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EMAPS Workshop – Portsmouth 17-2-10 Dr Nick Cox. 2 An Overview of Space in the UK Where we are Today BNSC Space IGT Current Developments –Agency –Harwell.

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1 EMAPS Workshop – Portsmouth 17-2-10 Dr Nick Cox

2 2 An Overview of Space in the UK Where we are Today BNSC Space IGT Current Developments –Agency –Harwell

3 3 Space: a vibrant and high-growth sector UK Space Industry is a hidden success story: Achieved revenues of £5.9 billion in 2007 Contributed £5.6 billion to UK GDP in 2007 Provides 19,100 direct jobs Supports 68,000 other UK jobs UK has a very strong and world-class capability across the Space sector: Advanced manufacturing capabilities at Astrium and Surrey Satellites World-leading satellite operators in Inmarsat, Paradigm and Avanti One of the world’s largest satellite broadcasters – BSkyB World-class science Great resources in teaching and skills Satellite business finance and insurance

4 4 Some UK Successes INMARSAT 4: $770 M contract won by Astrium. Exploits the world’s most powerful digital on-board processor developed under an ESA programme PARADIGM: £2.5 B contract won against strong competition from US for SKYNET 5. Key differentiator was digital processor and active antenna technology which was developed with BNSC support INFOTERRA, NPA: Earth observation service companies AVANTI: pioneering regional broadband ‘access for all’. SSTL: low cost satellites exported around the world

5 5 Some of the UK’s Priorities European Space Policy Global partnerships Galileo and Telecommunications Innovative services for Government and business ESA’s Cosmic Vision The Global Exploration Strategy science, technology and inspiration UK role in a global framework Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) Data from space to understand Climate Change, protect our environment and quality of life UK in Space

6 6 Space in Society - examples National Lottery depends on it Television broadcast increasingly dependent upon – especially outside broadcast Sat-Nav - everyone using it, not just for navigation! Ordnance Survey is based on it Weather – before and after! Satellite Telecommunications – without this, banking, services, phones, and finance centres would struggle Understanding climate change

7 7 An Overview of Space in the UK Where we are Today BNSC Space IGT Current Developments –Agency –Harwell

8 8 BNSC Set up in 1985 - Purpose: co-ordinate space activity in the UK develop UK space policy support the UK space industry represent the UK international space programmes Reports to Minister for Science and Innovation Dept. for Business Innovation and Skills provides policy lead HQ in Swindon alongside Research Councils and the TSB

9 9 The Partnership BNSC is owned and run by its partners Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Department for Children, Schools and Families, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Department for Transport, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Met Office, Ministry of Defence, Natural Environment Research Council, Science and Technology Facilities Council.

10 10 The Core Funding Partners in BNSC

11 11 UK Civil Space Spend 2008/09 (£ million) Sector2008/09 Earth Observation National7.49 ESA41.71 EUMETSAT20 Space Science and Exploration National34.8 ESA71.27 Telecomms/Navigation National0.35 ESA57.51 Technology National0.9 ESA0 Transportation National0 ESA6.31 Other Other National0.37 ESA Gen. Budget27.76 Total 268.07 PLUS Likely UK receipts from FP710.5 RDAs Alphasat spend15

12 12 “The Government is determined that the UK remains at the forefront of the evolving space scene” UK Civil Space Strategy

13 13 UK Strategic Vision Science Managing our Changing Planet Exploring the Universe Developing tomorrow’s economy and strengthening innovation: Increase the UK share of the global market Innovation across government Increased public and political recognition Of the value of space as part of the critical national infrastructure Skills development and outreach Is a node in support of high tech life long learning and skill development in the UK

14 14 Delivering the Vision UK primarily Europe facing… UK works through the European Space Agency ESA) for most of our programmes Industry and academia develop and maintain technical capabilities Support space community in regulation, standards, technology development, exports, etc..……. EUMETSAT for weather satellites Growing EU role too, especially post Lisbon - e.g. Policy, Galileo, GMES …but also important bilateral collaboration with US, Japan, others

15 15 An Overview of Space in the UK Where we are Today BNSC Space IGT Current Developments –Agency –Harwell

16 16 Space Innovation and Growth Team Government invited industry to lead an Innovation and Growth Team (IGT) drawing upon inputs from all the communities active around space Aim to develop a 20-year vision, and make recommendations on how best to grow the sector Executive Steering Board, chaired by Andy Green, CE of Logica Five Working Groups (members from across industry, the academic world, smaller companies, public sector etc.): –Markets –Capabilities –Public Policy –Awareness and Skills –Finance and Procurement Report launched 10 th February

17 17 IGT Vision: a sector with major growth potential The global Space market forecast to be worth at least £400 billion by 2030. Through the Space IGT, the UK Space Industry has proposed a 20-yr strategy to: capture 10% of that market by 2030 create 100,000 UK jobs. An ambition that needs Industry and Government to work in partnership

18 18 IGT Vision: Space is vital to our future Significant growth in opportunities: Telecommunications –broadband internet from space –internet on the move –‘smart homes’ –mobile telephone services –High Definition and 3D TV. Navigation systems set to proliferate across a broad range of industries –Agriculture –Defence –Tourism –Transport Major growth in Earth Observation for climate-change monitoring and mitigation and other uses Space telecommunications and EO data will become an even more vital part of world-wide security infrastructures Space science will continue to extend the horizons of understanding and drive-forward innovation

19 19 IGT Recommendations - ONE Government and Industry work together to: 1. Develop a National Space Policy 2. Ensure the UK Executive Space Agency is sufficiently resourced and empowered to drive economic and social benefits from Space 3. Develop a National Space Technology Strategy 4. Ensure credit is available for satellite procurement and launch 5. Procure a sovereign Earth Observation (EO) capability 6. Take a leadership role in climate-change monitoring, mitigation and agreement verification 7. Develop Space as a complementary ICT infrastructure to fibre- optic and wireless superfast broadband 8. Use Space capabilities to help achieve UK CO2 emissions reductions from ICT systems ………………………

20 20 IGT Recommendations - TWO Government and Industry work together to: ………………. 9. Reflect Space capabilities in future defence/security planning 10. Promote Space in future UK/EU emergency mobile networks 11. Secure sufficient future satellite radio frequency spectrum and orbital slots 12. Train the next generation of Space engineers and scientists and promote STEM subjects in schools, colleges and businesses 13. Initiate and lead three Space exploration or science missions by 2030 14. Establish a hub and spoke model for Space in the UK, and an International Space Innovation Centre at Harwell 15. Invest earlier, and more consistently, in ESA programmes 16. Establish a Space Leadership Council to implement this strategy

21 21 Space IGT - Outcomes Will drive future policy Government preparing a response Welcomes IGT report, even though cannot commit to doing all that industry requests in the current economic climate A sound basis for growing the space industry MORE DETAILS ON:

22 22 An Overview of Space in the UK Where we are Today BNSC Space IGT Current Developments –Agency –Harwell

23 23 Space Agency Lord Drayson Announced new executive space agency on 10 th December 2009 Followed full consultation and strong endorsement by Space IGT As well as maximising the role of space technologies in driving economic growth, new agency’s responsibilities will include: –strengthening the UK’s relationship with the European Space Agency; –agreeing with UK industry how to maximise the benefits of space technologies; –working with scientific community to provide a clear voice on decisions that affect the sector Transition of BNSC into agency currently being planned in detail

24 24 ESA Centre at Harwell Establishment of an ESA centre at the Harwell Science & Innovation Campus Scope –Climate Data Assimilation & Modelling –Integrated Applications - New commercial & public good applications integrating space & ground data/assets –Space Exploration - robotics/novel power/planetary protection and sample receiving facilities Plan for International Space Innovation Centre to sit alongside ESA facility –Ensure benefits flow to UK –Critical mass of HEIs, Industry & National capability

25 Dr Nick Cox Tel: 01793 418054 Email: British National Space Centre (BNSC)

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