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1 Destinations Interactive Engaging With Your Graduate Destinations Data.

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1 1 Destinations Interactive Engaging With Your Graduate Destinations Data

2 2 The Careers Group Who We Are Royal Holloway, UoLKings College LondonUCL GoldsmithsCourtauld IoAQueen Mary, UoL SOASSchool of PharmacyLSHTM Cancer ResearchHeythropInstitute of Education BirkbeckRoyal Veterinary Coll.St George’s HMS St Mary’sUoL InstitutesOthers….

3 3 Our DLHE Numbers Almost 60,000 total graduates Around 30,000 of which are UoL Most colleges request internationals, due to diversity of London graduates Increasing every year 80%+ response rate for UK 40%+ response rate for international

4 4 Graduate Research Full-time DLHE team all year round headed by professional statistician On-site multi-lingual call centre (up to 40) Call centre manager Online Services Full-time team of 5 web developers The Careers Group work only together created...

5 5 LONDON – Helping Graduates into Work

6 6 What do Graduates do? Scotland

7 7 What Do Graduates Do – Scotland and Helping London’s Graduates into Work A short diversion about other applications of DLHE data from The Careers Group

8 8 Context For the HE sector in England, measuring employability is now crucial –Aim Higher –Latterly Willets and his Oxford Brooks speech –Employability statements… Scottish Government also looking at graduate employability for some time Additional concern of measuring the return on Scottish investment for Scotland How well do Scottish grads do - in Scotland? 8

9 9 What is What Do Graduates Do - Scotland

10 10 What the original book covered

11 11 Interactive version

12 12 The draft interactive version

13 13 DLHE fields list (INSTID) RecID HUSID Qual Domicile Nationality Mode SBJCA Method EmpCir ModStudy SIC2007 SOCDLHE LocEmp TypeQual Natstudy Profsoct

14 14 “ Helping Graduates Into Work ”

15 15 Ongoing goals To continue to leverage funding from these projects to develop DI To agitate for a sector-owned What Graduates Do What can DI do with a pooled resource of longitudinal data?

16 16 Destinations Interactive Back to...

17 17 What Is It? A institution website with… Instant 24/7 access to DLHE data Secure access for each institution using certified SSL server Institutional branding and customisation Wide range of reports Filter by year/gender/level/domicile/school etc. Different levels of access for user groups

18 18 Who Is It For? Academics Careers Advisers Careers Support Staff Graduate Research Registry? Alumni? Students/Graduates? External?

19 19 Front Page Analyses Up to 6 from Destinations Summary Top 5 Locations Average Salary Performance Ethnicity Top Graduate-Level Employers Top Graduate-Level Jobs + more ?

20 20

21 21 Advanced Reports 20 → 100? More in-depth Categories – geo/salary/industry/... More parameters Made to specification

22 22

23 23 Levels of Reporting University College / Federated Institution Faculty / School / College / Division Department / School / Centre Course / Programme / Award

24 24 Access By GENERIC login (username/password) for selected GROUPS: Public – no login DP considerations Students Academics Heads of Department Registry / Marketing /Administration Careers Administrator

25 25 Size of DLHE cohortOne Time Setup Fee Annual License Fee Large (4001+ grads)£1,800£3,850 Medium (1,001 – 4000 grads) £1,600£2,530 Small (up to 1,000 grads) £1,400£1,950 Destinations Interactive Price Guide (ex V.A.T.)

26 26 Thank You Commercial Development Team, The Careers Group, University of London, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DN e: t: 020 7863 6070

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