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All you want to know about World War 2 The ups and downs of living in the time of a war.

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1 All you want to know about World War 2 The ups and downs of living in the time of a war.

2 All you need to know about WW2 In this collection of information, you will find out about: The R.A.FThe R.A.F, Rationing, The Factories, War-time cooking, A child’s perspective of war, Hitler, Churchill and Chamberlain, Evacuees, How the war started, and why it ended.Rationing,The Factoriesar-time cookingA child’s perspective of warHitlerChurchill and ChamberlainvacueesHow the war startedand why it ended

3 The R.A.F The R.A.F pilots were a group of soldiers who flew in bomber planes, attempting to bomb the enemy from above. The name R.A.F stands for the Royal British Airforce. The Royal British Airforce Were a big part of our Win against Germany, and without them we would probably speak German.

4 Rationing Food and clothes were rationed so that there was enough food, and enough clothes. The reason food was rationed was because the Germans destroyed the boats carrying our supplies and we had little left. The reason clothes were rationed is so that parachutes could be made with the material instead of clothes, and children could only have new have clothes if it was absolutely necessary.

5 Factories Women were sent to factories to work. They had to work tirelessly to make things like ammo and parachutes. The women were determined to help save the men.

6 War-time cooking In the war supplies were short so we had to make basic dishes, for example… LORD WOOLTONS VEGETABLE PIE,MACARONI AND BACON DISH,PARSNIP PUDDING, CARROT COOKIES,POTATO PIGLETS, LIVER SAVOURY,CHEESE PUDDING and SKIRLY-MIRLY, and sometimes they weren’t very nice.

7 A child’s perspective of war Most children involved in war felt insecure and unstable, worrying about family members fighting or in danger. The war shook them all up, and left some without parents.

8 Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on 20th of April 1889. Hitler was a serial prankster, often playing jokes on his generals. Hitler led the Nazis in an invasion of Britain. Hitler committed suicide 10 days after his 56 th birthday (the 30th April 1945).

9 Churchill and Chamberlain Chamberlain was England's Prime Minister when the war started, but Churchill took over near to the end of the war.

10 Evacuees Evacuees were children who were taken away from their families, and placed with another one in the country,until it was safe to go back to their home town. Evacuees all had mixed emotions about their new homes. Some loved it, were treated well and wanted to stay,but others hated it and were used for unpaid labour (Work that you don’t get paid for).

11 How the war started Germany wanted to take revenge for Germany’s defeat in the Great War by expanding Germany’s empire. In 1938, the Nazi party invaded Austria and then on the 15th March 1939 they invaded Czechoslovakia (Now 2 countries called the Czech republic and Slovakia.)

12 Why it ended The war ended because the United States used atomic weapons. On 8 May 1945, people accepted Germany’s surrender, about a week after Adolf Hitler had committed suicide.

13 Always remember your pride in our country...

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