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ILT and Functional Skills Staff Training & Development May 2012 Nathalie Stirland.

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1 ILT and Functional Skills Staff Training & Development May 2012 Nathalie Stirland

2 Training aim To identify and use existing online resources and how these can be harnessed to improve our use of ILT in our teaching practice. To develop additional resources for the Functional Skills resource bank.

3 What is ILT? Type your definition of ILT below:

4 What is ILT? ILT stands for Information and Learning Technology ILT or Information and Learning Technology [1] describes the methods of using technology to enhance the learning experience within education. It is an acronym of British descent, and is used in the main within the British Further Education sector. [1]acronym source: / / [1] [1]

5 Possible applications of ILT 1 Use of sound within an otherwise static presentation: There may be an image in a Powerpoint presentation, which could be clicked upon in different areas to provide audio commentary.Powerpoint Use of digital video or digital images for learning activities. Use of a VLE to run courses and activities within and outside an educational establishment.VLE source: Image1:|mt:0 ||mt:0 | Image2 :||

6 Possible applications of ILT 2 Interactive quizzes/activities - either online or within a classroom using an electronic voting system made up of infra-red handsets and a receiver. Use of podcasts or downloadable MP3s for classroom notes, revision or whole lectures.podcastsMP3s Use of collaborative documents, Web tools and applications. within a group environment. Source:

7 What are Functional Skills? Functional Skills are practical skills in English, maths and information and communications technology (ICT).* Functional Skills are not just about knowledge in English, maths and ICT. They are also about knowing when and how to use the knowledge in real life situations. *Source:

8 Functional Skills in context Functional Skills can be imbedded in any subjects. There is a wealth of resources available on the internet. Click on the video on the right hand side to watch functional skills in action. The Excellence Gateway (EG) website has resources to support teachers and providers. You can access CPD activities on the EG site listed below: resources/cpd_act_2.php

9 Functional Skills in practice Think of 2 different examples of functional skills that you teach. List them in the boxes below: Example 1: Example 2: If you are already using the internet in your lessons, please give an example. If not, please state why you are not using the internet as a teaching/learning aid.

10 Activity This activity demonstrate how you can use internet tools and resources to embed functional skills both in your practice and planning. Click on the image on the right to start the activity. You will need to make a note of the password, internetbuttons, to complete the activity. You can make your own internet buttons for your learners at: When you have completed the activity, please answer the feedback questions on the next slide:

11 Activity My nearest surgery is. The telephone number of my surgery is. My surgery is Km from my house. The nearest tube/bus station from my surgery is. Name:

12 Activity feedback I completed the activity. Please tick. I found the activity engaging. Please tick. If you answered No to question 2, please give your reason. Which of the three functional skills elements (English, maths & ICT) did you identify in the activity.

13 Links Google Earth (maps, measurement, planning, etc.). Also provides tutorials on how to use the application. tutorials Microsofts new search engine. Take a tour to find out more. Internet buttons allows you to create personalised web pages for your learners. The Excellence Gateway website offers advice and has many resources available on how to embed and approach functional skills. These e-learning materials are available to anyone. They are not whole courses but are designed to support a wide range of subject and topic areas.* *Source:

14 ILTyour name Make sure that you have completed all the activities in the presentation, including filling in the text boxes. Then, save the presentation with the filename ILT followed by your name. Create a resource to support your teaching of Functional skills. Save and Email both the saved presentation and your functional skills resource to your trainer. If you need clarification or support please contact your trainer. Thank you. Training follow up

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