next week. I was able to find a suitable activity for a group of year3 students, which she was pleased with and is going to use. 3/ Office Tasks: In order for Lucy to carry out her activities with her primary schools, she needed to collect her resources, which I accompanied her with. After coming back, I was then given the task, for Lucy, to gather suitable images for one of her story-telling projects. As this also pleased her, I had my Debrief with Anne Nagorski about my week at the EBP. I completed my work experience PowerPoint, again reflecting over my last day at the office. LUNCH

10 During my Debrief with Anne Nagorski, I found that: -A lot of the members of the team that I had worked with had been pleased with my help - They were impressed with the level of work that I had created - I had been able to easily communicate myself with them - I had “matched the quality of my work with my personality” which was pleasing - I had really enjoyed myself at the EBP and have developed a lot of new and important skills.

11 Over the week of my work experience, I have… improved my communication skills within a large group of people increased my confidence in a working environment found everybody really friendly and nice to work with learnt how to photocopy! completed a number of creative tasks interacted with different people

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