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Consumer Futures in Tourism TMI Conference, 15 October 2004 David Geddes.

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2 Consumer Futures in Tourism TMI Conference, 15 October 2004 David Geddes

3 Socio-Demographic Travel Destinations Expectations

4 Socio-Demographic Travel Destinations Expectations

5 Going up…disposable income Real* Household Disposable Income per Head in the UK. Note:Index (1971=100). *Adjusted to real terms using the expenditure deflator for the household sector. Source:Office for National Statistics 2002

6 Going up...spend on discretionary items Source: Mintel, British Lifestyle 2002 Note: £bn* - Gross Discretionary Spend Long Term Household Expenditure Trends 1991 - 2006

7 Going up…the Middle Class Note:Unweighted base. All persons aged 16 or over. Socio-economic group is based on the informants own job (or last job if not in employment). Excludes those in Armed forces or people who have never worked.. Source:Office for National Statistics 2002

8 Going up…older age groups Note: Percentage of total UK population by age category. Projections based on 1991 census data. Source: CACI, 2001

9 “Silver Surfers” Going Up

10 The Peter Pan Generation Going Up

11 The Convenience Society

12 Socio-Demographic Travel Destinations Expectations

13 Going Up Going Places

14 Going up…no frills 0 4000 8000 12000 16000 20000 199719981999200020012002 ’000’s passengers EasyJet Ryanair Source: CAA/ * *Note: easyJet purchase of Go.

15 Going up...visiting friends and relatives Note: Domestic staying visits within the UK staying with friends or relatives (millions) Source: UKTS 1990-2002 Millions

16 Note: Domestic staying visits within the UK for business purposes (millions) Source: UKTS 1995-2002, readjusted pre-2000 Going tourism

17 Going up…short breaks Note: Domestic holidays of 1-3 nights within the UK (millions) Source: UKTS 1995-2002, readjusted pre-2000 Millions

18 Going down…domestic long holidays England and UK Overseas Note: UK residents long holidays (+4 nights) to England and abroad (millions ) Source: Social Trends Dataset, BTA 1971–1998. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 1971197319751977197919811983198519871989199119931995199719992001 * Change in data collection methodology * Millions

19 Going down... overseas visitors (exc VFR) 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 19951996199719981999200020012002 Thousands

20 Going up... UK Tourism Balance of Payments Deficit - £13bn swing in 13 years! Source: IPS 2002

21 Socio-Demographic Travel Destinations Expectations

22 Cities Going Up

23 Traditional Resorts Going Down

24 Still popular…trips to the sea side Places visited for a day out in 2003 Source: BMRB/Mintel - Days Out - UK - April 2004

25 Going Up Getting Away from Cars

26 Going Up Hankering for the Med lifestyle - all year round

27 Going Up Homogeneity

28 Going Up Desire to escape Homogeneity

29 Going Up Authenticity

30 Going Up Being by Water

31 Going Up Eating and drinking by Water

32 Most Visitor Attractions Going Down

33 Going Up Destinations based on inspiration

34 Brands Going Up

35 Budget Hotels - they have established a new benchmark for minimum standards

36 Quality Independents and “Boutiques” Going Up

37 Casinos Going Up

38 Socio-Demographic Travel Destinations Expectations

39 of Quality Going Up

40 Learning about quality from the Competition It is quicker and cheaper to get to Dubrovnik than to Windermere from London

41 Lots of tourists (on short break from London?)

42 Nice places to eat, drink and people watch Nice places to Shop

43 Nice to Promenade

44 Pedestrian Friendly

45 Quality from ground up

46 No Gaudy Facia


48 Quality Street Furniture

49 Nice at night

50 Animated

51 Strong Cultural Offer

52 Modern Toilets

53 Lesson from the Competition They Seem to Care More The Quality matches modern expectations

54 For copy of the presentation, please email dgeddes@locum-

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