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Collect a range of images depending on what images you want on your bag. These will be your inspiration.

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2 Collect a range of images depending on what images you want on your bag. These will be your inspiration.

3 Collect a range of images of different cushions to give you an idea of what products are available.

4 Product Analysis Describe the product What is it made from? Who is it for? Who is the intended buyer? What type of product is it? Do you like it? What do you like about it and why? Describe the shape, size, pattern, colour? Is it safe? Why? Is it strong? Why? What is its function? Does it do its job? How well is it made? Does it look and feel good? Research an existing cushion, glue it in this box and answer the questions around the box about your cushion.

5 Place bags under table so that Try not to hold scissors Always ask the teacher Always mop up spillages so that nobody If you have an accident Only person at a time should be Make sure you read instructions Tape measures are made from material that will not Fabric scissors should never be used to Pinking shears cut with a serrated edge. If you need to, hold them face down by the blades Before you use the iron Slips and hurts themselves Before you use equipment or goods Using the sewing machine Nobody trips over them whilst walking round the classroom Cut paper because this will blunt them Stretch so that measurements are always correct They are used to stop the edges of material from fraying Always tell your teacher straight away Can you match up the rules of the textile classroom? Rules of the textile classroom!

6 Alter this setting to change the length of the stitch that you need on your work. This is a sharp – ended piece of metal that punctures the fabric allowing us to sew. This changes the direction of the stitch allowing you to sew the opposite way and also stops your threads from coming undone. This takes up the thread from the reel to get ready for the next stitch. These are the small teeth under the pressure foot that move the fabric along. This turns on a light at the side of the machine, reducing the strain on your eyes. You unscrew this component to replace the needle with a new one. This is where you attach the thread to the machine so that it doesn't slip. This is where you rest and manipulate the fabric when you are machining it. This holds the fabric in place when stitching so that it moves evenly and smoothly. Allows you more control over the needle to do very precise stitching. This allows you to switch between different types of stitches. Stitch Length Dial Take – Up – Lever Thread Holder Pattern Selector Needle Needle Clamp Pressure Foot Light Power Switch Hand Wheel Reverse Lever Feed Dog Plate Label the name with the action by writing the correct name under the right box.

7 More than 300,000 people visited the Banksy exhibition in Bristol. The Banksy Vs Bristol Museum exhibition saw people queuing for up to six hours to gain admission. Visitors to the free show donated more than £45,000 towards museum funds - roughly the amount usually collected across an entire year. On its last day people were queuing before dawn to see the exhibition. Banksy charged Bristol City Council £1 to stage the exhibition in his home town on condition all CCTV footage of him preparing the show was destroyed. Born in Bristol in 1974 Before becoming an underground graffiti artist he was a trained butcher Currently lives in Bristol. Banksy creates his pieces of work using stencils. This was so that he could spray his works quickly without getting caught by the police. Banksy’s work has been seen on the streets of Bristol, London, New York and Birmingham!!! Both Christina Aquilera and Kate Moss have pieces of his work. Paying up to £50,000!!

8 Artist Name: 1)Fill the box with descriptive words to describe the work you are studying. 2)Facts about the artist. DOB: DOD: Where they live(d): Style of work (e.g. sculpture): Themes: 4) What do you think about the work? 5) How do you think you will be inspired by the work? GLUE A PICTURE OF THE ARTISTS WORK HERE! 3) Write a description for the following words using the work of the Artist: Colour Pattern Shape Texture Style

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