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Welcome to the 2014 Royalist Army Council Presentation All ‘slides’ in this presentation will be held on the RA Web Site.

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2 Welcome to the 2014 Royalist Army Council Presentation All ‘slides’ in this presentation will be held on the RA Web Site

3 Agenda Discipline Rules of Engagement Planning for Practise Re-Organisation Progress Rob’s Presentation on Numbers Long Service Medals ROMP Election of LG and Tertio CO’s Musters and Events Other News

4 Discipline

5 From the Officers Handbook Officers are in post as line managers of the Society; this makes them responsible for: – a. Management of people within the Society b. Performance of people within the Society, both on and off the field c. Safety of people in the Society, both on and off the field d. The standards of dress of the members, as set by the chain of command, e. The attitude of Society members, both on and off the field

6 Discipline Insults to Camp Guard Refusal to show cards Officers are responsible for their men, both on and off the field CO’s Responsibility for Temporary Members The member is responsible for the actions of the sponsored person and will in the event of misbehaviour be treated as though he/she had misbehaved themselves. Nantwich issues - Caroline

7 Discipline No one inebriated is to be allowed to take to the field. Physical violence on the field Nantwich ‘battle busses’ Non Members allowed on the field Officers role – Duty of Care Insurance Issues this evokes Concern over Insurance increases

8 Rules of Engagement

9 Changes to Rules of Engagement Shot vs Pike Please note that musket commanders must NOT attempt to delay attacking pike by firing slowly or attempting to manipulate these rules in order to hold back attacks. Shot Units should not use the loading process for tactical advantage against pike or other units.

10 Changes to Rules of Engagement Pike v Pike: Pike Units may fight at either point or push depending on their preference and training. Units with a strong preference should indicate to the Brigade Commander and LG their requirement so that this can be taken into account in planning the scenario of the battle to ensure that all members are fully engaged during the re-enactment to the benefit of all.

11 Rules of Engagement Planning for Practise

12 Remember Train Hard, Fight Easy. Major Musters Only Practise on the first day at 10.30pm 2i/c’s of the Tertio to organise Kelmarsh full dress rehearsal Army based Drumming practise.

13 Rules of Engagement Re-Organisation Update

14 Lord General:- Simon Davies Oxford Army Barrie Upton Hoptons Tertio Thornton Billinghurst Marquess Of Newcastle’s Tertio James Daniels King's Tertio Sir Jacob Astley's Tertio Prince Rupert's Brigade Nick Ireland Will Hughes King's Lifeguard Regt. Col. Richard Bagot's Regt. Prince Rupert's Regt. Keith Robinson Graham Cooley Steve Phillips Sir Richard Molyneux's Co. Sir Henry Bard's Regt. Earl Rivers' Regt. Andrew Molyneux Jim Rushbrook Sam Eedle Col. Henry Hastings' Co. Maurice's Dragoons Sir Henry Vaughan's Co. Chris Brewer Chris Thomas Twm Jarvis Sir John Owen's P. Le Pinnet Sir William Godolphin's Regt. SMG Henry Tillier's Regt. John Holman Steve King Sir Nicholas Slanning's Regt. Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regt. John Caboche Dave Thomas Sir Vincent Corbet's Co. Col. Stephen Hawkins' Regt. Steve Pickstock Neil Collins Sir Bevill Grenvile's Regt. Kevin Kingdom Sir George Lisle's Regt. Sir Thomas Glemham's Regt. Dave Parks Stu Flower Marquess of Newcastle's Regt. Earl of Northampton's Regt. Dave Lovell Sean Murray Col. Charles Gerard's Reg. Earl of Derby's Regt. Les Sells Stuart Hopwood (Hopi) Sir Gilbert Hoghton's Regt./Co. Tom Clarke COS :- Scotty Lawler Staff:- Steve Halls, Rob Crookes, John Carrington Prince Rupert’s Horse Bill Daly Artillery Jim Rushbrook

15 Rob’s Presentation on Numbers Rob’s Presentation on Turnout

16 2014 sees a new Army structure. But First Some background info

17 Membership numbers since 1998

18 Where we are as of ABH 2013.


20 Major Muster Turnout The Royalist army turns out on average, 35% of its available troop types. The following table shows the average turnout during 2013 for major’s.

21 Major Muster Turnout 2013 BlenheimNewsteadTotal Membership Rawdons2940113 Slannings21 116 Tilliers5259165 Grenvilles8411 Corbets10824 Hawkins382682 Godolphins383993 KG7158228 Moly's6416 Bagots172337 Owens51430 Maurice's9844 Newcastles3622105 Gerrards3230102 Derbys2124 Houghtons232553 Lisles4954111 Ruperts B/C6965188 Glenhams252063 Rivers291260 Vaughans14 42 Northamptons182044 Total611550 1774

22 Long Service Medals

23 When to start the years ticking When presented this was clear as to starting from the 16 th Birthday i.e. the age that personnel can take to the field. Many units have taken it to be from birth. Ultimately this is up to the culture of the Regiment, so continue with the process that you are happy with.


25 Instigated and thanks to Richard Pierce Regimental Officers Management Programme – Leadership and Responsibilities – Discipline, Rules and Procedures – H&S – Finance – Events Who to attend.

26 ROMP Royalist Army Chief of Staff “Scotty” McConnell-Lawlor Apologies for absence, however Steve Hall, Deputy CoS has kindly agreed to make presentation on my behalf.

27 Royalist Army Admin for 2014 Promotions & Transfers - pre 2012 Raised at the last two Army Councils  However, issues still being raised by Regts., some of which have been outstanding for up to 10 years  Situation exacerbated by absence of copies of original forms

28 Promotions & Transfers - pre 2012 Actions:  Regt. Adj.’s to forward all outstanding issues to CoS.  Regt. Adj to ensure that copies of all SK Forms are retained, electronically wherever possible  As of 23 rd March all admin e-mails sent to the RA CoS are to be copied to the respective Tercio Chief of Staff.

29 Promotions & Awards E-mailing of SK Forms Successful and has sped up the process, However similar issues with illegible or poorly scanned forms or saved in a format that cannot be edited. Action: Regt. Adj.’s to ensure that forms are legible, and are saved in WORD format or equivalent

30 Regimental Transfers E-mailing of SK Forms Generally successful, however still occasions where forms are illegible, poorly scanned or saved in unreadable format Forms not correctly signed by the individual transferring Child transfer requests must be endorsed with a signature from the Parent or Guardian Action: Regt. Adj.’s must ensure that forms are legible, scanned correctly, saved in PDF or word and correctly signed by the relevant parties. Contact Rob Crookes or Scotty if you need advice

31 Elections

32 Selection of Tercia Commanders Two Tercia Commanders’ posts are due for re- selection this year:  Lord Hopton's Tertia  Marquess of Newcastle's Tertia Applications invited from suitable candidates within the Tercia’s in the first instance. A copy of the selection process will be forwarded to eligible candidates by the end of March 2014. Selection interviews will be scheduled take place at the August Bank Holiday muster.

33 Selection & Appointment of Lord Generall of the Royalist Army Current term of office expires at the end 2014 Selection process will be in accordance with Standing Order, No. 1, dated 24 th April 2007. Selection is via an electoral college of the Royalist Army comprising senior commanders from within the army. The RA CoS will formally notify officers eligible to stand for appointment as Lord Generall by the end of March 2014.

34 Selection & Appointment of Lord Generall of the Royalist Armie Candidates must formally notify the COS in writing of their intention to stand, within four weeks of notification. Following confirmation of candidate short list by the Inner Council, the Electoral College will meet to select the Lord Generall, currently planned for August Bank Holiday 2014. All questions or queries on the Selection of Lord Generall or Tercia Commanders must be directed to the Royalist Army Chief of Staff

35 Musters

36 Musters – Majors and Large Barrie Upton, Events Director 17 to 22 April - Basing RA Training. 24 to 26 May - Stratford canned, replaced by Cattows Farm, Swepstone Road, Heather, Coleville, N.W Lincolshire – LE67 2RF 21 to 22 June – Coleford 28 to 29 June – Cheriton 19 to 20 July – Kelmarsh 2 to 4 August – Castle Fraser 23 to 25 August – Sherborne Castle Plus many Mini’s and Commemorative Events

37 Kelmarsh 2014 19/20 th July Re-Enacting Marston Moor 1644 2 nd July

38 Kelmarsh – Marston Moor Prepare for a really new Experience! What we will have on the Field: – A short, but intense re-enactment – Lots of Cavalry – 40+ – Horse drawn Artillery – Actors playing key roles, Cromwell, Rupert, Newcastle, Leslie – Newcastle’s carriage – Large Battalions drawn from many Regiments – Spectacular Soldiers Camp – Main Arena, the Grand Finale

39 Kelmarsh -Dress Code SK Dress Code: Note Authentic Shoes – no Dessert boots nor modern spectacles, doublets and hats to be worn. When in public, no mix of modern and C17th dress at all – that includes modern prams, ice creams, filtered cigarettes, sun glasses and other anachronisms. Women can go on the field as men, but must dress either in C20th clothing or as C17th women when not on the field and in public view. If in doubt, wear modern clothing when in public. No Beer Tent in kit at lunchtime!

40 Kelmarsh - Soldiers Camp Museum Quality kit and equipment. Soldiers Camp, to be Military based only. All may participate, standards will be very high. Dress Code will be issued to those wishing to participate Scots Brigade will be coordinating this. Contact Kevin Westwood for details of how to participate.

41 Kelmarsh - Royalist Army Cavalry - Byron’s Horse and Rupert’s Lifeguard Artillery will be two large guns Two Battalions - Newcastle’s Whitecoats and Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats. Forlorn Hope of Musketeers. Soldiers will be fighting in different units Officers and Sergeants must be prepared to join the ranks Only Newcastles and Ruperts Colours required

42 Royalist RegimentCurrent Coat ColourMarston Moor Regiment Kings GuardRedForlorn Hope AsleysHave whitecoat optionNewcastles RupertsBlueRuperts GlenhamsGreyNewcastles NorthamptonsDeep GreenForlorn Hope RiversBlue/BlackRuperts VaughnsRedForlorn Hope Corbetts DragoonsForlorn Hope GodolphinsBlueRuperts HawkinsWhiteNewcastles RawdonsYellowNewcastles SlanningsBlueRuperts TilliersPale GreenRuperts NewcastlesWhiteNewcastles GerrardsBlueRuperts HoughtonsRedForlorn Hope LislesBlueRuperts

43 Kelmarsh - Soldiers Kit 14’ Pikes as a minimum – wooden or rubber heads Halbards and Partizans to be Metal Dummy Musketeers to use real muskets but not fire. Swords to be worn (if passed Sword Test) No Camp Followers on the field Carry water bottles and campaign kit. 200+ required as Soldiers in Royalist Army

44 Kelmarsh - Pike Fighting To be at aggressive point only Casualties! Not ‘leaning on’ See Alatriste film oA first 4.20 mins oA

45 Kelmarsh – Marston Moor Own ‘Plastic Camp’ for SK Only Regiments are expected to police themselves as at any other time. Evening entertainment, come in your best kit if you wish Opportunity for the SK to show what it can do. Direct competition with the other Re- Enactment Societies. Authenticity in dress and good behaviour are paramount to our future!

46 Battle of Sherborne August Bank Holiday 2014 Officers role

47 360m 250m 20m 105m 70m 50m Public Entrance Royalist Entrance










57 Other News

58 Revised Interim Profit Split (back to the old days!) for profitable musters -45/45/10 Senior Powder Master role Finance Team assistance Campsite Regulations at Musters – see Guidelines in SK Website

59 Questions & AOB??

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