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European EO data & model fusion ( to maximise the value of ESA EO Data ) Alan ONeill National Centre for Earth Observation.

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1 European EO data & model fusion ( to maximise the value of ESA EO Data ) Alan ONeill National Centre for Earth Observation

2 Issues that have arisen Need to pull together science and applications. Emphasis on modelling and data assimilation. Need for monitoring. Need for integration (e.g. Glob projects) Need for infrastructure and support for data access

3 Issues continued Support for re-analysis Interface between data providers and operational institutes. Scattering of workforce Difficulty of using in operations new, interesting instruments Value of synergy of observations Need for validation systems

4 Issues continued Better Earth system approach Different levels of maturity of different disciplines in use of EO. GEMS as a model for European integration?

5 Welcome to Music World High-tech SamplerWhat experts getWhat end-users want Well-balanced high-quality blended music Synthesis of tracks 10 soundtracks Vital to ensure Return On Investment!

6 Welcome to Digi World What users get What end-users want 4D digital movie of the Earth System High-tech Sampler Level 2 for individual sensor Synthesis via Assimilation of EO data into Earth System Model

7 What is needed? Greater co-ordination of data assimilation activities in Europe Structure that draws on the distributed strengths of the European science community A means to integrate scientific and technical advances in an Earth system simulator (s) A support structure that allows that integration to occur and to be sustained.

8 The aim to focus on high-level data processing for science and end-users – providing useful information rather than data. The specific goal will be to set up a structure in Europe, marshalling the resources of the university community and of other institutions The Concept

9 To provide ESA (and thereby its customers) with the equivalent of NASAs Data Assimilation Office, but in a cost-effective manner, by –building on existing national infrastructure –tying in closely with operational d.a. (unlike the DAO) –entraining additional funds (e.g. from EU) Concept envisages a European-wide entity, pulling together existing consortia The Concept

10 The structure has the following goals: –The deliver high-level products from innovative ESA and other instruments to scientific end users –To deliver the science and technology needed by GMES –To provide the bridge from ESA innovation to operational implementation by tying in to operational centres (e.g. ECMWF and national weather centres) helping to convert todays innovative, science-led instruments to tomorrows operational instruments – i.e. a parallel and supporting activity to operational exploitation of EO

11 The Concept –A key and under-exploited feature of d.a. is its ability to test climate (and other environmental) models stringently. Model uncertainty is a key issue in international debate about climate change. This activity should be strongly emphasised. –The structure could organise high-level training in EO science and applications. –The structure would provide the critical mass and partnerships needed to achieve the ambitious vision of earth system monitoring and prediction

12 Current Situation in Europe & What is Still Needed European expertise front rank Efforts fragmented, short term, unable to build critical mass We need more than a loose collaboration, but an operation managed as a centre with clear objectives and firm deliverables.

13 Structural and Infrastructural Issues Exploit and enhance existing capabilities in computer power and infrastructure, e.g. national resources. New technology allows us to emulate the organisational structure of an actual centre. ECMWF might play a key role in operational integration. ECMWF might provide –Remote use of its d.a. system, supported by externally funded staff at ECMWF –High-performance computing.

14 The Way Forward?

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