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Innovation in the Food Industry – "Are you ready to be open?" Pete Moores Head of Sales and Marketing

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1 Innovation in the Food Industry – "Are you ready to be open?" Pete Moores Head of Sales and Marketing

2 Agenda Introduction to the Faraday - our OI credentials Innovation in the food industry What it means to be Open - A check-list for Open Innovation Simple, low risk steps to take first


4 By utilising science and technology we deliver improvements in quality, efficiency and profitability which can lead to sustained competitive advantage

5 We are instrumental in generating solutions that our clients have said would not have been possible without our intervention

6 We maintain a growing network of relevant science and technology contacts, including resources within the food supply chain, other industry sectors and researchers from across the globe. By remaining impartial we can locate the most appropriate knowledge and expertise to meet our clients’ needs

7 Our skilled team of Innovation Consultants are passionate about serving the food supply chain and dedicated to making things happen for businesses

8 3D Moulding platform technology Make 3d shaped components on demand, at the line Facilitating automatic placing Mould an ‘impossible’ 4 braid plait Have agreement with multi national company for exclusive trials

9 Hygienic Quick Change Depositor The current issues with conventional deposition 50 year old technology Not fit for modern day lines Cleaning, micro / segregation Changeover Machine reliability after ‘strip down’ The reality Instantaneous changeovers No food contact Allergen friendly Manufacturing agreement with Sapcote Engineering Solutions Ltd

10 Innovation in the food industry

11 Innovation in the sector Process Production and distribution efficiency, speed, and flexibility Product Success depends on product quality Market Making what the market wants

12 Innovation in the sector UK Innovation Survey 2,707 manufacturing firms R&D Intensity 10 th Developing a new to the world product 8 th Breadth of search 6 th Depth of search 9th Machinery Chemicals Transport Electrical Plastics Basic metals Non-metallic minerals Paper and printing Food, drink and tobacco Other Wood Fabric. metal products Textiles

13 When the industry collaborates Study of 21 highly active R&D firms Compared food to polymers and equipment sectors Showed % of companies seeking collaboration for different areas of innovation Markets Existing New Existing Technology New 031 2771

14 What it means to be Open A check-list for Open Innovation

15 An Open Innovation checklist 1.Support from top management 2.Create an Open Innovation culture 3.Make appropriate structural changes a)Most common seems to be Open Innovation teams 4.Develop knowledge of the company 5.Obtain the right blend of skills 6.Motivation of operatives

16 Some first steps

17 Starting slowly 1.Review business objectives What are core and critical, what are not 2.Analyse innovation projects to date Which supported business objectives and which didn’t Analyse record of open projects, which failed and why 3.Map hot spots of relevant innovation around the periphery of the business 4.Survey to find out barriers to innovation Staff, suppliers, customers, collaborators

18 Starting slowly 5.Quantify the gap between your company and competitors innovation achievements Define the number of enabling technologies that can be sourced more effectively 6.Identify the 10 most important company and industry innovations in the past 5 years Understand the origins of these ideas 7.Understand the future market drivers of your sectors Link them to technology development 8.Then look at systems To capture and circulate key ideas within and outside company Rules on which technologies will be imported and exported Measure and reward progress

19 Thank you! Tel: 01664 420066 Email: Web:

20 References Soumodip Sarkar and Ana I.A. Costa, Trends in Food Science & Technology, Volume 19, Issue 11, November 2008, Pages 574-580, Food Innovation Management KELD LAURSEN and AMMON SALTER (2007) OPEN FOR INNOVATION: THE ROLE OF OPENNESS IN EXPLAINING INNOVATION PERFORMANCE AMONG U.K. MANUFACTURING FIRMS, Department of Industrial Economics and Strategy, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark & Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London, London, U.K. Traill, W.B. and Meulenberg, M.T.G. (2002), “Innovation in the food industry”, Agribusiness, Vol. 18 No. 1, pp. 1-21. Institute for Manufacturing (2009) How to implement Open Innovation – lessons from studying large multinational companies, University of Cambridge Blackwell & Fazzina (2008) Open Innovation – Facts, Fiction and Future, Nerac Rigby & Zook (2002) Open Market Innovation, Harvard Business Review Frances T.J.M. Fortuin & S.W.F. (Onno) Omta (2009) Innovation drivers and barriers in food processing, British Food Journal, Vol. 111 No. 8, 2009, pp. 839-851

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