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Field Operational Tests in 7FP Fabrizio Minarini Head of Sector DG INFSO - ICT for transport.

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1 Field Operational Tests in 7FP Fabrizio Minarini Head of Sector DG INFSO - ICT for transport

2 The Intelligent Car is one of the i2010 Flagship Initiatives. The objective is to improve the quality of the living environment by supporting ICT solutions for safer, smarter and cleaner mobility of people and goods. i2010 and the Intelligent Car Initiative eSafety Forum Stakeholders coordination Research FP6 FP7 Challenge 6 – 2 Objectives. Awareness Set of specific Actions Intelligent Car

3 History of Research on ICT for Transport IST 98-02 TAP 94-98 DRIVE 1986-90 PROMETHEUS Eureka Activity Transport Telematics 92-94 FP6 2002-2007

4 focuses on systems for safer and more efficient mobility of people and goods. aims at achieving mobility in Europe that is virtually accident-free,efficient, adaptive, and comfortable implements the RTD pillar of the i2010 “Intelligent Car” Initiative is based on the Strategic Research Agenda of the eSafety Forum RTD WG, and implements part of the ERTRAC agenda The following objectives address this challenge ICT for Intelligent Vehicles and Mobility Services ICT for Cooperative Systems Challenge 6: ICT for Mobility

5 ICT for the Intelligent Vehicles and Mobility Services aims at new generation advanced driver assistance systems to offer a higher degree of safety through accident prevention based on improved hazard detection, sensing and integration of systems mobility services which make transport of people and good safer, more secure, efficient, comfortable and environment-friendly ramping up of Field Operational Tests focusing on the sub-areas: Intelligent Vehicle Systems Mobility Services for People Mobility Services for Goods Coordination and Support Actions Call 1 22/12/06 Objective: Intelligent Vehicles & Mobility Services Call 1

6 Objective: Cooperative Systems ICT for Cooperative Systems aims at advanced, reliable, fast and secure vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle- to-infrastructure communication for new functionalities real-time traffic management and new levels of support to active safety systems in vehicles and to the driver large scale test programmes (field operational tests) with comprehensive assessment of the efficiency, quality, robustness and user-friendliness of IT solutions for smarter, safer and cleaner vehicles and real-time traffic management focusing on the sub-areas: Cooperative Systems Field Operational Tests Coordination and Support Activities Call 2 mid 2007 Call 2

7 Field Operational Tests Timing (Call 1) Successful ramping up of Field Operational Tests (Call 2) Proof-of-concept to all stakeholders through Field Operational Tests ensuring the wider take up of intelligent vehicle systems and co-operative systems

8 Field Operational Tests Objective of FOT in FP7 1.Validate the effectiveness of ICT based systems for safer, cleaner and more efficient transport in a real environment 2.Analyse driver behaviour and user acceptance 3.Analyse and assess the impact of intelligent safety and efficiency functions using real data 4.Improve awareness on the potential of intelligent transport systems and create socio economic acceptance 5.To obtain technical data for system design and product development 6.To ensure the transferability of the FOT results at National, European and International level.

9 Field Operational Tests FOCUS ON TECHNICALLY MATURE SYSTEMS Examples of systems eCall enhanced night vision systems advanced cruise control plus stop-and-go functions lateral support systems like lane change assistant and lane departure warning emergency braking speed alert collision avoidance and collision mitigation systems pedestrian protection driver hypo vigilance monitoring and warning trans-national Real time traffic information active navigation (navigation augmented with dynamic traffic information).

10 Field Operational Tests Framework FOT structure will be suggested by Phase 1 project FOT should be: –carried out at European level, –with the necessary fleet of vehicles and infrastructure, –with the appropriate number of drivers –during sufficiently long periods to collect data that will allow statistical value and scientifically sound conclusions. If vehicles can not drive on normal roads the use of test tracks and protected sites should be envisaged.

11 Field Operational Tests International experiences Europe Demonstration activities in previous R&D programmes National FOTs Japan SMARTWAY FOT - part of the national R&D Programme USA IVI, VII,

12 Field Operational Tests Planning FOT Phase 1: First call –Ramping up of FOT; to analyse and establish the structure, organisation, running conditions and assessment methodology of FOT in Europe Phase 2: Second call –FOT:s on technically mature ICT systems, including technical, user acceptance, efficiency and deployment aspects Phase 3: Future calls –FOT on co-operative systems Labelling and Networking of National FOTs

13 Field Operational Tests Indicative Budget & Call Information Objective 6.1: ICT for Intelligent Vehicles and Mobility Services –Funding instruments: CP;CSA; –Indicative budget distribution: 57 M€: –Call: FP7-ICT-2007-1 Objective ICT-2007.6.2: ICT for Cooperative Systems –Funding schemes: CP, NoE, CSA; –Indicative budget distribution: 48 M€: –Call: FP7-ICT-2007-2

14 Field Operational Tests Contact: Fabrizio Minarini: +32 2 2968829 Mail Boxes: INFSO- ICT in FP 7:

15 Thank you for your attention!

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