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Supporting vulnerable schools through partnership Surrey Governors AGM 2014.

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1 Supporting vulnerable schools through partnership Surrey Governors AGM 2014

2 8 Primary Schools – 3 Ofsted “Outstanding”, 2 “Good”, 1 not inspected, 1 “RI” but SATs results 44%- 86% in 2 years, 1 Special Measures 2 Teaching Schools 2 Commissioned services Strategic partnerships- LA’s, NCTL, CfBT, United Learning Who are we?

3 What drives us? The White Horse Federation holds the following 9 tenets as the foundation for the work of The Trust Talk straight and create shared information and open communication systems. Demonstrate respect and take responsibility by being clear in your goals and articulating a compelling vision of success. Understand the need for continual and on-going learning at all levels of the organisation. Have a relentless focus on ALL results and strive to get even better by clarifying expectations and energising systems and structures. Share power and influence and create high involvement and engagement at all levels but then practice accountability. Create transparency, right wrongs, show loyalty. Listen first to all stakeholders and communities within our family, keep commitments, earn and extend trust. Ensure all learners, not just pupils, understand that learning is characterised by collaborative work, joint problem solving and effectively communicating ideas. Ensure all learners are fully engaged in the process of learning and participate in a varied range of learning activities matched to their individual needs, interests and capabilities.

4 Our partnership values?

5 Our view of school improvement Eddy – my local mechanic Robert Stroud -murderer

6 “Habilis” Latin root of rehabilitate – “to invest again with dignity”. Mechanistic Rehabilitate Formulaic Export/Import model All about “fixing” and fixes Legacy driven – its worked in the past Imposed model of SI Sterile- focus on the head not heart Systemic Sustainable Partnership driven Creative and bespoke All about development Engaging Mutually beneficial The noun rehabilitation comes from the Latin prefix re-, meaning “again” and habitare, meaning “make fit.” Our view of school improvement

7 Who is involved in school improvement? Shared mission and intent LA aims, goals and statutory duties Teaching School/ NCTL and DfE aims and goals Local schools aims and goals

8 Who could be involved in the school improvement cycle? It’s a team effort NLE’s NLG’s LLE’s Consultant Headteachers SLE’s SLE “lite” programme Local Authority

9 The process – getting the picture? Information stage Talk to stake holders Ofsted reports Work scrutiny Data

10 Understanding stage Dialogue with stake holders Recognise the successes Identify the weaknesses Learn the history The process – developing the perceived picture?

11 The process – focus on the future? Design and delivery Jointly create R.A.P. Celebrate and export successes Communicate widely Support key areas of underperformance

12 The process – our behaviours when engaged with a school? Leadership Mentor AdvisorsRole modelCoach

13 Does it work- you decide? 2011 Now The Times bottom 200 school in country Lousy Ofsted report Put into a category 78% staff turnover p.a. SATs at 44% Known as a “Hard to shift school” Still RI but we WANT an inspection Last year SATs at 86% across the board This year SATs predicted at 92+% Significant staff loyalty and retention Mountford Manor Primary School – became one of our schools 2011

14 Does it work- you decide? Special Measures May 2009 We started managing it September 2010 “Outstanding progress in just one year – Ofsted March 2013- Ofsted “…This is a GOOD school; Achievement of pupils is GOOD, Quality of teaching is GOOD, Behaviour and safety is GOOD, Leadership and management is GOOD…” And by the way it is a specials BESD school!

15 Thank you and any questions @capstick_nick

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