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Welcome to Higher Education at Plumpton College.  General Introduction (20 minutes)  Course-specific talk and tour  Informal discussion with Course.

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1 Welcome to Higher Education at Plumpton College

2  General Introduction (20 minutes)  Course-specific talk and tour  Informal discussion with Course Leader  Staff available to talk about finance, accommodation and pastoral care Content of this interview session

3 Why do students come to Plumpton?  Small and friendly - we care about our students  Substantial educational and pastoral support  Excellent subject-specific facilities  Vocational courses linked to employment  High levels of achievement and progression  Very good links with UoB

4 Characteristics of our HE courses  Vocational – ‘training for work’  Focus on vocational ‘competency’  Extensive work experience links with employers  Scope to personalise study to own circumstances  Excellent record of graduate employment  Flexible – part-time or full-time modular  Inclusive  Progression to ‘top-up’ Honours degrees

5  Plumpton is a Partner College of the UoB  The UoB validates all of our degrees and monitors academic standards  Students graduate with a UoB FdSc/FdA/BSc (Hons) at the UoB ceremony at the Brighton Dome  All of our degrees are within the Faculty of Science & Engineering  Students are Plumpton College students and benefit from College facilities and small groups Validation of courses

6 HE courses – either full or part time  FdSc Agriculture  FdSc Animal Science  FdSc Arboriculture  FdSc Countryside Management  FdA Creative Metalworking  FdSc Equine Dentistry  FdSc Equine Studies  FdSc Forestry & Woodland Management  FdA Garden Design  FdSc Outdoor Adventurous Activities  FdSc Veterinary Nursing  FdA Wine Business  FdSc Wine Production  BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Performance  BSc (Hons) Viticulture & Oenology  BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour & Welfare top-up  BA (Hons) Outdoor Adventure Facilitation top-up  BA (Hons) Wine Business top-up

7 ....and specifically for part-time  Our Foundation Degrees are available on a part-time basis and will be studied over 4 years  A BSc would take 6 years part-time  Foundation Diplomas in Equine Sports Coaching, Garden Design, Wine Production and Wine Business part-time courses over 2 years equivalent to half of a Foundation Degree (120 credits)

8 Tuition fees for 2014-15  Tuition fees – not paid upfront  If first university level qualification, eligible for a student loan for tuition fees  Pay back after leaving and earning over £21,000 a year. If earning less – for example if you are between jobs, return to study, or take parental leave, your payments will stop  Payments will be written off after 30 years  Repayments at 9 per cent of income above £21,000. eg salary of £25,000, 9% applies to £4,000 = a repayment of £30 per month

9 Financial support  Student loans, grants and bursaries available to help UK & EU students meet living costs. Family income and circumstances determine the level  Additional financial support is available to people from lower income backgrounds  A loan of up to £5,555 a year will be available to students living away from home and studying outside London  A loan of up to £4,418 a year will be available to students who continue to live at their parents’ home

10 Applying for Grants/Loans/Bursaries  Apply to Student Finance England on Telephone helpline: 0845 300 5090  Access agreement available at Depending on your circumstances and family income you could also be eligible for additional financial support from Plumpton College.  Bursaries and fee waivers available for those on low incomes, these are offered at the discretion of the Principal and applications should be made direct to him.

11 Full-time Fees for 2014-15  Annual tuition fees for students Wine courses £7,450 All other courses£6,900

12 Part-time Fees  Part-time fees for 2014-15 are proportional to the number of credits in your study but most students will study 60 credits ie 50% of full time and the fees are:- £3725 for wine courses £3450 for all other courses  These fees are payable up-front or students may be eligible for a student tuition loan (if you are studying more than 25% of a full time course)

13 CPD  CPD fees are £620 for a 10 credit wine module.  CPD fees for non-wine related modules are £575 for a 10-credit module.

14 Fee waivers and bursaries  Fee waivers for low income earners / unemployed - up to £1000  Plumpton College Bursaries – (Eligibility - a declared income of less than £16,190 combined with low participation neighbourhood) Either £1,500 fee waiver and a £1,500 reduction in the cost of on- campus residential accommodation or a fee waiver of £1,500 plus £1,500 towards College transport costs and meals for those students who are not resident in College accommodation

15 ELQ students  ELQ students are existing degree-holders (ELQ equivalent level qualification)  The government currently provides no financial support  From 2014 entry, fees are full-cost* - full-time fees (see earlier slide) - part-time = proportional to full time - CPD £575 per 10-credit module * subject to confirmation

16 Course Structure  The courses are made up of modules  A standard module is worth 10 credits  To achieve: Foundation Diploma: 120 credits Foundation Degree: 240 credits BSc Hons Degree: 360 credits NB – Vet Nursing is a three year sandwich course but there is currently no funding available for the second/placement year which costs £750.

17 Course Structure  Each year is divided into 2 semesters, each with a different timetable  Full time students study 120 credits in a year, so at any one time, you will be studying around 6 modules – usually 60 credits per semester  Some modules are Compulsory: others are Optional and can be selected to suit your chosen career path  An important part of all courses is the Work Placement

18 An example timetable Day9.00-11.0011.00-1.00lunch1.30-3.003.00-5.00 Tuesday Cell Biology and Genetics Sheila Chambers Room; WSC2/1 Cell Biology and Genetics (support group) Sheila Chambers Room; WSC1/2 Group Tutorials Sheila Chambers Room; RD1 Animal Evolution and Diversity Lesley Barcock Room; RD1 Wednesday Animal Routines Animal Care Unit Animal Husbandry Animal Care Unit; Research Methods Alex Kaley Room; RD1 Friday9.00-10.50 Principles of Business Phil Trott Room; RD1 11.10-1.00 Anatomy and Physiology Sheila Chambers Room; RD1 Group and Individual Tutorials Sheila Chambers Room; RD1 Animal Behaviour Lesley Barcock Room; RD1 Foundation Degree; Animal Science Year 1 2014-15 Timetable; Semester 1

19 Learning and Assessment  Balance between theory and practical varies between modules  Modules are normally timetabled for 2 or 3-hour sessions  You should allow 2 hours of private study time for each hour of teaching  Assessment modes vary: written reports, practical assessments, essays, presentations, short tests and formal exams  At the beginning of each semester you are given an assessment schedule to help you to plan your assessments

20 IT Skills  Basic IT skills required include: Word-processing Sending/receiving emails Use of internet Excel spreadsheets Powerpoint  IT skills training recommended prior to course

21 Personal Computers  Guest provision for wired and wireless internet*.  The machine must have at least:  802.11g compliant wireless adapter  10/100 network card (for wired connections)  Modern operating system – Windows 7, OS X, etc  Up-to-date Anti-Virus software.  A personal firewall (built in Windows Firewall is sufficient, but must be enabled at all times).  Most modern gadgets are also supported, e.g. iPads, iPods, etc  Users of the guest system must agree to an acceptable use policy before being allowed to connect. *Restrictions apply

22 Accommodation / Transport  Some accommodation available in our new building, please ask for an application form - apply early to Student Services at the College Full board for 35 weeks ranges from £3700 to £5600  Many of our students commute daily  Good bus links  Plumpton College buses during FE term-time  Free car parking  Local lodgings – see website

23 College Facilities: Library Over 10,000 books and 3000 e-books. 18 PCs Seating for 124 Students Individual and Group Study tables Black/White/Colour Printer & Copier Disabled Access and Hearing Loop  The décor is modern and very attractive. A calming environment divided into two zones for either quiet or group work and an adjacent annexe room for presentations and research sessions.

24 Modern Units Well equipped and comfortable surroundings A desirable working environment, inside and out.

25 Classrooms are light, comfortable and modern.

26 Warm, friendly environments ideal for revising, relaxing and socialising. - Individual Pigeon Holes - Useful Information parasol - Coffee and Tea Machine - Comfortable seating Student Common Rooms - TVs - Football Table - Pool Table - Bar - Vending Machines

27 Disabled Students Allowance  If you have a disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty you may be able to apply for DSA. The allowance can help with costs eg specialist equipment, travel.  Further details from or  Ring 0845 300 5090 for further advice

28 Student support  If you show a strong likelihood of being dyslexic we can carry out a dyslexia test and then make an appointment for you with a local Educational Psychologist  With a diagnosis of dyslexia (or any other learning difficulty) we will support you in the DSA application process  Once the Access Centre have met you they will recommend a package of support which we will implement 01273 890454 ext 2206

29 Student support - counselling  The College employs a fully qualified and independent Counsellor three days a week to support students through life’s challenges  Appointments can be made by emailing or phoning 01273 - 892038

30 What happens next?  Once you’ve accepted our offer we will keep in touch  Open day is Saturday 10 th May 2014 – please come and look around the College  Provisional dates:- enrolment w/b 22 nd Sept 14, an enrolment pack will be posted to you in the summer teaching commences w/b 29 th Sept 14

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